Should You Downsize Your Bed to a Smaller Size??

Maybe you’re moving into a small space or looking for ways to create more floor space.

Regardless of your reasons, downsizing your bedroom can help you achieve your goals.

However, if you’re used to sleeping on a big bed, you may wonder whether moving to a small bed makes sense.

So, Should You Downsize Your Bed to a Smaller Size?

Moving to a smaller bed when you are used to sleeping on a big one can be pretty unpleasant. However, you may want to consider a small bed for many reasons. For instance, some people downsize to a small bed when they finalize their divorce. Others do it because when they move to a small apartment.

Generally, it is not advisable to downsize into a small bed. If the reason is not that important and you can do it with a big bed, there is no need to change it. For instance, if you are downsizing because of space, rest assured there are many creative ways to create spaces for other things and organize your bedroom into a tidy place. If you want to switch to a small bed because you’ve divorced, remember that so many people comfortably sleep alone in a big bed.

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Five Ways To Downsize to a Smaller Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the rooms that collect many items, including boxes with memories, outdated clothing, and other things.

Thankfully, there are several practical ways you can downsize your bedroom without messing with its functionality.

1. Make Piles of Your Clothes

Remove all the clothes in your dressers, closets, and hampers and pile them on the floor. This will help you know how you have, which makes downsizing easier.

With all the clothes assembled, it’s time to start organizing. Divide them into three categories, i.e., those you will keep, those you will donate, and those you will toss.

To do this quickly, separate all your clothes and see what is unnecessary.

2. Organize Your Clothes

Now you have three groups of clothes. For the ones you will toss and donate, don’t worry about them first. Focus on the ones you plan on keeping.

You need to think about the different clothing and their functions. For instance, you can store clothes you use on specific occasions in clothing-safe bags and store them far away.

Remember you need a few clothes in your closet to prevent cluttering.

After, think about the clothes you want to donate. We understand that saying goodbye to the things you love can be hard, even when you aren’t using them.

But there is no point in keeping clothes that you aren’t wearing. If you don’t want to donate, you can opt to sell them and get some extra cash. Many online sites take used clothes and resell them at a profit.

3. Store Things in Your Wardrobes and Dressers

Many people confine themselves to storing their clothes in closets. But some old apartments usually don’t have closets.

In that case, you can opt to hang them in wardrobes or fold them and store them in dressers. But when buying a wardrobe, you need to remember that size matters.

If your room is small, choose a compact wardrobe that won’t occupy much space.

4. Convert the Space Under the Bed as Storage

The good thing about downsizing is that it helps you think creatively about ways to store your things.

If you don’t have a closet and a budget for buying a wardrobe or a dresser, you may store your stuff under the bed. Most people forget about this place, but it is a usable space.

Buy organization units or drawers that fit under the bed and use them for storing sunglasses, clothes, and other things that can fit.

5. Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture can help keep the bedroom free of clutter. When shopping for one, look for furniture with different functions.

This way, you can downsize your bulky furniture and concentrate on keeping your space tidy.

Some multi-purpose furniture pieces include;

  • A bed with shelving units and under drawers for displaying personal items
  • Desktop dressers with several drawers to hold your things
  • A loft bed

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How Can You Downsize Your Bed and Mattress?

The mattress and furniture in your bedroom occupy the most space. If you are downsizing, start by changing the size of these two.

Doing that can help you maximize your limited space.

Next, think about your bed. Although it is generally not a good idea to downsize to a smaller bed, sometimes the circumstances call for it.

If you have a king-size bed, think of shifting to a queen-size bed, and if you are not over 6 feet tall, you may find a full-size bed a worthwhile investment.

This is designed to accommodate two adults of average shape and size.

Alternatively, you may choose not to use a typical bed.

You can opt for a futon instead of a traditional mattress. When you are not sleeping on the futon, you can fold it and use it as a sofa.

You can also buy a day bed to allow more space at night and slide the other bed to use the twin one as a sofa.

Some people also purchase wall beds as they are completely foldable. Or you can opt for a sofa bed designed with great sides to offer comfort and durability.

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Five Ways To Save on Bed Space

If your bedroom is small, there are several ways you can save valuable space.

1. Buy A Bed With Built-in Storage

Beds designed to lift up can give you more storage space under and inside. Alternatively, you can buy a bed with storage drawers.

2. Switch To Sliding Doors

A sliding or pocket door on your closet, bathroom, and other doors in the bedroom save some space. Having one eliminates the need for a door to swing open into the bedroom when you open it.

3. Invest In A Hideaway Bed

The size of your bed matters when choosing a bed for your bedroom. A hideaway bed can be hidden to create more space when you aren’t sleeping on it.

Consider a foldaway bed if a wall bed doesn’t sound good to you.

4. Choose The Right Furniture

Be selective about which furniture you purchase in your room. Always aim at pieces that allow you to save space while making your bedroom beautiful and functional.

For instance, you can buy mounted end tables and headboards with built-in shelves on the sides to save on space. We recommend you choose versatile furniture.

That way, you won’t need to invest in a different piece for a particular task that can be accomplished with the furniture you’ve already bought.

5. Organize Your Bed

You can use designated containers to get more room. Plus, these containers help you find things quickly.

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Final Words

Generally, it isn’t advisable to downsize to a smaller bed. A big bed offers various benefits, including plenty of sleeping space.

However, some situations may force you to change to a small bed. If that is the case, opt for a comfortable, functional small bed.