Can You Put A Microwave Oven On A Glass Table? (Yes You Can, Plus Seven Additional Possibilities)

Microwaves are a must-have for people leading busy lives, and nearly every kitchen has at least one of these incredible appliances.

They are a great way to prepare foods quickly or warm leftovers.

However, many manufactured homeowners experience a challenge on where to exactly put their microwaves.

So, Can You Put A Microwave Oven On A Glass Table?

A short and simple answer, yes. If you are placing a microwave on a glass table, ensure there are no cracks on the glass or pressure at the points of the glass. You will also need to keep an eye on the microwave vents and ensure they are clear. Microwave vents can either be on top, back or sides. No matter where they are positioned, make sure there is no object blocking air movement. Although the heat from your microwave does not pose any significant threat to your glass table; the weight might affect it.

If you’re renovating your manufactured home kitchen or designing a new one, you need to have desiccated spots to keep your appliances.

When positioning your microwave, you need to consider several factors. In this article, you will find valuable information on where the microwave should live inside your manufactured home.

On What Surface Should A Microwave Oven Be Placed?

Where you choose to place your microwave oven immensely depends on its size and weight.

Essentially, a microwave oven needs to be one flat, dry surface with enough clearance around the vents.

While placing your microwave on a glass table seems a good idea, it might suffer the weight of heavy appliances.

For considerably heavy microwave ovens, a clean kitchen counter or solid wooden table would offer a robust surface to support the weight.

Microwaves should be used when in a very tight space, so never install them in your kitchen cabinet – cabinet interiors do not provide sufficient airflow.

Regardless of where you choose to place your microwave, it is advisable to test it after a short while to make sure the surface can adequately support the oven when operating. You will need to make sure the surface and the microwave are stable, not moving, wiggling, or vibrating when operating. Simply, the strength of the surface on which your microwave sits should be proportional to its weight.

Again, ensure there is at least 7 cm clearance from the vent.

Three Factors To Consider When Deciding Where To Place A Microwave Oven

From safety to ease of access, there are many factors you need to consider when setting your microwave.

You need to keep in mind that microwaves emit heat. Placing them on plastic means the plastic surface will melt or, at worst, catch fire.

Another little but essential fact about microwave doors is that they open from right to left.

With this in mind, here are some things you need to keep an eye on when deciding where to position your microwave.

1. Safety

Microwaves are one of the safest kitchen appliances ever invented. However, this does not mean they are totally safe.

You need to give your microwave enough clearance and ensure it is in a good state. If your microwave starts emitting significant amounts of heat, call a professional to check it.

2. Ease of access

Microwaves come in a range of sizes.

When deciding where to place it, think of all people who must access the microwave and put it in a dedicated spot where all family members can access it without significant challenges.

Even with petite kitchen space, discretely placing your microwave is a priority.

You can also consider placing it next to the fridge for convenience – it is convenient to pop something from the fridge into the microwave.

3. Visual appeal

While it is imperative to provide enough space around your microwave for venting, you can opt to conceal it.

Concealing your microwave ensures it doesn’t stand out from your kitchen theme. If you opt to hide your microwave oven, make sure to leave enough venting space and use cabinetry with doors that retract fully.

When organizing your kitchen, you need to focus on making cooking and preparing meals to flow more smoothly.

It makes sense to refer to your kitchen layout and ways that will make your home happy after tacking the appliance.

A microwave oven is a handy appliance and should be placed in a convenient place for easy access.

Where (ELSE) Should You Place A Microwave? (Eight Possibilities)

The microwave oven is an extremely important appliance that helps you streamline meal preparation.

They are excellent for people with busy schedules.

While microwave ovens are designed to be convenient, you need to find a proper placement that will help optimize its benefits.

Ideally, you will want foods to flow from your ridge to the fridge, then into the microwave, and lastly to sink. Here are some dedicated spots you can place your microwave oven.

1. On a dedicated table

If you have enough space in the kitchen, you can design a lovely table and dedicate it to your microwave oven.

Depending on the size of your microwave, you can place it on a glass or wooden table.

Designing a dedicated table can help you set the microwave within a reasonable reach while enhancing comfort when cooking.

2. On the countertop

Before renovating your kitchen, the chances are that you kept your microwave on the countertop.

Indeed, it has been the favorite spot for most homeowners.

Frankly, countertops offer a simple and convenient place to place a microwave.

You can easily reach your microwave whenever you need to use it.

Interestingly, you can place it between your refrigerator and sink, so everything is within proximity.

Countertops are sturdy to withstand the weight of most microwaves designed for home use.

3. Below the counter

You may want to keep your countertops clear but have a dedicated spot to keep your microwave. Having a microwave cabinet provides a reliable place to keep your microwave without distracting your manufactured home kitchen theme.

4. Over the range

If you have a petite kitchen space, placing your microwave over the range is a classic change to keep your small kitchen organized. Over-the-range (OTR) microwaves are great space-savers and do the double duty of hood vent.

This storage method will consolidate cooking appliances and enhance convenience. If you often use your microwave, installing it over the range will streamline your cooking process.

Note: You should place your microwave over the range only if it doubles as a range hood. Otherwise, placing an ordinary microwave over the range can lead to ventilation issues.

5. Integrating it into cabinetry

When buying a microwave, it is obvious that you will consider its appearance without compromising on functionality.

Having your microwave integrated into cabinetry is an elegant way to display your expensive and beautifully featured appliance.

With this storage method, you can personalize the height so that your microwave is within a reasonable reach.

You can also position the appliance such that it does not stand out from your kitchen theme.

6. Angled in the corner of your counter

If your kitchen is large, your deep corners may go unused.

The intersection where your counters meet goes back too far to reach, and that is why they end up being unused unless you’re taller than average.

The corner means a great spot for your microwave.

Angling your microwave in the corner utilizes the space you would otherwise not use.

You will make use of the corner and leave enough space for other kitchen activities.

The only drawback of this method is that it leaves some unused space behind the microwave.

7. In the pantry

If you lead a moderately busy life, you’re probably not using your microwave too often.

In such a case, you may lack a good reason to part with cabinet or counter space, yet you have a little space in the pantry.

Although concealing your microwave oven in a pantry is not the best option, it can be an excellent way to keep it out of sight.

Besides, placing it in the pantry is logical because that is where your snacks are.

However, for this to be an ideal solution, the pantry needs to be spacious to hold the microwave and other goodies.

8. Designing a microwave drawer

For a sleek, slick discrete look, you may consider incorporating your microwave into a drawer in lower cabinets or kitchen island so that it pulls out like an ordinary drawer.

Some drawer-style microwaves are motorized and open on their own.

Regardless of where you install a drawer microwave, it offers easy access to readily available landing space for food when ready.

Drawer-style microwaves are incredibly stylish and will save you space, especially if you have a significantly small kitchen.


Having a dedicated spot to put your microwave oven lends a high-end look to your kitchen.

One of the greatest ways to ergonomically set your microwave oven while making it reachable is by placing it on a glass table.

Depending on your desired visual appeal, you will find several ways you can put your microwave.

Some are great space savers, and others are for aesthetics.