Wheelbarrow Options

Wheelbarrow Options Every Gardener Should Know About

When we mention wheelbarrows, it reminds us of the planting season. And as with every planting season, there must be preparation and stocking of inventory. So, in regards to this, what do you currently have, and in terms of wheelbarrow options, what do you need to have anyway?

The fact is, you need to plan now so you can turn your winter season gardening into spring reality. You see, a wheelbarrow won’t be very useful in a small garden. However, in a large garden or farm with many plants or flowers, this single wheel helper is almost essential. Therefore, if you’re going shopping for the best wheelbarrow for your needs, it’s time you consider checking out the wheelbarrow options available for seasoned gardeners like you out there.

To this end, ask yourself this question: For what purpose should you consider a wheelbarrow an essential item in your home? Perhaps this piece of information will give you the basics.

Wheelbarrow Materials

Plastic or steel

Vintage wheelbarrow options feature wood as a major structural component of the unit. However, today’s wheelbarrows feature plastic or steel buckets. It’s very hard to find vintage wheelbarrows these days.

The most common material used for constructing these units is steel. Steel accommodates loads of varying weights. The only problem with steel is that it’s susceptible to rusting, so make sure your wheelbarrow is stored far away from environmental elements that are likely to cause rusting.

On the other hand, plastic construction is easy on your back and pocket too. These wheelbarrow units are ideal for light gardening. Plastic wheelbarrows are also prone to cracking if you carry heavy loads on them. Lastly, they might crack if the environment is extremely cold.

Plastic options are available in standard or fold-able canvas models. Models that allow gardeners to fold them go slow on space, hence they are ideal for people who lack sufficient space. Furthermore, fold-able options are not ideal for heavy-duty gardening work as they won’t be able to stand all the pressure.

Handles: Traditional or ergonomic?

Go for the traditional wheelbarrow handle and it will offer you more maneuverability as it facilitates flipping, tilting or even dumping of load. However, such a handle requires more hand strength in order to handle the load.

On the other hand, single-hand grips and closed handles tend to be ergonomically superior, plus they make pulling easier. Again, while a single bar wheelbarrow can be used by gardeners of all sizes, the 2-handled option can prove to be a challenge for people with narrow shoulders. So maybe when getting a 2-handled bar wheelbarrow, you should consider your shoulder width in relation to what you want to go for.

Number of wheels

A regular wheelbarrow will feature a single wheel in the front center. The rest of the structure that stays in contact with the ground is a tripod design that facilitates stability, maneuverability and dumping. However, the problem with this type of a wheelbarrow is that it requires some strength to operate.

On the flipside, the two-wheeled wheelbarrow offers more stability and is also suitable for carrying loads that are just too big and awkwardly balanced. If you choose to take this route though, prepare to sacrifice some degree of maneuverability in the garden. Furthermore, seasoned gardeners say they don’t work well when pushing uphill.

Pneumatic or non-pneumatic

The pneumatic option of wheelbarrows have tires that can be inflated the same way you inflate a bicycle tire. The air inside the tire will act like shock absorber, thus making the unit easy to manage.

The problem with this type of wheelbarrow is that it’s susceptible to paths with rough terrain. Again, you have to see that the correct tire pressure is maintained at all time to avoid inconveniences when working in the garden.

Non-pneumatic ones have tires made of rubber, so the tires won’t go flat. The problem is that the ride is always not smooth. If you think this option is convenient, it is recommended that you go for a semi-pneumatic model which has tires built with rubber and pockets of air. This option will offer some air absorption capabilities. Maintenance is also very essential for these models too. Check out this Amazon page http://amzn.to/2cU131N for a great collection of wheelbarrows to sample. Prices start at $32 only.

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