Can You Paint The Inside of Kitchen Drawers? (6 Steps To Follow, 4 To Avoid)

Imagine the elegance and class that comes with having beautiful kitchen cabinets.

It will always be matchless. From personalized themes to enough storage space, you will not want to miss them.

Usually, what makes the difference is the high-quality craftsmanship and eco-friendly approach that experts guarantee.

Let’s take a step further. Have you ever thought about painting your kitchen drawers as part of a remodeling project?

Painting kitchen drawers comes with a relatively significant impact.

However, the biggest concern has always been whether to paint the inside or not. It is in this light that we take a look at the basics of such painting.

So, Should You Paint The Inside Of Your Kitchen Drawers?

The short answer to this question is yes. While it is not the standard practice, there is nothing wrong with doing it. Since this move depends on your preferences, you will choose whichever way to do it. Whatever option satisfies you should be your priority. Besides, this move comes with a myriad of benefits, as we shall discuss later. As long as you do it right, you will be sure of a touch of glamour in your kitchen.

Painting Your Kitchen Drawers: 6 Steps

Various steps go into the successful painting of your kitchen drawers. Some of the critical steps you will need to follow will include the following.

Step #1: Assemble the necessary tools

We cannot overlook the role of tools and equipment in painting your kitchen drawers.

Advanced tools will be vital in enhancing efficiency and guaranteeing topnotch results.

Ensure that you have sandpaper, brushes, and putty knives. Besides that, materials like water, paint, and primer will be necessary.

Step #2: Remove the hardware on cabinet doors and drawers

From knobs and pulls to latches on cabinet doors and drawers, ensure that you remove them.

This move cushions the hardware from spillages and damage from paint.

While at it, ensure that you mark each part accordingly, as this will give you an easier time when assembling them later.

What is more, you will have to store them safely, and preferably, separately.

Step #3: Are the drawers clean?

Usually, you should ensure that your drawers are clean before doing anything else.

Take the time to remove any dust, grime, or dirt that the drawer might have.

Do not shy away from using TSP and clean water in cleaning these drawers. While at it, you might want to use a wet towel or piece of cloth.

Step #4: Check and repair dents

Take the time to confirm whether there are any holes or dents in the drawers.

Any present hole or indentation needs proper covering.

Ensure that you fill these dents, preferably with similar material or wood filler.

After that, ensure that you level it accordingly.

On the other hand, you could fill the indentations with putty. As long as you apply it well, you will be sure of better results in the long run.

Remember to sand the filled areas once they dry.

Usually, sanding comes in handy in preparing the surface for new paint.

It assures you of not only enhanced adhesiveness but also exceptional finishes. However, be careful that you do not overdo it.

Step #5: Time for the primer

Applying primer is vital in ensuring that you do not spend too much time and effort sanding or deglazing old paint.

It will also make sure that your finish coat bonds much better.

It would also be fair to mention that this primer will help in providing durable finishes in the long run.

Usually, it will always be valuable to pick fast-drying primer.

This move ensures that you do not waste lots of time in the long run.

Take the time to go through the label, as it will highlight whether it is compatible with your chosen paint. Unless it is, do not pick it.

Step #6: Apply the paint

Semi-gloss latex paint has proven to be the best for the inside of cabinet drawers.

Mostly, you will have to start by applying this paint to the most critical parts of the drawer.

Always ensure that the coat is not only thin but also relatively light.

That is because the move assures you of more appealing finishes. Remember to remove any smudges that could be on the surfaces.

Once you remove these smudges and drips, you will be free to refix the hardware you removed earlier. It will always be vital to ensure that no paint spills to these parts.

Finishing the Interior of your Kitchen Drawers

Exquisite finishes will always add a touch of elegance and class to any painting, and your kitchen drawers are no exception.

While this procedure might not be necessary, you will hardly want to miss out on the glow that it offers.

Mostly, you will need to consider finishes that do not expose you to an after-paint odor. Would you want to consider shellac, as this would provide you with what you desire?

You might also want to consider water-based finishes too. Remember, oil-based finishes will subject you to an unpleasant smell that will never go away.

Ensure that your chosen finish does not end up seeping moisture. These finishes are vital in slowing the seasonal movement of this wood. That implies that you will not worry about the drawers binding during summer.

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Painting The Interior Of Kitchen Drawers

Perhaps you are trying to envision a kitchen with some of the best cabinet drawers.

However, unless you are conversant with some of the mistakes you could make, you will end up disappointed.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you could be vulnerable to when painting your kitchen drawers.

1. Not sanding and cleaning the drawer

It is usually advisable for you to use a grease remover when cleaning your kitchen drawers. This way, you will be confident of the paint sticking well enough.

As mentioned earlier, using TSP will be the best move for you. You could also rely on a non-scratch sponge to remove stubborn spots.

Did you know that the presence of dust could compromise your results?

With sand, you will end up with a relatively rough finish. That implies that you will need to vacuum the drawers right from the onset.

When sanding, ensure that your sandpaper features 150 or 200 grit. The aim is to get the wood to matte, and not necessarily getting to the bare wood. In this light, a quick buffing will be enough for you.

2. Not using paint primer

Most people will always overlook the significance of the paint primer. However, remember, avoiding it will only result in increased knots appearing through the paint. Such creases could increase blemishes, making the drawers less appealing.

3. Wrong paint, wrong color

Imagine how the wrong choice of color will affect you each time you open the drawer. It can only get worse if the paint used is of low quality too.

How about you take the time to explore different color inspirations before settling on one?

This way, it will be easier to avoid disappointments. While at it, feel free to rely on expert advice when choosing paint.

4. Rushing the task

Invest enough time in painting your kitchen drawers, as this project requires enhanced care and precision.

Preferably, you should spread the task to between three and six days. Rushing the project will not only compromise the quality but also expose you to additional expenses.

Further, do not rush to put the cabinets back. Ensure that the paint is dry enough before you finally put the drawers in place.

It is through this that you will avoid smudging the paint accidentally. It will also help in maintaining a more beautiful appeal.

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Painting Your Kitchen Drawers

Various reasons go into painting kitchen drawers.

Whether it is a DIY project or it is professionally done, topnotch work assures you of better results.

What is more, it draws critical benefits, including the following:

  1. Painting kitchen drawers helps in enhancing the longevity of your cabinets. These drawers will be less vulnerable to issues like dampness and attack from termites.
  2. With this painting, you will be sure of lesser maintenance and replacement costs too. Have we mentioned the value for money that you get?
  3. You will have more appealing kitchen drawers. There is a sense of glam and class that comes with bright colors. That is what you get by painting yours.

Any Drawbacks?

Are there any drawbacks that come with painting your kitchen drawers?

Undoubtedly, like any other process, you will end up with a few drawbacks. For instance, you will spend significant effort and time painting these drawers.

The process involves various tedious steps, including sanding, priming, and even labeling. It will also take considerable time to identify the right paint for your drawers.

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To sum up, painting your kitchen drawers is one of the best projects you can consider, despite the few drawbacks.

It is through this that you will give your space a fresher and more stunning look. If you are considering taking a plunge to paint these cabinet drawers, you will hardly regret it.