Can You Put A Microwave Oven on A Shelf Above the Kitchen Sink?

Among the requisite appliances in a modern kitchen is a microwave oven.

A microwave is one of the busiest electrical appliances in there.

Well, if you have set everything in place and you are not sure whether you can place your microwave on the shelf, on the countertop, or wherever place in the kitchen, we got you covered here.

You want to position your microwave as close to the cooking area as possible.

You have plenty of options and you are lost between choosing one and the other.

You might be thinking of putting it on the shelf right above the sink. But you are not decided yet.

So, Can You Put A Microwave Oven On A Shelf Above The Kitchen Sink?

Definitely! You can place your microwave on the shelf above the sink and enjoy a convenient cooking experience. It does not harm at all. Provided the location is set to allow easy access and use of the microwave, it is completely okay to set it right above the sink. Here in this article, we want to help you answer all your questions regarding the placement microwave in the kitchen. We have also highlighted important safety tips when handling this placement. Read on.

But, Should You Do It?

There is no problem with putting your microwave above the kitchen sink.

In fact, at this point, your microwave appliance does not need GFCI protection since it serves here as a countertop.

Besides, its distance from the sink does not have to bother you. Of, course you are always aware that any electric appliance like a microwave does not have to touch wet surfaces.

When doing this arrangement of your new kitchen, always aim at keeping it appealing and organized.

So, the distance between the microwave and the sink should be brought into consideration as well.

Generally, four feet is recommended from your sink to the shelf containing the microwave.

This is also dependent on the space available.

The aim here is to provide an additional working area and ensure that you don’t encounter obstacles when handling kitchen chores.

Just make sure the position is high enough so as not to obstruct anyone working on the sink below.

You need to look for and install a perfect shelf above the sink that will perfectly fit with the microwave.

Additionally, it should be mounted firmly on the wall to support the weight of the microwave.

Seven Additional Ideal Microwave Placement Ideas

One thing about most microwaves is that they are portable and therefore can be easily relocated from place to place in the kitchen.

Provided you feel comfortable with it at a particular point, you can put it almost everywhere.

Of course, it should not be too far from the meal preparation area.

A microwave is an appliance used to warm food and there is no doubt you will always need it as close to the meal preparation area as possible.

We have compiled a list of areas in your kitchen where you can comfortably put your microwave.

As hinted earlier, the shelf above the sink can be an ideal location but if you find that you need to put it elsewhere, consider the following tips.

1. Put It on the Counter Top

Well, kitchen countertops are ideal for the placement of almost everything.

Your microwave is no exception. In most modern kitchens, there is a high possibility that you will spot a microwave on the countertop.

This is usually a reasonable reach and is often within the natural flow of your new kitchen.

Putting your microwave on the countertop near the sink or a refrigerator is by far, the coolest thing you can do.

It allows for easy access and operation.

You should note, however, that this choice has one big downside and you need to be careful about it. And that is space concerns.

You should know to evaluate the size of the microwave before you purchase it. It can consume a lot of space especially if your countertop is less spacious.

2. At the Corner of the Counter

This is equally a safe place for your microwave.

Angling it fits so perfectly at the corner on the countertop. It makes good use of space that would otherwise have remained unused.

While doing this, place your microwave to face them outward towards the rest of the room.

It leaves more space for other kitchen activities that are performed on the countertop.

Still, you will need to create some space behind the microwave for its operation.

3. Place Your Microwave Over the Range

If you want to consolidate your cooking experience in the new kitchen, the placement of the microwave over the range is the best decision you can make.

It is also an incredible way to save on space and enhance convenience.

Thanks to most modern ranges that come with microwave space in them.

To streamline your cooking task, setting the microwave over the range just above the cooking area makes things a lot easier and very simple.

This is especially true if you are going to use your microwave in the event of cooking.

To avoid ventilation issues, however, do not place your microwave over the range if it does not have a range hood.

Also, consider the height of the cook when making this placement, it should not be too high to access. That will strain you and you risk your food falling from it.

Worse still, you risk getting burnt if the stove below is ignited. Use a stool instead.

4. Under the Counter

If your counter has a cabinet below, make good use of it.

There is no harm if you place your microwave under it.

It is also important here to decide whether you are going to keep the microwave exposed or hidden in the cabinet.

For ease of use, put it under the counter. Your kids will also find it easy to access and use the microwave at this position.

5. Inside A Spare Cabinet

Another great option when it comes to the placement of the microwave is in the cabinet.

To be precise, choose the cabinet on top of the sink, the countertop, or the cooking area.

Putting it just above the refrigerator is also a nice step.

Perhaps before you do installations of your cabinets, you need to make sure that the microwave will perfectly fit in this space.

Alternatively, you can choose to remove the door of the cabinet so that your microwave can be visible.

Since your microwave is one of the busiest appliances in the kitchen, it needs direct access every time.

For perfect fit and match, choose to install cabinets that will match with your choicest decorations.

Also, it is a prerequisite to have an electrical outlet close to the cabinet. It saves you time and resources.

You won’t have to deal with exposed chords which will turn out to be obstacles in the kitchen area.

6. Place It in the Wall Mount

First, this is the case if you don’t use your microwave frequently.

Or perhaps you find that you have no more space on the countertops and the shelves above the sink.

All the same, this is a seamless placement for your microwave. Besides saving space, it makes it a lot easier for you to access and use it.

There are many varieties of microwave mounting materials from which to choose.

Stainless steel is the most popular material in the market today. Normally, it is directly installed onto the walls in the kitchen.

7. Set It in the Pantry

If you have been taking the pantry in your kitchen for granted, maybe it is time you realize that you can put your microwave there.

Though this may prove to be an out-of-sight placement, you can still access and use your microwave whenever you need to.

As you would expect, you need to fix an electric outlet in your pantry for this purpose. Also, there should be a safe and firm shelf set in place to hold your microwave.

Final Words

Safety and convenience in the kitchen area are key. How and where you position such appliances as a microwave is the number one step to achieving this effectiveness.

Apply the mentioned tips and explore as much as you can.