Is It Worth Buying Nursery Furniture? (8 Reasons Yes, 1 Reason No)

The excitement of welcoming a baby, especially if you are a first-time parent, can lead you to buy all sorts of items for the nursery.

Babies probably don’t care what you bought for them and where you store it; maybe they do.

It is perfectly OK to splurge on your baby, the real question is whether those items are worth the hustle.

So, Is It Worth Buying Nursery Furniture?

It depends. If the nursery is large enough and you have the drive and cash for the furniture, why not? If the nursery can barely fit the crib and few essentials, then you should probably shelf the idea of adding more furniture. Any average nursery can accommodate adult-size furniture. If you plan to have more kids in the future, you will certainly use the space and furniture again for your next babies. In that case, the nursery will need more and durable furniture.

You can go for adaptable furniture.

For example, think of a changing table that can turn into a bookcase!

Eight Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Nursery Furniture

There are more reasons to buy nursery furniture:

1. Storage Units to Keep the Essentials for Your Baby

The baby needs to be dressed in clothes, swaddled in more than one blanket, kept in warm socks and hats, play with toys, etc.

All these items need to be stored somewhere either in the nursery or elsewhere, but more preferably in the nursery.

The baby is going to grow and demand advanced furniture.

If you didn’t buy a convertible crib at the start, for example, you will need to upgrade as the baby grows.

The toddler will need more things than just clothes and toys. This could mean more storage furniture.

2. Sleeping Furniture Is a Must-Have

Sleeping furniture like cribs, on which the baby sleeps, is integral to even the simplest nursery you could set up.

They are must-have furniture.

Also, you can buy a lollipop lane swing to help your baby have a sound sleep.

3. Feeding Furniture Is Necessary as Well

If you are wondering if nursery furniture is worth it, think such things as feeding tables and similar pieces.

You certainly need feeding tables in the nursery to give the nurse or yourself an easy time feeding the baby.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, you come across several baby tables for several age groups.

This means that although you may buy the perfect furniture for the age of your baby, you will still need to upgrade twice or thrice before the baby outgrows the nursery.

It is easy to overlook the baby table because of its specialized function but it’s highly useful for ensuring your baby is comfortable during feeding sessions.

4. Need to Adjust to Home Remodel or Change

When you remodel or change a home, the nursery is likely to change as well.

Chances are your old nursery furniture may not fit in the new space.

If you move from your current home, the new surrounding and climate might demand a change in furnishing.

Depending on the size and style of your new home and nursery, you may want to add furniture of a different style or in size.

If you pursue home remodeling or add an extra room, you may need to add extra furniture in the nursery or buy furniture that meets specific new needs.

5. You Have a Newborn Baby, And A Growing One (or Twins)

A newborn baby needs specific furniture that addresses their needs.

A growing baby will require furniture that matches their age.

The arrival of a newborn, for example, might demand a tiny crib and a changing table.

The second and growing baby, on another hand, will add to the demand for more storage furniture.

You might want to create a play area in your large nursery, and later establish a workstation for the toddler’s creative practice.

6. For Personal Comfort Reasons

It isn’t just the baby that needs a comfortable changing table and sleeping furniture, the nurse will need to have an easy time servicing the baby.

You might realize that you need a few chairs for yourselves in the nursery.

A shallow and low seat can help you attend to the baby better than having to kneel or stand the entire time.

A new mom may need a decent glider or similarly comfortable seat somewhere in the nursery as well.

7. You Plan to Work from Home

If you are a new parent and plan to work from home, it’s obvious that you will spend a big part of your time close to your baby.

Working from home can save you some precious time and money on commuting, but it’s necessary you set up the proper working environment.

As such, the nursery should feature such furniture as a tiny laptop table, a comfortable chair, etc.

Depending on your line of work, a tiny office somewhere in the nursery can be great.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing one of your smaller coaches and table in the nursery as long as the space is large enough to accommodate everything you need for yourself and the baby.

Today’s home office furniture is flexible because some of them are designed with double duty in mind.

When it comes to storage, you can share the storage furniture meant for your baby’s stuff provided you maintain high levels of sanitation.

8. The Furniture Is Outdated or Worn Out

Another reason why nursery furniture is worthy is when there’s a need to equip your nursery with new items to replace the old and worn-out products.

Everything, including furniture, has a definite lifespan beyond which you should think of a replacement.

Frequent usage and even pets can take hasten the lifespan of even the most durable pieces you could buy.

One Reason Why You Probably Don’t Need Nursery Furniture:

1. You Are Aiming for One Child

If you don’t have plans for the second, third, and many kids then your probably don’t need to furnish your nursery with all sorts of fancy furniture.

You probably don’t need a nursery, to begin with.

Most parents can nurse infants in regular rooms with regular furniture albeit with few specialized items like changing tables.

Babies don’t remain small for a long time and soon enough they will have outgrown their small furniture.

Soon, maybe after 2 – 3 years, your child will be well past nursing age and ready for school.

Nursery furniture isn’t the cheapest piece out there either.

It is not uncommon to spend anything in the region of $200 for one-piece furniture.

Nursery furniture is normally sold in sets consisting of a wardrobe, cot, and drawer chest – don’t be surprised if you are asked more than $1,000 a set.

Just like anything else sold in sets, 3-piece furniture sets are cheaper than buying each item individually.


It is hard to imagine a nursery without furniture.

You need baby furniture to run any functional nursery and even more pieces for yourself.

If the nursery is large enough and you have the drive and cash for the furniture, you can go ahead and acquire a few pieces for space.

However, nursery furniture isn’t the cheapest piece out there. It is not uncommon to spend anything in the region of $200 for one-piece furniture.

If you don’t envision more than one child, it would make sense to shelf the idea of furniture altogether.