Manufactured Home Space Saving Bookshelves Guide For The Book Hoarder

Books are life and not just for passing your leisure time. However, these treasures may appear like a waste when they are not stored and displayed properly.

But do you know that bookshelves can assist in maintaining your books and also increase your reading mood?

But once you install them they should have proper locations for easy sighting of the books you have and allow easy access.

But when it comes to small manufactured homes, you need some creativity to furnish and decorate, especially when it comes to display and storage.

As a result, when you are shopping for a bookshelf, you should look for one that will offer enough storage and do that by taking as little space as possible.

In case you are in the market shopping for a manufactured home space saving bookshelf, there are several options to choose from to meet your needs.

However, the wide range of book shelving materials, colors, sizes, and styles can be intimidating.

Sometimes you might end up buying a bookshelf ill-suited for your particular needs and one that is too large that it even reduces your smaller space further making it uncomfortable to move around.

With the guide below, you can get to understand some of the important things that you can consider when shopping for manufactured home space saving bookshelves.

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How To Shop For Bookshelves That’ll Fit In Small Spaces

1. Safety regulations

Since you are going to buy a bookshelf for your small manufactured home, it is vital that you consider safety issues and how they will affect your buying decisions.

In this case, you should consider bookshelves built to government standards, designed using the right materials, and appropriate for the kind of books you want to store.

2. Material

When you consider the bookshelf’s material, it can assist you in determining the durability and the convenience of portability.

Notably, some of the common bookshelves are made of wood veneer and plywood.

Such materials can make the ideal option for decorative purposes, but you cannot rely on durability.

On the other hand, you can also get bookshelves made of hardwood and metal.

Such shelves last longer. However, when it comes to moving them around your house, it can be challenging if you do not get assistance.

The common materials are as highlighted below:

  • wood
  • MDF
  • metal
  • glass


Many of the bookshelves in many shops are designed using wood.

The good thing with wood bookshelves is that they can be virtually found in any style and design.

Also, a wood-framed bookshelf features a long-lasting, durable, and solid frame. They can provide a traditional look to the interior space of your house.

On the other hand, wood is considered a standard and ideal material used to make bookshelves as they can withstand a lot of weight.

Medium-density fiberboard

In case you wish to spend a lot of money, you can consider investing in a bookshelf made of medium-density fiberboard.

Such a bookshelf looks like one made of real wood.


Bookshelves designed using metal provide strong storage and are less bulky than shelves made using medium-density fiberboard or wood.

Thus, if you might prefer having a contemporary or streamlined style bookshelf, you can consider buying a metal bookshelf.

The metal frame allows for

  • more shape options
  • lighter weight designs
  • and looks to complement industrial or modern designs.

Typically, some metal bookshelves still use wood or marble shelving.


They usually have a metallic support structure that connects the glass pieces. However, it is good that you be careful when shopping for a glass bookshelf.

The design can keep the structure and shelves looking fresh for an extended period. It can also be tailored to several colors.

It can resist dings and spills.

One precaution you can take is by buying a bookshelf made of laminated glass so that if it breaks accidentally, it does not lead to injuries.

3. Assembly

Many manufactured homeowners make quick decisions on the bookshelves to buy without considering the assembly issues.

In many cases, certain types of bookshelves need a multitude of tools for assembly. If you do not have such tools, it might be challenging.

As a result, it is good that you choose bookshelves that are boltless such that you will only require a hammer, grease, and screwdriver in installing it.

However, if you might have installation issues, you can buy stand-alone bookshelves that do not require installation into the wall.

4. Mobility

When buying a bookshelf is also important to consider its overall dimensions, especially on how much it weighs.

Weight is very crucial, especially when you have assembled shelves in one area, and you wish to disassemble them or move the entire unit to another room in your small manufactured home.

Therefore, you should ask yourself if you will be able to move your bookshelf out by yourself if you might consider moving out.

5. Depth

Many of the bookshelves have a depth of about 12 inches, ensuring that you have more storage.

But there are options such as ladder or leaning style bookshelves which have narrower shelves.

Think about the kind of books (thin or thick) that you are going to store in your bookshelf so that you can make an informed choice.

6. Size

It is crucial to measure where you want to install the bookshelf you plan to buy to ensure that it fits perfectly.

Through that, you can easily narrow down on the options that will match your needs and preferences.

Most importantly, bookshelves come in a wide range of sizes than any other kinds of furniture. Thus, if you plan to buy a fixed bookshelf, you should check the shelf space and headroom.

7. Style

A bookshelf that looks amazing in manufactured homes with traditional décor may not complement your modern styled manufactured home when it comes to style.

Therefore, you should consider the wide range of finishes before choosing your final bookshelf. For instance, you might get vintage bookshelves that blend well with all kinds of décor in your home.

But it is good for you to look around the interior of the manufactured home so that you know the kind of pieces you have.

Like a rustic oak style is the best for individuals who love their homes to look authentically comforting and traditional.

Most importantly, you should ensure that the style you select blends well with your existing décor and furniture for a perfect fit in your house.

Below are some of the common styles to consider:

  • Industrial
  • Coastal
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic


It is intended to mimic the feel and look of factory equipment.

It usually features strong and bold metallic construction.

The industrial bookshelf can provide a sturdy, masculine look of any area in your house.


They usually feature natural looks which differ from the rustic design but are aimed for beachside or oceanic style.

The simplicity construction indicates an easygoing nature while its materials feature a sun-bleached or weather worn tone.


One of the incredible features of contemporary bookshelves is that there is no specific look or theory behind their designs.

These bookshelves can blend well with the interior of your manufactured home and are available in varied shapes.

Moreover, many of them feature progressive tones like ladder-type bookshelves.


The rustic look aims for a cottage-like or rustic appearance.

It has simple, broad shapes, an unfussy and untreated look.

Additionally, rustic designed bookshelves can be beautiful and rugged in a traditional manner.

8. Design

The first decision that you will make when shopping for a space-saving bookshelf for your manufactured home will be what kind of design you want in your home.

Through that, you can easily narrow down the options so that you only focus on other details such as the style and material of your new bookshelf.

Common designs include:

  • cube
  • modular
  • leaning
  • corner
  • barrister


The cube bookshelves feature a series of cubic spaces for storing your books.

The design can either be rectangular or square framed and accompanies a symmetrical array of cubes.


They come in sets of 2, 3, or more.

The sets are designed to rest against each other or interlock in arrays according to your choice.

They usually appear in cube based configurations, and they are meant to customize to suit your needs.


They offer a great solution that can help you optimize and manage the space in your small manufactured home.

Leaning bookshelves have a specialized design that is dependent on balancing by resting against the wall.

Typically, the overall frame has a tilted look, but the shelves stay horizontal when the bookshelf is placed against the wall.


Since you have a small space, a corner bookshelf is the best option that you can choose.

Such a bookshelf saves space and makes the corner of your house functional and useful. You can install it alternately and brilliantly.

You can also get one made of wood for a beautiful contrast to your decorated wall so that the bookshelf becomes an attention-grabbing piece.

However, corner bookshelves tend to have lesser spaces for holding books than standard bookshelves.

But they are ideal for keeping your storybooks, scrapbooks, picture albums, and if you do not have a lot of books.


The barrister bookshelves were traditionally used to assist lawyers in storing large collections of law books.

The barrister bookshelves have doors with smoked glass, ensuring that books remain in one place, especially when moving the entire bookshelf.

On the other hand, these bookshelves have either flip-up or solid glass doors and look formal.

In case you like buying furniture which looks vintage or traditional, you can shop for a barrister bookshelf.

9. Other tips when shopping for a bookshelf for your manufactured home

Corner Book Tree

For a creative book shelving idea, you can opt for a tree bookshelf that you can install in your corners.

Through that way, you can innovatively store several books, making the area ideal for relaxing and reading.

After you buy and install your tree bookshelf, you can put a comfortable chair and a small table near the corner for easy accessibility.

Tall VS Short

It would help if you did not forget about the height when you are shopping for a bookshelf.

For instance, a low-level bookshelf can accentuate well in your living room so that you can place additional candles, coffee table books, and lamps on top of it.

You can also use the shelves simply for extra display space or the collection of your vinyl.

Additionally, if you have smaller children, you might consider shopping for a low-level bookshelf so that they can easily access the books they want to read.

But if you do not want your kids to access the shelves, you can buy a taller bookshelf so that you can even store other fragile items.

But it would help if you mounted the bookshelf onto the wall of your house. On the other hand, tall bookshelves are the best in making use of the space above your home.

Open Shelves Versus Drawers

In case you have varied items to store, you might consider shopping for a bookshelf, which also incorporates cabinets or drawers.

Such a bookshelf will allow you to display the items you want while allowing you to hide away the things you do not want to display.

For instance, you can use the drawers for storing things like kids’ toys, remote controls, or anything that creates clutter in your house.

It means they are out of sight by storing them in closed drawers, but they will still be accessible when you need them.

Adjustable shelves

The adjustable bookshelves are also the options that you can consider for you since they can help save space in your small manufactured home.

These bookshelves will assure you that even your large-sized books can fit comfortably. They offer you the option to adjust the shelves’ size to suit your needs without worrying about books’ storage.

Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

It is also possible for you to shop for a wall-mounted bookshelf you can install along your hallway. All you have to do is to ensure that you can have ample space for passing so that you can pick your book. Such an idea can help you save a lot of space, and all the books stored can make your hallway entertaining and interesting.

Open Back Bookshelf

It is also good to consider an open back bookshelf, which works incredibly in creating an illusion that you have a larger space.

If you place it perfectly, you will find it easier to access your books from all sides.

Most importantly, you can place this kind of bookshelf almost anywhere in your house.

It has a versatile design that does not have a rule on whether you will place it against the wall or corner.

Geometric bookcase

In case you are looking for something unique, a standard rectangular-shaped bookshelf may not be what you are looking for, but a geometrically shaped bookshelf can be the best for you.

The geometric bookshelf has been built with a hexagonal honeycomb shape that provides a unique accent piece of functional and modern furniture in its design.

Moreover, the bookshelf is designed using aluminum sheets that make it light but very strong for storing your books. It also adds a metallic finish to your décor.


In case you are planning to use your bookshelf as a room divider, or you might be redecorating your house frequently, you can buy a bookshelf with wheels.

Such a bookshelf will make it easier when you are moving it from one room to another.


To find the ideal bookshelf for your small manufactured, you also need to consider how much money you have budgeted for it.

However, you should not make the mistake of making your decisions based on the amount that you have.

You can take your time so that you look for an affordable, configurable bookshelf that meets all your needs.

Three Precautions Regarding How To Keep Your Bookshelf Clean

  1. Ensure that you keep food and drinks away. In case you use your bookshelf as a tabletop, you should clean it immediately after removing the saucer or tea.
  2. You can sprinkle fine pepper or insect powder along the edges of the bookshelf to kill insects that might dirty or destroy your books.
  3. Maintain optimum humidity if you have a huge bookshelf or if you have a wall-mounted bookshelf.


In conclusion, books have immense power of opening the world to us.

Therefore, it is good for you to store them properly.

As a book hoarder, you will understand every book’s value, which you bought or received as a gift.

The bookshelf ensures that you have a simple store for your books and a few items as you continue to buy others.

Arguably, you should not sacrifice your love for reading since it is the habit of reading, which lets you explore the world from the comfort of your small manufactured home.

The guide above covers the best things you can consider when shopping for a space saving bookshelf for your manufactured home.

If you consider it keenly, it can help you find a beautiful bookshelf to store the bundles of books you might have.