Is It Bad To Leave Blinds Open At Night?

If you live in a decent neighborhood with nice homes, you’ve probably noticed that nearly everyone leaves their blinds open during the day as if they were showing off their shabby-chic furnishings.

Like a shop window, a window in your home without closed blinds is open to viewing. It can display the interior of your house to anyone.

While many people like to keep the blinds open during the day, the idea of leaving blinds open at night has the world divided.

So, Is It Bad To Leave Blinds Open At Night?

It all depends on personal preference besides other factors. Leaving blinds open at night gets your natural sleep schedule on track and also helps suppress melatonin secretion, helping you wake up. On the flip side, leaving blinds open overnight displays your belongings to opportunistic burglars while providing peeping toms with easy targets.

There is a lot of controversial information about the subject: whether or not to leave blinds open at night. In this post, you will learn more about blinds so that you can make an informed decision. Keep reading.

What Are Some Consequences OF Leaving The Blinds Open At night?

Blinds provide shade for windows while adding an insulation value.

While opening blinds during the day allows natural light to flow into your rooms, leaving them open at night is a domestic preference that splits the society.

There’s the group that likes the morning sunshine on their face, then the camp that adores the seclusion and pitch-blackness provided by closed curtains. So, who is right?

1. Natural Light

Whether you’re an exhibitionist or not, opening your blinds during the day allows natural light to illuminate your space while giving you a chance to enjoy the spectacular view of nature.

Leaving the blinds open overnight will help you wake early in the morning because the morning sunshine suppresses melatonin production.

This is really helpful, assuming you had sufficient hours of sleep.

2. Home Temperature

Considering that blinds can help control home temperature, leaving blinds open in winter when it’s 10 degrees outside could mean otherwise.

Your windows will conduct cold, making your rooms too cold to sleep in.

In such cases, leaving blinds open so you can get the morning light may not make sense.

3. Lack Of Privacy

From a privacy point of view: the much you can see outside through the window during the day usually reverses at night when lights are on.

This definitely means leaving the blinds open at night may hurt your privacy.

This is very true considering that, at night, the outside is dark and the inside is well lit.

By leaving your blinds open at night, you make the home interior a bright stage where outsiders, like burglars and peeping toms, can see everything, including when you are bathing, grooming, dressing, or having intimate relations.

Unless you are a pornstar, who else could risk their privacy to get the dawn sunlight?

As if that is not enough, you expose your valuables and where you put money to an opportunistic burglar.

It is quite clear that leaving blinds open at night is an opportunity for intruders and outsiders to learn your patterns and when your home is most vulnerable.

4. Problem Sleeping

If you are a light sleeper who needs a pitch-black environment to drift off, sleeping in a room with open blinds can potentially give you heebie-jeebies at ungodly hours when headlights are flashing through your unblinded windows.

Kiddingly, but you could pee on the bed to wake in the middle of the night only to meet glowing eyes peering through the window.

No matter how much you hear “nothing is better than rising with the sun,” there is almost nothing worse than telling the public what you have and what you do inside your home at night.

Closing your blinds at night protects your privacy and property as well.

That said, it makes perfect sense to say it is bad to leave blinds open at night. As far as waking up is concerned, your alarm will serve you.

All in all, leaving blinds open overnight might be a good idea if you live on top floors where the angle means there isn’t much to worry about as far as outsiders peering in is concerned.

From there, it will also be more refreshing to wake up to the morning sunshine.

Can You See Through Blinds At Night?

Blinds help keep the indoors warmer by preventing heat inside your home from escaping to the outside.

Although they come in varying orientations, they serve the same purpose, except that each tends to offer palpable benefits.

That said, can you see through blinds at night? The answer to whether people can see through blinds at night is yes and no, depending on how the blind slats are turned.

When blinds slats are turned down, the rounded side faces inside, providing a more aesthetic impressive look. Unfortunately, you get attractiveness at the expense of privacy.

Simply put, turning the top edge down makes it easy to see inside at night when the interior is well lit, and the outside is dark.

On the other side, tilting the blinds up makes it harder for a passer-by to see in.

When slats are turned up, the convex side faces the window, which creates less space through which one can view inside your room.

With turned-up blind slats, you get a greater degree of privacy and insulation value but a less appealing interior.

Notably, outsiders can see inside through blinds if they are peeping at an angle.

This means drawing your blinds at night doesn’t offer the best deal for privacy. Even so, they guarantee moderate privacy provided the slats are turned up.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Blinds Open At Night

Considering that windows in your home are certainly the first port of call for many opportunistic burglars, it is a good idea to close them to ward off the emotional stress of a break-in.

Interestingly, it takes seconds to draw your blinds, meaning it is something you can easily add to your daily routine.

Here are reasons why anyone would consider leaving their blinds closed at night.

1. Protect privacy

If you always leave your blinds open at night, you risk publicizing whatever you do indoors.

Because the interior is usually lit than the outside, outsiders can monitor all your moves and activities, including private ones.

Through your unblinded windows, opportunistic burglars can see your appointments and holidays on the calendar and plan a break-in.

2. Drawing blinds hides your valuables

It is a no-brainer that leaving your blinds open is a “window shopping” opportunity for burglars. You expose your expensive possessions, like jewelry and electronics, which triggers crime.

Drawing blinds at night sends a message that the owner is security conscious and makes it more difficult for thieves to get preliminary knowledge of your home’s floor plan.

3. Having your blinds closed acts as a deterrent to burglars

They make it harder to see inside, particularly when the slats are tilted up.

Final thoughts

While having your blinds open during the day allows you to view outside whenever you feel like doing so, leaving them open at night exposes your moves and your possessions.

For this reason, it is a bad idea to leave blinds open at night, especially if you live on the ground floor.

Unless you live on higher floors where there is not much to worry about, don’t leave your blinds open at night.