What Should You Do If a Spider Runs Under Your Bed? (FOUR THINGS)

Spiders are dangerous little creatures. There is no specific climatic zone where they are endemic.

It turns out there are species of spiders everywhere. If your house is near bushes, it is not uncommon to find them crawling into the rooms.

So, What Should You Do If a Spider Runs Under Your Bed?

Calm down and locate it. It would help if you ousted it with ultimate care. Different people have different phobia levels. Some folks will shut that room and sleep in another room.

Four Things to Do If a Spider Runs Under Your Bed

1. Calm Down

Do not panic. Some folks, when scared, jump out of bed which poses even more danger.

You could end up being hit by an object or slipping on the floor. Instead, you need to calm down and move out of bed, and you seek to find ways of ousting the spider out of the bedroom.

2. Get Some Help

You may fail in ousting the creature all by yourself. Spiders are known to panic as well when scared. And if they do, it might prove challenging to get them.

Call for some help from someone in the house. If you are alone, do not mind. You can still handle it.

3. Open The Doors and Windows

If you fail to kill it on the pot, it is a good idea to open the doors and windows to let it out. Do not open windows and doors that lead to other rooms.

If it finds its way into the kitchen, it will be difficult for you to pinpoint the exact hideout.

Spiders are masters of disguise and can hide in tiny spaces only to surface when they feel there is no more threat.

4. If You Kill It, Clear Off Body Remains

In the event you kill the spider, make sure that you clear off its remains and discard them safely outside the building.

Leaving any traces of its body behind will make your bedroom stink pathetically.

How Can You Kill a Spider in The House?

1. Spray with Insecticides

If spiders are becoming a nuisance in your home, you can use insecticides to destroy them.

All you have to do is spray the doorways and windows regularly to ward them off. Spiders love building webs in these specific areas.

2. Squish The Spider

It is more technical as it involves coming head-on with the spider. And it only happens when you spot one in one of your rooms.

You can use tissue paper to grab and squish it.

Another common approach is where you use a shoe to smash it against the floor or the wall. It is a quick method, but it requires you to be within arm’s reach of the spider.

You must, therefore, execute the task with precision and ultimate care.

3. Use Pest Control Bombs

It is a suitable method to eliminate unwanted pest populations over a large area.

It eliminates spiders as well. All you have to do is close your home and stay away for a while.

It is a precision method that deals a deadly blow to spiders alone and other pests lurking in the house.

Since pest control bombs kill every living creature in the designated area, you should keep pets and kids off the home. Only return when it is safe.

4. Vacuum Up the Spider

You can use a strong vacuum to clear the spiders and their eggs off the house. After vacuuming up the spiders, empty them. For this job, we recommend using a vacuum with easy-to-remove vacuum bags.

7 Ways to Prevent Spiders from Encroaching Your Home

1. Tidy Your Home Often

Like other pests, spiders like building webs in dirty places.

They love places where they can hide. So if your home is dirty, there is every chance it is a welcome signal for spiders to raid.

Clean off all trash and debris from all rooms.

2. Remove Stuff from Under the Bed and Other Furniture

Many people love stashing items under the bed and other furniture like tables and chairs. You fail to realize that you are creating a hiding place for pests like spiders.

If, for instance, a spider finds its way under the bedroom full of items, it will prove not very easy to oust it.

Make sure that the underside of the bedroom is clean. Do not pile up items down there. And if you do, frequently remove and clean them.

3. Turn Your Bed into an Island

Turning your bed into an island means minimizing the number of access points to your bed from the wall. You can pull your bed about 8 inches away from the wall.

It will make it difficult for a spider to crawl down the wall onto your bed.

4. Remove Plants From the Room

Spiders move in search of bugs and other small insects like aphids and termites.

They feed on such small animals. Well, plants attract these insects. In no time, spiders will invade your rooms as they hunt for their prey.

Keep them off by taking all plants out of the rooms.

You can choose not to have plants in the house or routinely take them out of the rooms, especially at night.

Spiders love hunting at night when their prey is less active and unsuspecting.

5. Keep Your Thermostat Down at Night

One unique thing about spiders is that they do not like cold. Turning you’re A/C down at night can prevent them from infesting your home.

A cool bedroom deters them from lurking around the night.

6. Set Traps Near the Bed’s Legs

Many types of pest traps can work well when dealing with spider menace in the bedroom.

All you have to do is strategically place these traps near the bed’s legs, where they are likely to scale your bed.

You must dispose of them in the morning to avoid ruining the bedroom’s smell with rotten animals.

7. Put Some Chestnuts in The Bedroom

Unknown to many people is the fact that chestnuts keep spiders at bay.

The smell of chestnuts scares them away, and they will never crawl near the bedroom again.

Final Words

A spider is a dangerous animal. Certain spiders have deadly venom that can cause skin diseases.

It can even cause severe tissue damage. It would help if you did all it takes to keep them at bay.

Ensure that you secure your bedroom from pests’ infestations since you may not quickly notice their presence at night.

It is vital to master tips on handling one if it finds its way into the bedroom.