Manufactured Home TV Lift Cabinets Guide – A TV Stand Alternative

Technology has become an integral part of our lives.

Undoubtedly, you will want nothing else to dominate the look of your living space after spending months planning and creating the new scheme.

Televisions perform an indispensable social function.

Besides entertainment, TVs bring together people with common interests as well as propagating effective calls for action during crises.

They are such incredible entertainment mediums that enable people to enjoy and learn important environmental and life topics.

Unfortunately, television tends to be outstanding; therefore, altering the mood and style of your manufactured home space.

This is when manufactured home TV lift cabinets become handy. Modern technologies have availed TV lift cabinets that easily integrate with a retro, vintage design of your exquisite parlor furniture.

Are you wondering how to install a television in your manufactured home without overshadowing your attractive decorating scheme? A

TV lift cabinet is a solution to this dilemma. With a decent manufactured home TV lift cabinet, you can install your television and disguise so that it doesn’t dominate. Although it is a luxury commodity, it brings you several benefits.

So, why would any homeowners want a manufactured home TV lift cabinet?

If you are asking this question, we have you covered. This guide will offer you in-depth information about manufactured home TV lift cabinets. Keep reading!!!

What is a TV lift Cabinet?

At its core, a TV lift cabinet is a unique TV stand that includes a mechanical system to move the television accordingly. The inbuilt TV lifting system is powered by electricity and moves the screen out of (and into) the cabinet when needed.

Unlike TV cabinets that were manually opened to access the screen, TV lift cabinets allow you to operate the stand remotely.

All you need is to press the “Up” button, and your TV magically pops up from its resting place.

Basically, a TV lift cabinet houses the screen and its components. This allows you to include a TV into your space without interfering with the color scheme.

Besides watching your favorite movies and programs, you will be excited by the magical behavior of lift cabinets. We can also agree the entertainment furniture accentuates the decor and style of your manufactured home.

If you lack one, you should consider buying this incredible furniture that appreciates technology while improving your living standards.

Because of their unparalleled popularity, you will find a cutting-edge unobtrusive design that retails at a reasonable price.

Six TV Cabinet Benefits

You can have TV sets in kitchens, parlor, or behind fireplaces thanks to modern technologies that brought forth motorized TV lift cabinets.

Home entertainment has undergone significant transformations. From bulky TVs to sophisticated, super-thin state-of-the-art LED screens, digital technology has really changed the world.

Technology did not stop there; it moved swiftly to help design furniture that houses the media system – TV lift cabinets. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or just care for your screen, you will find a TV lift cabinet very beneficial.

Here are the benefits of having a decent TV lift cabinet.

1. Adding a layer of protection for your TV

Besides housing your television and its accompaniments, a lift cabinet serves as a protective case.

Unlike open TV that attracts unwanted dust, moisture, and other elements, your expensive screen will be fully protected from such.

Installing a TV lift cabinet also protects your television from other potential problems that may occur accidentally.

You will bid adieu to scratches; therefore, extending your TV’s lifespan.

2. Keeping your children safe

One thing that a decent TV lift cabinet does is ensuring your children do not inadvertently damage the TV. Remember that kids are naughty and can easily turn your TV into a play toy.

With a cabinet, your kids will not spend much time watching, which may turn hazardous to their eyes’ health.

You will also eliminate the risk of injury that may result from your children running into the television.

3. Saving space in an increasingly cluttered home

This is a great benefit every homeowner get from installing a TV lift cabinet – decluttering personal space.

If you are looking for a way to add a little extra space in your home, dare installing a TV cabinet. Indeed, this is a simple solution for people living in cluttered and space-strapped homes.

4. Decorating

The last thing you would want is anything that interferes with your beautiful color scheme.

It’s imperative to have a sleek TV in your space, but it should not necessarily dominate the look.

A TV lift cabinet not only allows you to hide your TV but also accentuate the house interior.

You will always find a cutting-edge designer solution that syncs with your manufactured home interior.

5. Can help sell your home quickly

Integration with modest technology is one of the most sought-after aspects in the real estate industry.

If you are selling your home for whatever reason, potential buyers will want to check what you have advanced.

A manufactured home with a motorized TV lift cabinet has a higher chance of selling in a few days.

6. Great for ergonomics

TV lift cabinets help bring your screen to the desired height according to the generally accepted guidelines.

When placed at the right spot, a TV cabinet positions your screen at the ergonomically correct height.

This is handy in staying away from neck pain and other potential problems. It also allows you to adjust the height accordingly to suit your position optimally.

7. Concealing messy wires

In a bid to keep your manufactured home decent and smart, TV lift cabinets conceal all cables and boxes involved.

Encasing the entertainment center supports the overall beauty of your space.

Concealing wires does not only add to aesthetics but also enhances convenience and ensures your kids don’t play with them. Hiding wires is also great if you are a minimalist.

8. Quick and quiet operation

This is another benefit that comes with TV lift cabinets. It is undoubtedly that pop-up TV lift cabinets come with one of the heavy-duty lift mechanism.

These powerful TV lifting systems are among the quietest in the industry and lift your screen instantly.

Three Locations To Place Tv Lift Cabinets

Television sets were traditionally considered a necessary part of the living room. While this is still common in many homes, the modern approach to media encourages access to news and entertainment from any place.

TV lift cabinets make it easy to have a TV set from either space without sacrificing significant space.

Advancement in technology encourages creativity where you install a television virtually anywhere with a TV lift cabinet.

1. In The Bedroom

If you are a movie enthusiast, one thing you should consider is installing one in your bedroom.

You can either

  • opt to have your TV set in a TV lift cabinet or
  • improvise into your bed’s footboard.

If you opt for a cabinet, it would be best when colored the same as your bed for aesthetics.

Because TV lift cabinets are engineered from hardwood, they make a healthier choice that will last infinitely longer.

2. In The Kitchen

If you are fond of watching TV while doing the dishes or just want to follow video recipes, this is for you.

You may want to change the look and feel of existing cabinetry or bring a brand new TV lift cabinetry.

Because of the costs of changing the kitchen counter, it is good to adopt a do-it-yourself TV lift project. This way, you will make a TV lift cabinetry that where your TV fits well.

3. Next To The Fireplace

Fireplaces tend to be the focal point for most room designs, just as televisions do.

Having a TV lift cabinet next to your fireplace (electric fireplace) can be a great way to marry their function and fashion.

This eliminates the clash of focal points.

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Nine TV lift cabinet Shopping Factors

Choosing the right TV lift cabinet is not one of the most challenging tasks. However, there are things you must consider to make an informed decision.

Although there are many factors that you need to strike a balance, your TV set parameters will remain a reference during the entire process.

Because of their nature, TV lift cabinets can be installed virtually anywhere.

Nonetheless, homeowners have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to media system concealment.

Regardless of your preferences, you should buy a TV set before executing the idea of having a TV lift cabinet. Here are the things you need to consider.

1. Space

The primary reason for acquiring a TV lift cabinet is to create more space.

Therefore, you will want a cabinet that is compact enough to save space yet big enough to accommodate your TV set.

Make sure to buy a TV lift cabinet that does not clutter the space because it will bring negativity and a bad impression.

2. Location

It is apparent that you will determine where to place your TV lift cabinet upfront.

Whether it’s a lifting system for your living room or the bedroom, you will need to find a compatible design with amusing capabilities.

For ergonomic purposes, you will want to benchmark the final cabinet height with your favorite coach.

The location you intend to place the TV lift cabinet can also influence its design. For instance, Tv lift cabinet that will be placed against the wall can have an unfinished back.

3. Style

Ultimately, the choice of style will solely depend on your taste. If you have started decorating your home with few antiques, you may want a traditional design to match.

Modern style TV lift cabinets are attractive with their sleek design. Regardless of the styles, make sure to purchase a TV lift cabinet that syncs with your manufactured home decor.

4. Storage

Another essential consideration is the storage space you need in the cabinet. Because you want to declutter your personal space, you may want to create room for other valuables.

Besides the cable box and blu ray player, you might want to keep some books and small valuables in the cabinet.

Accounting for storage space required will help you get the right size to provide optimal means of storage.

5. Operation quality

The idea of bringing a TV lift cabinet into your living space is propagated by decency and elegancy.

The last thing you would want is to have a lifting system that will stress you often. Ideally, it should meet your expectations, be reliable, and, most importantly, operate smoothly in silent mode.

6. Your TV parameters

One thing you should consider is your television weight.

When buying a TV lift cabinet, you need to keep in mind that most of the available lifts are designed considering the newest lightweight screens.

If you don’t have a new TV, the weight of your set will significantly affect the lifting system you are going to buy. Even with a modern TV, it is advisable to buy a sizable lift that can withstand more weight.

Your television’s absolute width, height, and depth (including frames) will determine the cabinet’s dimensions.

TV lifting systems feature VESA compatible mounts; therefore, there is no option to having a VESA compliant TV.

The central position on the back of your TV is another factor that ultimately determines the cabinet height.

Identifying the central position is also handy in determining the correct stroke so that the Tv pops up completely.

Keep in mind that an ideal TV lift cabinet will exceed the vertical dimensions of your screen.

7. Quality

Ideally, they should be made from high-quality materials.

Make sure to check the quality of the wood as well as the lift materials.

Buying from a reputable brand will ensure you get the best value for money.

High-end models might be extremely heavy.

Because you don’t want to hurt your manufactured home floor, make sure to choose wisely.

8. Cost

Cost is an important factor in every purchase.

You will not want to buy an overly expensive TV cabinet which will leave a hole in your pocket.

However, this does not mean you go for cheap commodities because they might not last for long.

Fortunately, you will still get high-end products that are moderately priced and integrate with all other tastes and preferences.

9. Fail-safe options

Although this is unexpected, your TV lift can jam due to power failure or system faults.

When buying a TV lift cabinet, and any other lift for that matter, it is advisable you have a manual lifting mechanism.

This will help you get the TV to the surface when the system has issues.

For you to make a great purchase, you may want to compare things like

  • Capacity vs. weight
  • Compactness vs. quality vs. cost
  • Smooth operation vs. attractiveness vs. cost
  • The cabinet finishing vs. your indoor look

The Two Best TV Lift Cabinets In The Market

TV lift cabinets allow you to change the mood and the ambiance of your kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

With these great entertainment armoires, you can tuck your television into furniture.

So, what is the best manufactured home TV lift cabinet? The best cabinet will depend on its ability to satisfy your expectations. Whether to buy Foot of the Bed cabinets or Against the Wall cabinets, the ultimate choice depends on your taste and where you intend to place it. The Foot of the Bed cabinets are usually finished on all four sides ad can be used as Against the Wall models.

After checking for all variables and ready to purchase, the only secret is buying from the best brands.

There are many brands offering high-end models and in many options, giving room for choice. Some of the best brands include;

Carousel TV lift cabinets come in 4 distinct colors and one unfinished model.

The unfinished TV lift cabinet allows you to paint in whatever color to match your manufactured home interior.

These TV lift cabinets combine tech-savvy design with remarkable style and craftsmanship to give you the best.

Being a product of richly grained maple hardwood, these cabinets will serve you for years.

2. Touchstone TV Lift Cabinet

The Touchstone TV lift cabinets are a great option for people with up to 45” wide TV.

These cabinets are designed and styled with an oak finish for durability.

The manufacturer also offers many other unfinished oak TV lift cabinets suitable for up to 60” flat-screen televisions.


TV lift cabinets offer an excellent way to hide your television until you are in dire need of watching.

With this guide, you will make an informed decision and buy the right TV lift cabinet to suit your space and personal interests.

Don’t let a black box dominate your decoration scheme.