Manufactured Home Space Saving Desks Guide: 10 Features To Check For

You might think your small manufactured home can’t be a modest home office or working area, but with the right size of a desk, you can convert even the most cramped spaces into perfect working nooks.

It can be anywhere – under the stair, unused corner, unused closet, directly opposite the window, etc.

Whether you choose a floating table or a wall-mounted desk, there is always a convenient option for everyone and any size of space.

Most of the space-saving desks for mobile homes we will list below cost less than $200 – that’s a bonus if you are looking to recover some working space in your home on a budget.

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Ten Factors to Consider When Choosing A Space Saving Desk

1. Computer Use

  • Will you need to use a computer on your space-saving desk?
  • What type of computer do you intend to use?
  • Desktop or laptop?

There is a strong chance you won’t use the desk entirely for keeping books.  You might need to type an article or edit something on your computer.

Different space-saving desks come with different ergonomic designs, which may not offer the same level of comfort when used for unintended purposes.

If you plan to use a computer on your desk, then you should keep a sharp eye on the sleekness and ergonomic design of the desk. Ensure that the desk was designed with computer use in mind.

The desk should also support wire management so that you don’t have to drill ugly holes through it yourself.

2. Way of working

  • How do you usually work?
  • Do you require plenty of space to hold several things or move around?
  • Will you require a sizable clearance under the chair and desk?
  • Does your work entail many files, books, papers, and specialized equipment that need to be on top of the desk all the time?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

The easiest compromise you can arrive at if you can’t figure out what you need regarding your work is a hatch desk that combines shelves, drawers, and cabinets for easy access.

3. Storage needs

What type/kind of storage will you need?

There is a strong chance you will need a lockable storage option.

In such a case, you will need to choose between such storage options as drawers (perfect for office supplies), cubbies, hidden areas (ideal for managing your cables), and open shelves great for your daily work.

4. Size and Configuration

Well, you are after a spacing desk, but size still does matter.

  • How small are you willing to go?
  • To what extent of “big” would you go?

There are space-saving desks in the market that would be too small for your needs.

  • Also, how do you want it to be arranged?
  • Does the desk fit your configuration expectations?

5. Comfort

Saving on space is one thing, and feeling comfortable in your reclaimed nook is entirely another different thing.

Remember that your productivity will be influenced by the level of comfort offered by the space-saving desk.

When the desk is ergonomically designed, your productivity will be higher and vice versa. However, be careful not to choose an option that makes you too comfortable as this will only reduce your productivity.

6. Budget

  • How much are you willing to spend on the desk?
  • What is the cost of the options of your desire?

After all, you want a functional space-saving desk that meets all your needs and remains pocket friendly.

Budgeting serves the valuable role of preventing you from overspending on options you didn’t or plan for beforehand.

7. Durability

The desk of your choice is affordable and actually saves space, but how long is it going to last?

You want a desk that will keep delivering the intended service for a reasonable period.

The best way of evaluating the durability of a space-saving desk, and pretty any other product, is to check the material of construction and how the whole desk was built.

If the desk is wooden or made from any other durable material, it should show high-quality craftsmanship on the part of the maker.

If it is made from wood, the wood should be hardwood.

Materials like stainless-steel and a combination of fiberglass and composite materials make excellent desks as well.

8. Appearance

The aesthetic value of your choice is one of the most critical aspects you don’t want to leave out.

Space-saving desks will occupy the areas you want to recover as much space as possible, and you would like them to look good while there.

Avoid selecting an eyesore by being strict on color, design, and all other things you want the desk to possess.

9. Safety

Trying to recover spaces from unorthodox parts of your home can create safety risks for your kids, pets, and everyone else in the house.

Choose a product that will save space and still not block walkways or don’t come with flammable materials. The edges should be softened and free from protrusions.

10. Adaptability

Does the desk support other functions besides merely serving as a small home office?

I’ve seen compact desks that fold into ironing boards – that’s cool.

However, desks must not turn into unthinkable forms to prove their adaptability.

Sometimes all you need is extra space for your office equipment and a charging station for your phones and tablet computers.

The 10 Best Space Saving Desks Under $200

It doesn’t make sense to spend over $200 on something you would have made yourself with DIY guides if you had enough time in your hands.

For that reason, we have prepared a list of impressive desks for small spacesthat won’t hurt your pocket while still not compromising on quality and functionality:

1. SEI Furniture Fold Out Convertible Desk 22″ Wide – Wall Hanging Space Saving – Antique White Finish

Cost: $146.00

This cleverly designed compact desk feature comes as a wall installable cabinet from which emerges two fixed shelves that extend downward to create a comfortable working area.

The remaining cabinet on the wall contains several shelves you can use to store your books and other home office items.

It is one of the most convenient and compact desks you could ever buy as it disappears completely in the cabinet on the wall after use.

This desk is not sold as a whole unit. Rather, you will buy the durable MDF parts and assemble them by interpreting a simple easy-to-follow manual.

Measuring 22″ x 36″ x 58″ when open and weighing just 48 lbs. It can support up to 20 lbs. of office items.

The best part about it is that you can install it on a wall anywhere in your home, provided there is sufficient space for your legs.

2. Leopard Outdoors Folding Computer Desk for Small Spaces

Cost: $118

Size When In Use: 31.5″ L x 17.83″ W x 29.13″ H,

If you are looking for a foldable desk that lets you work on your laptop and easily folds to be stored in the corner of your home, you might want to try out this option.

The width reduces to less than 3.6″ after folding. It is a multi-function table that you can use for studying when you are not working on your computer.

To boost stability (which may be a problem with some floors), the footpad can be adjusted accordingly.

The best part about this desk is that you don’t need intricate tools to get it to work – just unfold it in one or two seconds and embark on your projects.

3. Knotted Standing Desk Cost: $159

Size: 18” L X 24” W x 41” H

If you prefer working on your projects while standing for a short time and proceeding to other activities, this is one of the best types of compact desks you could ever choose.

The distance between the working surface and the ground is 48-2/8″ which is about the comfortable height an average person can stand for a few minutes.

It comes with several drawers below to which you can use to store most types of office equipment.

Also, you can place it anywhere in your home provided you don’t block the walkways.

The only flaw about this type of compact desks is that the time you can spend on the desk when working on a project is minimal.

3. Industrial Rustic Wall-Mounted Table

Cost: $99

Size: 24″ L x 14″ W

This simple wall-mounted table is made from real wood and a few cast-iron brackets.

Whether you choose to add a chair to create a home office or add a simple bench to create an informal-looking working area, it is one of the cheapest space-saving desks out there.

The plank of wood measures 24″ by 14″ and comes with a thickness of 1.2″ although this may vary slightly depending on where you buy it.

It is a multipurpose area that can also function as a TV stand, temporary kitchen, or home bar or café.

4. Whitewall Mount Desk

Cost: $183

Size: 16.0” X 42.0” X 8.75”

This desk goes well with white walls, but this doesn’t matter much if you are all for space-saving.

It is one of those space-saving desks I’d recommend to anyone looking for a compact desk that can accommodate a desktop computer and plenty of storage space.

This desk closely resembles the regular office desk except that the floating desk will be installed by hammering it on the wall.

Two sizable drawers have been included on two extreme sides to store your books, pens, cables, staplers, and pretty much any necessity you need in a small home office.

The middle section just above your knees is a stage for accommodating the keyboard of your desktop computer.

It combines both metal and MDF to create a sturdy, long-lasting working area with slight Scandinavian inspiration.

5. Corner Desk with Shelves

Cost: $64

Dimensions: 23.50” x 39.60” x 30.10”

Finally, a space-saving desk that can be installed in a corner and one that’s big enough to accommodate the large monitor of a Mac and hordes of books. Still, it looks so small that you’d barely know it’s there.

What probably makes this desk look so small yet practically big is the location of installation – any unoccupied corner of your home.

The bottom part of this desk follows the outline of the two walls into the corner while the top part projects toward the user to form a triangle against the two walls.

This creates a large working space that can accommodate a large monitor of a desktop computer far back and a few office paraphernalia on the sides.

The underbelly holds perhaps the largest shelves you will ever find in a space-saving desk, big enough to swallow several encyclopedia-sized books and files.

The keyboard tray below the main panel can be slid in or out. If you don’t feel like using the computer, just slide in the keyboard tray and get closer to write something or read a magazine.

6. Orion Corner Computer Workstation

Cost: $69

Dimensions: 35.50” x 35.50” x 29.00”

This is yet another corner desk with lots of room for storage except that it can be moved from the corner and keep users working on their projects anywhere in the room.

It is ideal for dorm rooms, shared offices, or any space where space is an issue.

The only thing I dislike about this desk is the shape of the upper main panel – rather than forming a triangular shape that would’ve offered more working space, it follows the shape of the two shelf racks below it to create a V shape into the corner of the two walls.

However, it is still the cheap and practical space-saving corner desk you won’t count three to bring home and create a compact home office with it.

7. Ameriwood Home Owen Retro Desk

Cost: $83

Dimensions: 26.75″h x 40″w x 19.5″d.

Place this slim Ameriwood Home Owen Retro space-saving desk in your living room, corners, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom for an industrial feel.

It features an attractive espresso top and teal hairpin legs made from metal. The unit was crafted from quality laminated particleboard. The most likable aspect of this desk is its simplicity.

If you are taller than 5’2″, however, you might have a hard time using this desk – it starts to feel too low for anyone taller.

For that reason, it sounds like a space-saving desk you would buy for your school-going or young adults. Still, the sturdy construction and minimalistic design can give you a reason to acquire one for your space.

8. Prepac Modern/Contemporary White Floating Desk

Dimensions: 42.25” W x 31.5” H x 19” D

Cost: $138

This space-saving floating desk is ideal for homes in which a sizable space can be recovered close to empty walls.

That’s because it requires the user to install it flush on the wall and access it from sides or in the direct opposite direction.

Several spacious compartments have been added to offer more storage space for already compact furniture.

Although it isn’t big enough to accommodate a desktop computer, it comes with built-in cables and wire management infrastructure that could prove useful if you are planning to establish a charging station on it. The size of the panel can comfortably support a laptop.

The best thing about floating desks like this is their flexibility when it comes to heights – you can install them on the wall to match your specific height.

9. SEI Furniture Willingham Wall Mount Folding Desk

Dimensions: 6” x 26” x 20”

Cost: $120

This snappy multifunctional floating desk is equipped with a fold-down writing surface that can be used for holding books or a laptop or both.

Once you have finished your work, you can fold the surface back into a cabinet-like fixture on the wall and leave the space empty for another use.

It weighs just 25 lbs. and can support up to 30 lbs. of the load.

10. International Caravan Furniture Piece Virginia Swing Out Desk

Dimensions: 47” x 18” x 51”

Cost: $222

Instead of buying a corner desk, you can opt for this combo of a bookshelf and a wooden desk that will occupy a bigger portion of one wall leading into the corner.

The large shelves can solve all your storage needs and still provide you with a spacious place to work on your laptop.


It doesn’t matter how crammed your home is, there you can rearrange the furniture and recover some valuable space.

When there is no more space to recover, space-saving desks come handy especially if you want to create a comfortable home office or working area.

If you have a lot of time in your hands, you opt for a DIY project that can see you make a space saver desk without spending much.

And for those that are too busy or don’t fancy the DIY approach, they can opt to buy an already-made space-saving cabinet that only requires to be installed in place.

It is possible to find a lot of affordable space-saving desks in a major store in America at $200 or less. Consider such factors as your comfort, affordability, adaptability, and aesthetic value.

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