Manufactured Home Gas Flex Lines

Important Information And Tips Regarding Manufactured Home Gas Flex Lines

As compared to a constructed built regular home, buying a prefab home comes with many advantages. Some of these include the fact that manufactured homes are cheaper and faster to acquire, not forgetting that you don’t have to worry about owning a land where the home will be installed.

It is highly convenient for people who prefer living an adventurous, mobile lifestyle. Of course, you will need a home that allows you the convenience of a regular home, including being equipped with kitchen features such as gas supply. This is where gas lines come in, to be specific, the flexible type of gas supply pipes.

This having been said, below is some helpful information and tips regarding manufactured home gas flex lines.

Flexible Gas Piping and the Benefits

Just like the name suggests, gas flex lines are pipelines through which gas flows from a central supply point into your home for use as clean energy fuel. Being flexible, the piping can be snaked easily to pass through obstacles without necessarily having to interfere with the structural integrity of your home.

In other words, you don’t have much of remodeling or repairs to do when and after installing gas flex lines. In most cases, very few fittings are required at certain points. Apart from reducing the costs involved in the installation project, fewer joints will also help reduce the possibility of gas leaks, which can be potentially hazardous.

They will also reduce the possibility of damage, thereby giving you a durable solution and reducing your plumbing expenses.

Where Are Gas Flex Lines Installed

The line positioning and gas path followed by your gas lines during installation are determined by a number of factors. First and foremost, it depends on the design or plan of your manufactured home as well as your gas supply requirements to the various rooms.

It will also depend on the kind of appliances you own that require gas supply. In most cases, gas piping is installed beneath the floor or buried in the walls of your prefab home. Sometimes gas piping can be safely affixed or mounted on the walls of your home depending on the source and where the gas is being supplied to.

They can also run through or on attic spaces through the top of your home’s ceiling joists. It is important that you consider exploring all possibilities and have an expert guide you in choosing the best route for safety and convenience.

Also, remember that installation of gas flex lines in manufactured homes may be different from that of a regular home in the sense that you may not be willing to live permanently on your current location.

Gas Flex Lines and Safety

Flexible gas piping is one of the safest options available for manufactured home gas piping systems. However, it also largely depends on how the flex lines are installed, which includes bonding, grounding, and checking the entire system for leaks before considering it suitable for use.

Depending on your gas needs, and the number of appliances you have in your home, you will also need to determine the best type of piping to instal in terms of length and width measurements. The best way to ensure safety and reduce gas leak risks is to ensure you get a qualified expert and professional gas piping installer as opposed to calling an ordinary plumber or doing it yourself.

Expert installers will not only do a perfect job; they will also do so bearing in mind that you may need some modifications in futures, say when you add new appliances in your house or you need to move your prefab home.

They will make allowances for such possibilities when installing the systems. An experienced technician will also guide you when purchasing the materials required for your project. if you hire a good one, they will also be willing to support you anytime you have a problem with your gas supply system in future.

Product Examples

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