Electric Vs Gas Powered Chainsaws

Electric Vs Gas Powered Chainsaws – Which One Should You Choose?

Whether you are a woodworking enthusiast or a professional or the regular handy homesteader who likes doing some home improvement projects DIY, a chainsaw is one of the most resourceful pieces of equipment that shouldn’t lack in your toolbox. As a matter of fact, chainsaws have a dozen more of important uses in addition to lumberjacking and woodcutting, except, of course, the mythical use in zombie hunting as seen in the movies and virtual reality games.

When out shopping for a good chainsaw deal,  some of the most important factors to consider would be the size, shape, cutter bar length, weight, portability, brand/model (i.e. Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, Craftsman), and the type of fuel they operate on, among other considerations.

With much of our focus on the type of fuel, in this article, gas and electric chainsaw models are the two most common options available. So bearing the above in mind, which one should you choose, electric vs gas powered chainsaws?

Electric Chainsaws

Just like the name suggests, electric chainsaws are powered by electricity. These are available as corded and cordless options. Corded chainsaws rely on electric energy from a plug source, whereas cordless variants are battery powered and more convenient when it comes to mobility and portability.

Electric chainsaws are normally preferred for lighter tasks such as cutting small branches, pruning, trimming, and light log cutting jobs. Newer electric chainsaw models come with powerful motors that can handle bigger tasks.

In general, an electric chainsaw can be the best option for you if you’re looking for a machine that requires little maintenance and embraces clean energy, as electric models are less associated with environmental-degrading gas emissions. In most cases, electric chainsaws are less expensive to purchase.

However, electric models also have their own downsides, including the fact that mobility can be an issue, battery life can be a challenge for cordless options, and that the machine may lack sufficient power to effectively handle heavier tasks such as felling big trees and cutting them into firewood.

Advantages of Electric Chainsaws:

– Eco-friendly
– Suitable for lighter tasks
– Quieter and safer than gas variants
– Easy to start and operate
– Generally Less expensive

Downsides of Electric Chainsaws:

– May not handle heavy duty cutting tasks
– Less mobility in corded options
– Battery-powered options can be inconvenient
– With corded options, you have to be near an electric plug

Gas Chainsaws

A gas chainsaw is a common alternative to corded and cordless electric models. These machines have a gas-powered engine, which runs by burning a mixture of oil and gasoline. They are mostly preferred for cutting tasks that require a lot of power to hack.

Some of their applications include cutting firewood, tree felling, and tree sawing. They are also suitable for other tasks such as tree stump removal and storm cleanups.

In addition to their huge convenience when handling heavy-duty cutting tasks, gas chainsaws are also more advantageous when it comes to moving about, unlike corded eclectic versions which restrict use to a certain area and battery-powered models that may cause inconveniences when the battery runs out of power.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of gas chainsaws.

Advantages of Gas Chainsaws:

– Can handle heavy duty tasks better
– Don’t restrict mobility
– No worries regarding battery life
– Can work for longer hours
– No need to be near an electric plug

Drawbacks of Gas Chainsaws:

– Less environmentally friendly
– Mostly big and heavy
– May take longer to start
– Most gas engine models are pricier than electric chainsaws
– Maintenance can be more involving

Final Verdict

In conclusion, choosing the best option for you between electric vs gas powered chainsaws requires careful consideration of various factors, including your specific task, your mobility preference, the source of fuel, and price.

Gas models are obviously more suitable for heavier wood cutting jobs where more power and mobility is required.

On the other hand, an electric model can be your best option if you intend to use the machine for smaller cutting tasks for home improvement.

Whichever you settle for, remember to conduct research and do your homework right before choosing a particular chainsaw brand or model.

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