Manufactured Home Ranges Guide: How To Shop For A New Model

Manufactured home ranges is one of the most important kitchen associated purchases that can be made when it comes to kitchen renovation projects.

This is so because the type you choose to buy will determine and dictate various factors including; the type of meals you will be preparing, how easily you can prepare your meals, and the number of visitors you can entertain in a given time.

Ranges come in different sizes, different dimensions, different iterations, and with a wide range of features.

However, you will have an easy time figuring out which range will fit your mobile home kitchen best if you know what options are there for you.

Why, Should You Get A Range For Your Manufactured Home?

The mobile home range is a central component in most kitchens. The range combines two most essential tools for cooking in one appliance, and those are the stove and the oven.

It is recommended that you buy the two machines for a manufactured home because of the space factor in these homes.

Ranges cost less compared to purchasing the oven and the stove separately, and you also benefit from having to do a single installation.

However, making this choice will mean that you will have to go through a lot to find the best range for sale to suit your needs.

In this article, we will provide a guide for you to help you buy a range for your manufactured home kitchen.

Range Types

There are two main factors to consider when identifying the best type of range for your mobile home, and they include;

  • the fuel source
  • the design type

1. Fuel source

Ranges use three different types of fuels in which you can choose from. However, for a kitchen that does not have a gas hook up, the choices will be limited. Below are the available choices for you:

Gas range

Gas ranges offer a certain level of precision on the cooktop that electric ranges do not manage. With gas ranges, you can quickly move between various levels of heat on the stove within an instant since you can see the flame on the cooker.

This gives you the idea of how hot the burner is. Moreover, gas ranges rate better than the electric ranges in terms of the use of energy. This will allow you to save more on your monthly energy bill.


  • You can cook with precise heat
  • It allows you to change the heating levels quickly
  • It heats up and cools down within a short time
  • It is cheap to heat them with either propane or natural gas as these options are inexpensive and available
  • Gas ranges use less energy
  • The range depends on propane and natural gas, and as long as you have the fuel source, you can prepare your food


  • Cooktops can be harder to clean
  • You must have a gas hookup
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • The flame produced is not stable and can go off quickly. It is recommended that you close windows when cooking

Electric range

Electric ranges are the favorites of almost all consumers because the smooth top cookers have nice and sleek aesthetic, and on top of it, they are easy to clean compared to gas stove tops.

This is because the gas ranges have a lot of individual parts that need to be washed separately. This is good for manufactured homes because they are less costly and easy to install too.

You can find electric ranges with either a smooth top or a coil stove top.

The coil models are less expensive and the cheapest option you can come across while the electric ranges with soft tops are a bit pricey.

Unlike the gas ranges where you have to regulate the heat continuously, electric ranges ensure that the heat is even throughout the cooking process.


  • They are suitable for baking
  • The coil stovetop options are affordable
  • The smooth top models are easy to clean and have extra features which are suitable for manufactured homes
  • Electric stoves are quick and easy to clean up
  • You can easily turn on these stoves by simply twisting the stove knob
  • There are many accessories to add on electric ranges that are not available with the gas option, such as food warming elements, fans, and grillers.


  • The obvious limitation of this range is that it is powered by electricity; therefore, a power outage means that you won’t do anything with it
  • The electric ranges stove heat levels are not as precise as that of a gas
  • This range uses a lot of energy compared to gas range
  • They are not durable, especially for the smooth cooktops as they are easily cracked by heavy things placed on them

Dual fuel range

This offers both the benefits of a gas and electric stove. These stoves cost a bit more when compared to going for a single fuel range.

However, most consumers who have used this range testify that the appliance is different than the others in a good way and, therefore, worth the cost.


  • The gas stove is better for precision cooking
  • The electric oven is suitable for even baking given that the heat is spread evenly


  • It is expensive compared to other options
  • You will still need to have a gas hookup for installation purposes
  • You will spend more to have enough electrical charge for the dual fuel range to work

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2. Design

Another factor besides the fuel type is the design type, and most people consider this before purchasing a manufactured home range.

There are four manufactured home range design types.

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Freestanding range

This is one of the easiest options to install. You can put these ranges in whichever place you want in your kitchen, provided you have a gas and electrical hookup. Presently, you can get a flat back range and in any size to fit your manufactured home kitchen regardless of the space available.

These ranges have a back guard on them to protect your walls from the excess heat and have the oven controls. They are affordable and the most convenient of all the types.

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Slide-in range

This looks like it is built in the kitchen and custom made for your kitchen.

Moreover, this option is easy to install because all you have to do is slide it into the available space in your kitchen.

The controls are found in front of the range.

Moreover, they do not come with a backguard for the protection of the walls. As a result, they have a smooth and cleaner look.

Drop-in range

This range has unfinished sides, and the top is wide enough to make sure that there is no space between the range and the counter.

Unlike the slide-in range, this range does not touch the floor but is installed on top of the cabinet baseboard.

However, it is hard to install because it requires custom made cabinets. Presently, you can hardly find this selection of the range.

Wall oven

A mobile home wall oven is a regular oven but without a stove.

This is for people who would like to experience flexibility in their kitchen.

However, this is more expensive than buying a range that combines both the appliances and leaves enough storage space in your kitchen.

1. Bosch

This company sells several ranges that get different kinds of reviews. Some get positives, while others get negative reviews. Some of the differences pointed out are product specific since some models seem to break easily while others are durable.

The prices of these ranges tend to be high, and if you consider getting one, you will have to check the reviews of the model and make sure the customers have rated it well.

Here is one of the best models from Bosch for a manufactured home.

Bosch 5 burner 4.6 cu ft Self-cleaning convection single oven dual fuel range

This product is among the most affordable ranges one can get because it goes for $516 (at the time of this writing – subject to change).

The range provides a lot of room to prepare large meals. At the top of the gas cook, there are five burners and a powerful 18.000 BTU center burner that helps speed up the cooking process.

The range also comes with self-cleaning options meaning that you won’t have trouble scrubbing the interiors of the oven.

Moreover, there is an additional feature of a warming drawer that ensures that your food is always warm and ready to serve.

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2. Samsung

Ranges from this brand receive positive reviews because they come with extra features. However, you will not miss negative reviews, and this is why it is essential to look at the customers’ reviews of the product you want to buy. Here is one of the best Samsung brand range that gets a lot of positive reviews, and you might consider getting it.

Samsung 30 Inch 5.8 cu ft Gas range with self-cleaning oven

This range cooks food to perfection with a stovetop griddle.

The oven also can prepare different meals at once because of the extra space available. It is dishwasher safe as the sealed grates make it possible and easy to clean. Moreover, the oven has a window that provides you with better visibility of the oven interior, and the user can easily monitor the progress of the meal cooking without opening the door.

The range is made of two oven racks, making it possible to prepare many meals for a large gathering. The product goes for $598 (at the time of this writing – subject to change).

3. GE

This is the most trusted brand and receives a lot of mixed reviews. It is another brand that you need to be smart to check out the customers’ reviews before purchasing it. One of the products that are recommended for manufactured homes in this brand include;

GE Profile 5.6 cu ft slide in Gas range

This gas range includes a variety of features such as convection roast, convection bake, warming drawer, and a self-cleaning oven. Moreover, it has a precise simmer burner that allows the user to cook delicate foods on low heat.

With its timeless appearance, this appliance is a good addition to any manufactured home. The best thing about this appliance is that it has electronic touch controls that are easy to operate and have a control lock that allows the user to disable the panel whenever it is not in use.

Five Manufactured Home Range Shopping Considerations

Below are some of the critical factors to consider and the available main features you need to be aware of.

1. Cost

Ranges can be costly. The cheapest range one can get goes by $500, but most will go for thousands.

When you choose to get the higher-end model or the best model, the high price will involve other qualities such as durability, attractiveness, extra features, and the size.

Also, electric ranges will cost more than the gas range except for those that use coil cooktops that are cheaper and use less electricity.

If you want to get a range with new technologies like the convection mobile home ovens, you will have to pay a premium.

Also, keep in mind other costs associated with buying an mobile home oven such as installation cost and energy cost.

2. Size

This is the first and most crucial factor to consider when buying a manufactured home range. It is essential to select a home range with the correct number of burners as well as the right size (big or small).

This is usually a good thing to consider, given that most manufactured homes lack enough space. If you find a range with four or five burners and a capacity of anything between 4.0 to 7.0 cu ft will suffice.

3. Self-cleaning

A self-cleaning range is recommendable for a manufactured home, and this is mainly for the oven. As mentioned earlier, space is limited in such homes, and keeping the oven clean by manual cleaning can be impossible. Stove tops with smooth tops are the easy type to clean.

4. Finishes

Finally, it is essential to get a home range with a stylish finish to complement your overall kitchen decor. The market has a wide variety of finishes one can choose from provided that you know where to look and shop from. You cannot miss a stylish finish to match your kitchen decor.

5. Safety

Ranges come with security features to make sure that manufactured home is safe for the old and young living in the house.

Some will come with a child lock to prevent children from using the range without supervision.

Some will not cool immediately and, therefore, stay red until the surface has cooled as a safety measure.

Three Additional Desirable Features

Here are some of the additional features you will encounter and may be of importance to you.

1. Vent hood

Some of the ranges you will find in the market will come with a hood that clears out the steam and odors resulting from your cooking and moves them outside. Most of the time, you will be forced to buy the hood separately, but if you find a range that comes with, you can have an added convenience.

2. Warming drawer

Anytime you have visitors and you want to prepare different dishes, the warming drawer will make sure that your first dish remains warm as you prepare the second one. Even though it might not be something you will use and need every time, having it present whenever you need it can be useful.

3. Storage drawer

Storage space in a manufactured home kitchen is a constant issue and a major challenge. A range that comes with storage space will save you a lot of troubles because now you will have a space to store your pots and pans and use the cabinet for other stuff.

The storage drawers usually offer a lot of storage space and can accommodate more pots and pans that would have been stored in the cabinet. Your cabinet space will be saved for other stuff within the house.

In Closing

Many companies provide different brands for manufactured home ranges. You can find these kitchen appliances at an affordable price, depending on the features you want in your oven.

However, when two important machines are combined into one, the factors to consider tend to be complicated.

A range can be costly but if it is a good one, it can serve to be useful, easy to use, and an attractive appliance in your kitchen. Consider your needs carefully, what you want and expect and get the best range for your manufactured home kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which electric ranges brands are made in the USA?

There are many electric ranges made in the USA with cutting-edge features and impressive cooking abilities.

If you have decided to buy a USA-made electric range, you might consider buying from

  • Whirlpool
  • Viking
  • Electrolux
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Wolf (Sub-zero)
  • Thermador
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Frigidaire
  • BlueStar
  • and While Dacor.

These companies have a vast line-up of high-end electric ranges and other kitchen appliances.

Q: Can an electric range be transported on its back?

When transporting an electric range, you can place it on either side without causing any harm, where side means right or left, not its back.

Safety is always a top priority when moving an electric range because it may be damaged or damage floors.

If you doubt your ability to transport or move it safely, allow a professional removal company to do it.

Q: Can an electric range be converted to gas?

An electric range can be converted to gas pretty easily.

You will need a licensed electrician to do the job for you.

Before converting your electric range to gas, ensure that gas is offered in your region.

Q: Are electric range cords interchangeable?

Yes, the hot terminals and cords of an electric range are interchangeable.

The 3-prong range cords have three wires with the neutral wire in the middle and two outer hot wires.

You can exchange the external cables without causing any harm.

Q: How much electricity does an electric range use?

The actual amount of electricity drawn by an electric range varies significantly depending on the size of burners and total burners being used simultaneously.

On average, smaller burners draw 1,200 watts, medium-size burners pull 1,500-1,800 watts, while large burners use 2,000-2,500 watts.

If you use several burners, the average electricity used is the sum of their averages.

Q: Can an electric range be hardwired?

An electric range can be hardwired by a licensed electrician.

Ranges with drop-in cooktops are usually hardwired with the appliance connection panel connected to circuit wiring directly.

For free-standing upright ranges, you will need an outlet receptacle.

Q: Can you paint an electric range?

If your electric range is scratched, stained, or features a color that doesn’t suit your style, you can just paint it.

The only trick is to use paint that is specifically for heat-producing appliances.

Q: What sizes do electric ranges come in?

The most common electric ranges are 30-inch wide.

The smallest residential electric ranges are 24-inch wide; the next size is 27-inch, then the standard size of 30-inch.

Higher-end electric ranges extend up to 36 inches, and the standard height of single ranges is 29 inches.

Q: How long does an electric range last?

A typical electric range will last for, on average, 13-15 years if it is properly maintained. With extreme maintenance, they can last for longer.

Q: What is the best electric range to buy in Canada?

The is a myriad of high-end electric ranges that you can buy in Canada.

For most people, the best is the Samsung NE59M4320SS.

Other great choices are LG LSE4611ST, Maytag YMET8800FZ, and LG LDE4415ST.

Q: Can a gas range work during a power outage?

Some gas ranges, but not all, can be lit with a match when there is a power outage.

It is good to note that most of the newest models feature an interlock, which prevents hazardous gas leaks when there is a power outage.

Gas ranges with interlock will not work during a power outage.

Q: Can a gas range and microwave oven be on the same circuit?

A typical kitchen will have a dedicated circuit for microwave, which is also advised by most manufacturers. A gas range will normally work when plugged into a typical circuit because it uses 120V.

Q: Do gas ranges have pilot lights?

Most newer residential gas ranges don’t have pilot lights. The gas is ignited by a spark igniter system, where an element gets hots and glows when electricity passes through it and light the gas.

Q: Can you put a gas range on a kitchen island?

If your kitchen is roomy, you can put your gas on an island. Keep in mind that you need a range hood above it.

Q: Can you put gas range grates in the dishwasher?

Basically, grates that feature an enamel-coated bottom can go into the dishwasher.

Just be sure to clean your gas range grates regularly in warm soapy water and rinse them with clean water, then dry before reinstalling them.

Q: Can you paint gas range grates?

If you want to paint your gas range grates for whatever reasons, you can just do it.

You will need to use a food-safe paint that is rated to withstand high heat. After painting, allow the paint to dry, then reinstall your cooktop grates.

Q: Should a gas range be on a GFCI?

The circuit where you have your gas range does not need GFCI protection unless you plug it into an accessible outlet receptacle.

Since the gas range is not serving the counter, it doesn’t need to be on a GFCI.

Q: Does a gas range need a dedicated circuit?

A gas range only requires a 120-volt receptacle to power its controls and vent hood. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to have a dedicated circuit; instead, plug it into a normal circuit.

Q: Do gas ranges have built-in regulators?

Typically, gas ranges come ready for natural gas, which means that they have in-built pressure regulators.

Some models give room for further minor adjustments and extra fittings.

Q: Do gas ranges have an automatic shut off?

Most gas ranges come with an automatic shut-off, which boasts an integrated alarm mechanism that alerts you after the designated time has passed.

You can set the time you want your food to cook on the range unattended thanks to the auto shut off.

Q: Do electric or gas ranges need to be vented?

Electric and gas ranges do not necessarily require to be vented because they burn quite clean.

However, it is advisable to have venting to remove heat, smoke, steam, grease, and burning gas byproducts.