Manufactured Home Rugs Guide For Your Decor Needs (Plus Types And Where To Buy Them)

Manufactured home rugs can improve your home’s décor.

However, you are more likely to install a rug just to keep your feet off the cold bare floor than merely improving the aesthetics of your room.

Because manufactured homes come with small rooms, it can be a bit hard to accent your room’s décor with your personal style.

To make the right choices, it’s prudent that you know different types of rugs.

The Four Different Types of Manufactured Home Rugs

What are piles, to begin with?

In rug making, piles are used to describe the way manufacturers use different fibers to weave the rug.

The yarn is normally cut or looped to a specific length and then twisted in such a way that it stays in the same place. A pile begets a texture.

As a result, rugs are categorized based on the style of their pile. There are piles that will hide dust, those that will give you trouble to clean, and others that will wear and track down faster.

That’s why you should consider the type of pile the carpet has before buying. Here are the types of piles:

1. Cut pile rug

Cut piles come with straight strands that have been cut and twisted.

For that reason, these carpets possess a soft texture that allows you to see vacuum streaks and footprints.

This category of rugs is subdivided further into three subcategories:

Twist pile (mainly referred to as frieze)

Every cut pile rug features twisted yarn that provides protection against wear as well as creating texture.

Typically, more twists mean more lifespan or better durability.

The frieze subcategory is one with very long and profound strands.

Textured category

These rugs feature strands with a variety of lengths.

This style creates a feeling of variety and depth.

They tend to be moderately durable, hence are preferred for high traffic floors.

Saxony, plush, or velvet category

This style features strands that have been trimmed off at the top so they end up poking up.

Saxony plush is the most popular style in the category, it features short densely packed tufts that give the rug a thick look.

It doesn’t wear easily, so it’s preferred for high traffic floors.

2. Level loop pile

These rugs have their yarn glued on both two sides so that all strands have the same height.

While they may be appropriate for a high traffic floor, the appearance tends to be way too informal.

They, however, are stain-resistant and often feature some form of cushioning.

3. Berber rug

The Berber rug features complete loops of yarn that stand upright to create a nubby texture.

They are less likely to shed or tuft with time, so they wear better than cut-pile rugs.

The term ‘Berber rug’ initially referred to hand-woven rugs made in the Berber dominated region in North Africa.

What we buy today in stores can be considered to be faux Berber rugs because they are machine-made and are made from synthetic materials.

4. Pattered loop pile

These rugs use a variety of colors varying heights to create interesting textures and designs.

3 Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Rug For Your Manufactured Home

Factor # 1: The Size Of The Rug

You want a rug that fits the area of your floor that you want to be covered.

The smallest rug in the market would probably measure 2” W X 4” L while the largest is in the region of 8” W X 10” L.

Factor # 2: The Material Of Construction And Allergic Reactions

Rugs with formaldehyde-infused fabrics are notorious for causing allergic reactions in pets and humans.

That’s why rugs often come labeled ‘low VOC’ (volatile organic compound) meaning they contain very little or no allergy-inducing synthetic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

But that’s only for those that actually don’t contain those compounds.

If you can’t see the low VOC label on a rug, consider switching your focus to environmentally friendly rugs which tend to be made from naturally produced hypoallergenic materials like sisal, hemp, and cotton.

Note that all synthetic materials are not allergens. Carpets made from Nylon fibers are just as safe as those made from Polyester.

Manufacturers make heavy use of synthetic fibers because of their excellent resistance against dust mites; these bugs thrive so well in natural fabrics.

You might need to conduct a lot of research on this to apart the safe and unsafe materials.

Factor #3: Cost vs Purpose

  1. What are you looking for in the rug?
  2. Is the cost worth it?
  3. Can you get a cheaper alternative that’s just as good as what you wanted?

Four Manufactured Home Rug Recommendations

1. Best Machine Washable Rugs

You can wash these rugs using your machine:

Well Woven Nile Tarifa Vintage Bohemian Medallion Floral Border Red 5 ft. x 7 ft. Area Rug

This rug combines an elegant medallion pattern, contemporary colors, a wood-floor-safe-backing, and durable construction that is perfect for the floors that come with most modern manufactured homes.

Made of 100 percent Chenille Polyester, it is impressively fade and stain-resistant.

It is machine washable although restricted to only front load and in air dry flat mode.

The edges are serged to boost its durability. The fabric is both pet and kid-friendly.

If you are a busy homeowner, you might want to try out this rug in your manufactured home.

Well Woven Machine Washable Posh Lateren Eclectic Vintage Rustic Floral Blush/Black 5′ x 7′ Area Rug

This rug comes from Well Woven’s Posh Collection and combines gorgeous florals, Southwestern patterns, soft colors, durable construction, and wood-floor-safe backing.

It is machine washable although restricted to front load and in air dry flat mode.

The serged edges complement the durability provided by quality construction.

However, it is recommended that you accompany it with a rug pad to prevent sliding and shifting and also extending the lifespan by a few more years.

2. Best Rugs If You Got An Allergy (and if you looking for an eco-friendly rug)

Are you prone to allergic reactions when exposed to certain fabrics?

You need a rug made from materials – whether natural or synthetic – that passed allergy tests.

Install one of these rugs in your manufactured home:

Lorena Canals Bereber Black/ White 4′ 8″ x 6′ 7″ Washable Rug

Lorena Canals are known for their eco-friendly rugs made from hypoallergic materials.

This is one of their hypoallergic rugs made from 100 percent polyester.

The dyes used to print the surface are also eco-friendly and hypoallergic.

The best part is that it is washable – no fading and no fabric disintegration.

It is actually ATEX certified for compliance with pet and human safety standards.

This rug is remarkably lightweight, can be moved easily, and can be combined with most floor elements to create a cozy, warm, and healthy atmosphere.

iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat, Extra Long Bath Mat Made of Natural Bamboo, Eco-friendly, Light Brown, 61 x 182 cm Rug

If you have been looking for the best eco-friendly and hypoallergic rug best for your kitchen or bathroom, this is one of the best options you can choose.

It is also elongated enough to look great in the hallway.

What sets it apart from most other eco-friendly hypoallergic rugs is the material of construction – it is made from enhanced and water repellant bamboo.

Unlike most wood substrate-based rugs that are prone to slipping, you will have a good time walking on this Bamboo rug without the risk of slipping and falling.

The natural look of bamboo is aesthetically pleasing.

The guys at West Elm have a huge collection of the most diverse natural fabric carpets that would great for both your eco-friendly and hypoallergic needs.

Lorena Canals have a bunch of similar products on Amazon.

3. Best affordable and snugly rugs

Sometimes you just want to have the fluffiest yet affordable rug.

Comfortable rugs are the best if you love to spend most of your time on the floor either reading a novel or killing time with your pet.

Here are some nice snugly and cheap rugs perfect for a mobile home:

ACTCUT Super Soft Indoor Silky Smooth Fluffy Anti-Skid Shaggy Area 4- Feet by 5- Feet (Grey) Rug

The fibers on this rug are finely packed close together to create one of the fluffiest surfaces you can every bring in your home.

It is very much like a bath mat but its thinner and spongier.

Measuring about 47 cm X 63 cm and made from soft synthetic materials, it is the ultimate rug you’d add on your floor during the winter season.

It is machine washable although you can still choose to wash by hand and experience no trouble with it because it is lightweight.

The rug measures 4.5 cm at its thickest point, meaning you can use it as a Yoga mat when children are not playing on it.

Rainlin Shag Collection Soft Faux Silky-Smooth Sheepskin Fluffy Grey 5.3 x 6.6ft rug

This rug feels like sheepskin.

It is a cozy shag area rug ideal for both contemporary and traditional rooms. That’s because it is capable of dampening noise while still warming the bare cold floor.

The versatility is commendable – you can install it in the children’s room, living room, bedroom, and any other dry surface that you wouldn’t dare to step on with bare feet. This rug is among a small crop of truly handmade fine fabric comfy rugs.

As you would expect from any fluffy rug, it is prone to dust accumulation. And because the fabric finely raised, vacuuming isn’t particularly a good idea.

4. Best Large Floor Rugs

Sometimes you want a large rug that would cover at least the 8” x 10” triangle of your floor.

It is possible to get a rug that covers your entire floor but that’s only possible if you take the measurements to your carpet supplier. Below are some large size rugs excellent for mobile homes:

Oriental Weavers of America Harper 8”W x 10”L Multicolor Indoor Geometric Farmhouse/Cottage Area Rug

This rug comes in a range of measurements from the small 4”W x 6″ L to the largest 10”W x 13”L – the larger version can cover a big portion of floors found in most modern manufactured homes.

The beautiful Harper’s warm and inviting colors would complement the hardwood floor just perfectly.

The height is just 0.3″ which ensures that you have an easy cleaning time while being just the ideal height to prevent cold from penetrating from beneath.

The luxurious 100 percent heat-set polypropylene is machine woven to guarantee quality and long life. Sadly, this rug is shipped with just a single finish.

Mohawk Home Jeslynn 8 x 10 Multi Indoor Floral/Botanical Area Rug

This rug comes in a range of measurements from the small 2″ W x 4″ L to the largest 10″ W x 13″ L.

The version with the largest dimensions can cover about 1/3 of your floor even not more.

Mohawk claims this carpet was made from recycled plastic bottles – the only thing we can confirm is that it is impressively comfortable multi-layered (mainly recycled synthetic fibers) rug.

The color combinations and patterns on the surface are attractive to the eye.

The maker avails it in three finishes: multi, oyster, and mustard.

If you are looking for a way to a radical style to your floor or give it a luxury-like feel without spending so much, you might want to try this carpet.

Mohawk Home Leaf Point Multi 8 x 10 Brown Indoor Border Vintage Area Rug

This is yet another mammoth rug from Mohawk Home with dimensions of 8” W X 10” L.

It is actually offered in a range of measurements, the smallest being 2” W X 3” L.

The larger version, however, is the perfect option for large size floors. The timeless style of antique stained glass moves away from the usual floral style found in other Mohawk Home’s rugs.

It is woven with Mohawk Home’s own exclusive premium Permastrand® fiber which offers the durability you want in a carpet.

However, the maker ships it in just one finish – brown.

If you are looking for a rug that can protect your floor and still feel warm and snugly under the feet, you might want to try out this rug.

Six Online Specialized Rug Retailers

There are two places you can buy a fine rug: general homeware retail stores and specialized rug stores.

Generalized homeware stores, the likes of Home Depot, Wayfair, and Lowe’s, lacks focus because they deal with an array of many different products. But that doesn’t mean rugs from these stores are in any way undesirable.

Specialized rug stores, on another hand, deal exclusively in rugs and sometimes actually manufacturer them.

They include Ralph Lauren, West Elm, and William Sonoma.

Because you already are familiar with the likes of Amazon and Lowes, here is a few specialized rug stores you probably didn’t know existed:

1. ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home is known to be the promised land of the industry’s top designers – they flock there. As a result, the company has established itself as a leading provider of high-quality rugs. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or vintage styled rug, this retailer will have the right option available for you.

2. Serena & Lily

Are you after beach-inspired rugs? Go to Serena & Lily. Their striped, solid, and vintage-styled rugs will your floor that Californian or Caribbean vibe you are looking for. Plus, their prices are remarkably affordable for an average mobile homeowner.

3. Ralph Lauren Home

Ralph Lauren are known for their excellent leather. Their homeware subsidiary deals in some pretty good carpets for any style of home.

Remember that Lauren has been in the industry for over 50 years – that’s a lot of years of experience.

So, rest assured that every carpet you will buy from them was manufactured with the right expertise.

4. Ben Soleimani

Turkish rug makers have a reputation of emphasizing detail and producing some of the industry’s best rugs.

Ben Soleimani delivers just that – the finest Turkish-made rugs you could lay your hands on.

Some of them can be incredibly costly, but if you will understand after looking at the styling, materials, and quality. Some of the products in the store are sourced from Pakistan and Morocco.

5. Dash & Albert

Affordable prices and high style is the best I can describe Dash & Albert offerings. Their products range from classic indoor designs to cotton-based modern designs.

Although the company isn’t as old in the industry as its peers – Dash & Albert began business in 2004 – their products are at par if not ahead of their rivals.

They have also been into socially responsible practices lately. As a consumer you love to see it.

6. One Kings Lane

Whether you are looking for traditional Moroccan rugs or something more contemporary, One Kings Lane offers all of them. They have one of the most diverse rug inventories on the web.


Whether you are shopping for a rug to improve the décor of your manufactured home of you want to have something between your cold floor and your feet, it is important to consider the cost, material of construction, and size.

You might also want to consider the health factor as some materials could cause you allergic reactions.