Manufactured Home Interior Doors Guide: What Are Your Choices?

Manufactured home interior doors serve three core purposes: ensure privacy, hide areas/rooms that are often untidy, and reduce noise penetration.

Finding the perfect interior door for your manufactured home can be one of the best additions you can ever make.

Whether you are in need of white door or oak door, the big houseware stores – the Home Depot, Mobile Home Depot, Lowes, etc. – will always have a range of options for you.

There are several types of strictly indoor doors, all of which should consider some factors when selecting.

This guide will identify types of interior doors, factors to consider when choosing them, and the best interior doors for specific rooms in your home.

Six Types Of Manufactured Home Interior Doors

All interior doors can be split into six groups:

  • Bypass
  • Bi-Fold
  • Reversible
  • Barn
  • French
  • Pocket

1.  Bypass

These doors hang on rollers and slide on tracks. The staggered design enables the panels to bypass each other. They are the best sort of doors for your closets, cupboards, and doors leading into bedrooms.

If you want to create space and mirror the finish for large-looking rooms, this is the perfect type of door for you.

2. Bi-Fold

These doors are pivoted on the edge, slides on a track, and are hinged in the middle. They are great for closets, pantries, and cupboards. If you are looking for a door perfect for tight spaces and one that will still provide full access to crammed closets, you should consider this type of door.

3. Reversible

These are the traditional hinged doors that swing outward or inward, right-handed or left-handed. The core may be solid or hollow.

They are good for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen pantries. If you would like a door that guarantees sound insulation and comes in a range of designs that can match different décor, consider this type of doors.

4. Barn

This type of doors hang from the top rail hung above the opening which allows them to slide over the door opening. They are the type of doors you would add to your store at home or the kitchen area.

5. French

French doors, just as they sound like, came from around the Renaissance era when French designers began incorporating a lot of glass on doors.

As such, they are the best type of you wish to brighten your room.

They come in an array of wood types, sizes, glass panes, styles, but they all have one defining feature – plenty of glass.

Note that interior doors can also be classified based on the material of construction (solid wood, MDF, etc.), in terms of being prehung or slab, and whether they come with hollow cores or solid cores.

6. Pocket

These doors slide on tracks and hide inside a wall.

They are perfect for family rooms, bedrooms, and closets.

They are doors of last resort i.e. they are perfect for areas where installing other types of doors would be impractical or outright impossible.

Also, if you want a door that will be near invisible when you open, this is one of the types you should consider.

Four Interior Door Shopping Factors

How do you select a door that meets your needs? You need to pay attention to their defining features among other things.

Consider these aspects when selecting one:

Factor #1: Style

Doors are sold in two popular styles:

  • Slab
  • Prehung


Slab doors are the economical option you would choose when renovating on a budget because they can be mounted on the existing trim and jamb.


Prehung doors, on another hand, are easier to install because they come already fitted on a frame and jamb. They also tend to provide a more uniform appearance.

Factor #2: Type

What type of interior doors meet your needs?

The staggered design of bypass doors makes them great for your bedroom, cupboards, or closets.

Bi-Fold options are pivoted on the edge, hinged in the middle, and slides on a track. Sounds like doors you would install on your pantry, cupboards, and closets, don’t they?

Then there is the traditional type we are all familiar with – the Reversible Door. They swing outward or inward, left-handed or right-handed.

Whether you would prefer their core to be hollow or solid, they are the right kind of doors for your bathroom and bedrooms although installing them on pantries and closets won’t hurt either.

Pocket Doors are great for your family room because they slide on a track and hide inside a wall.

Factor #3: Material of construction

The material of construction has a bigger say on the properties of the final product – whether it is soundproof or not, high visibility or low visibility, etc.

Regardless of the material of construction, the core of the door is always either solid or hollow.

You should consider this factor too because hollow doors, as expected, are lightweight and ideal for areas you don’t use often. They often feature corrugated and interwoven cells that support the outer face.

Most of the options you will find in the store are made from Hardboard or Masonite.

Both Hardwood and Masonite come with flat surfaces that are easier to paint with most interior paints.

Vinyl options are the best when shopping on a budget. They mostly come in the form of sliding doors and can save you a great deal of money.

Doors leading to the attic should be made from fire-resistant materials just like those options you would install on your garage. However, you will need to consult your local building codes.

Factor #4: Installation considerations

These are considerations that will determine how your door will function, what you need to have ready in place to install them, the measurements, etc.

The first factor you should bear in mind is the handle placement and swing direction. Remember that replacement doors need to have the same sets of measurements as your old doors.

The most commonly used depth is 1-3/8” but a range of depths is available.

Standard heights include 80”, 84”, and 96”.

Standard widths include 18”, 20”, 24”, 28”, 30”, 32”, and 36”.

Most stores will be more than glad to make customized doors for you in any width, height, and design you wish.

When measuring your prehung door (here is how to), remove the interior casings first before measuring the opening.

Bypass Doors – Recommendations

We will split these doors into two categories:

  • Best Colonial Elegance
  • Best Solid Wood Core

Best Colonial Elegance

Colonial Elegance is sort of an authority in the door making industry and we felt like mentioning some of their best interior doors.

Colonial Elegance 72 in. x 80.5 in. 3-Lite Indoor Studio MDF Wood White Frame with Frosted Glass Interior Sliding Closet Door

Each of the two panels of this door comes with three panels of frosted glass. The best part is that Colonial Elegance will include an easy-to-use (even to novices) installation equipment. The easy-glide bottom roller system ensures that the door glides smoothly into position when removing or adding clothing. I find the white MDF trim attractive to the eye.

Colonial Elegance 48 in. x 80.5 in. 1-Lite Indoor Studio MDF Wood White Frame with Frosted Glass Interior Sliding Closet Door

This door from Colonial Elegance too features frosted glass wrapped in a sturdy layer of MDF not only to improve the esthetics of your room but longer as well. As you would expect from most products from this manufacturer, it comes with an easy-glide bottom roller system and easy-to-use installation hardware.

Best Solid Wood Core Options

If you would rather go with a solid wood option instead of the hollow core type, these are some of the best choices:

TRUporte 48 in. x 80 in. 106 Series White Composite Interior Sliding Door

Composite doors are known for their good looks and this is one of them.

The glossy white finish 6-panel design can complete a variety of décor options.

The bypass design ensures smooth operation.

TRUporte offers it a range of other colors and doors, so you would expect the design and appearance to vary from store to store.

TRUporte 72 in. x 80 in. 230 Series Steel White Mirror Sliding Door

The most likable thing about this door is the solid steel construction complete with a clean versatile (for a range of décor) finish.

The sliding design gives it a slim profile that’s good for smaller spaces.

You can buy it in multiple colors and sizes. The steel construction means it is resistant to dents and cracks.

Impact Plus 48 in. x 80 in. Beveled Edge Backed Mirror Aluminum Frame Interior Closet Sliding Door with Chrome Trim

What makes this door outstanding out of this list is the Ply Corr construction (PlyCorr is a densely corrugated panel of cardboard with all attributes of wood except the weight).

The best thing is that the mirror has been laminated directly on the surface.

This feature separates it from mainly wire mesh-backed alternatives that crowd the market nowadays.

Bi-Fold Doors –Recommendations

If you want doors that fold back to either side of the opening, consider these options:

Veranda 24 in. x 80 in. Louver Pine White Interior Closet Bi-fold Door

The solid pine construction of this Bi-fold door could be the reason why you might go for it, or maybe the full louver design that ensures your closet is well ventilated.

It is pre-painted white to sync with most decors but you can paint it whichever color you prefer.

It’s worth mentioning that the pine used here is certified by FSC – there was destruction to forests. Installation hardware and track are included.

JELD-WEN Customizable Molded Interior Door Collection

If you are looking for a Bi-Fold door that you can customize easily to meet your style, this is one of the best options you can ever consider.

Gladly, it is available both in the slab, barn door type, and bi-fold. It is molded and can go well with pretty any stain and paint options.

Barn Doors – Recommendations

Here are some of the best barn doors at Home Depot

Masonite 36 in. x 84 in. Z-Bar Ash Gray Finished Composite Interior Sliding Barn Door Slab with Hardware Kit

Masonite is known for producing some of the industry’s excellent doors and this one doesn’t come anywhere close to disappointing.

It comes with that ash-gray wooden looks you want on a door for your kitchen or storage room.

This is one of the perfect doors that go with your DIY projects especially when you want to conceal storage areas and create a transition between rooms.

WELLHOME 72 in x 84 in (36” wide) K Series Dark Walnut DIY Finished Knotty Pine Wood Double Sliding Barn Door Slab with Hardware Kit

I was hesitant to include this door on this list because of the price tag (about $760 at the time of this writing), but looked at the 100% solid natural knotty pine wood construction and included it anyway.

It is a 2-set door with dimensions of 36 in. wide x 84 in. tall x 1.5 in. thick. The sliding hardware can support up to 200 lbs. – you need to worry about accidents or weight-related malfunctions.

Reversible – Recommendations

Most door makers like to make their reversible to be as soundproof as possible. When it comes to reversible doors, we tend to focus on whether the door is hollow or solid:

a) Best Hollow Core Options

JELD-WEN makes some of the best reversible doors in the market. Those from Masonite aren’t bad either.

JELD-WEN 30 in. x 78 in. Santa Fe Primed Smooth Molded Composite MDF Interior Door Slab

This is one of the cheapest reversible doors you could buy.

The smooth surface is well primed and ready for painting. The core is hollow to cut on weight.

It is molded and 80 percent of the materials of construction are sourced from recycled products.

Masonite 24 in. x 80 in. Smooth Flush Hardwood Hollow Core Birch Veneer Composite Interior Door Slab

The wood veneers construction of this slide complements the hollow core style to make the light yet strong reversible door perfect for your bedroom.

The surface is plain and woody – no fancy panels and decorations

JELD-WEN 36 in. x 80 in. Santa Fe Milk Chocolate Stain Molded Composite MDF Interior Door Slab

The milk chocolate appearance of this door is so attractive that you won’t count three to install it on openings leading out of the family room.

It is made from molded composite MDF which looks like real wood.

b) Solid Core Options

Kimberly Bay 32 in. x 80 in. White 1-Panel Shaker Solid Core Wood Interior Door Slab

The 1-panel design of this door adds a complimentary and clean look to your living space. It comes with a solid Pine core that makes it a bit heavy but sturdy and durable.

However, you will need to buy your own installation hardware.

JELD-WEN 32 in. x 80 in. MODA Primed PMT1044 Solid Core Wood Interior Door Slab w/Translucent Glass

This European-inspired minimalist designed reversible door comes with glass panels that allow you to open up your hallways and rooms.

The translucent glass will filter out textured light escaping to both sides of the door.

French Doors – Recommendations

Take a look at these amazing French Doors

a) Prehung option

MMI Door 32 in. x 80 in. Right-Handed Primed Composite Clear Glass 15 Lite True Divided Single Prehung Interior Door

Typical French door with a large glass fixture divided into 15 panels. The 3 strong satin nickel hinges and quality glass are probably the reason why the price tag is high, but it’s an excellent prehung door that will take less time to install.

b) Slab Option

Belldinni 30 in. x 80 in. Mia Wenge Finished Solid Core Wood 5-Lite Frosted Glass Interior Door Slab No Bore

This door comes with wooden stills and quality rails well finished with dark and attractive natural wood veneer. It is great for a barn, by-pass, and closet. Slob only – doesn’t include hinges.


Interior doors can be used to improve such aspects as lighting (French Doors), décor, and sound insulation of your rooms.

There are six broad types of interior doors: reversible, french, bypass, bi-fold, pocket and barn doors.

Whichever needs you to wish to meet, consider the type, material of construction, and all installation factors when shopping for one.

Also, whether you want a customized option or regular door, start by taking the measurements of the opening.