Should You Put A Bed In Front Of An Air Conditioner? (EXPLAINED)

During summer hotter months, sweltering temperatures can persist late into the night, denying you a good night’s sleep.

If you struggle to drift off in summer, installing a good quality air conditioner can offer the relief you need to stay comfortable during the day and get a good night’s sleep.

In this regard, Should You Put Your Bed In Front Of An Air Conditioner?

NO. This is vitally important considering that cold air being dumped directly on your body and head can cause health problems. Besides, although air conditioners are not the noisiest appliances, the noise they produce can also be detrimental to your sleep quality.

Where Should You Place Your Air Conditioning Unit In The Bedroom

Air conditioning is the go-to solution for heat problems at homes.

Many homeowners love air conditioners because they regulate room temperatures effectively, efficiently, and cost-effectively as long as they are conveniently positioned.

So, where should you install your air conditioner for the much-needed respite during hotter months?

When it comes to installing air conditioners in bedrooms, it is strongly discouraged to position the unit at the head or end of your bed.

Instead, you should install your air conditioning unit to the left or right of your bed.

The idea is to ensure the cold air is not directly blown on you as you sleep — the calming air from air conditioners can be too breezy and cause dry lips, dry throat, headaches, and other health complications.

Even worse, if you don’t clean your air conditioning unit regularly, it will release air concentrated with moisture and germs, which can cause allergies.

Additionally, with your bed in front of an air conditioner that is blowing air out, you will feel as though something is pressing you down, consequently making you feel unsafe.

If you are a poor sleeper, the humming of an air conditioner can also harm your sleep quality.

Five Bedroom AC Positioning Considerations

Choosing the right location for your air conditioning unit is as important as having the unit itself.

Here are some things to put into consideration when installing an air conditioner in your bedroom.

1. Cold Air Should Not Blow Directly Onto Your Bed

While it can be tempting to install your air conditioner such that it sends the cold breeze directly onto the bed for the most cooling effect, the bad news is that this cold air does more harm than good.

The breeze can make you too cold and potentially induce other issues like dry skin, dry lips, headaches, and allergies.

In the long term, this cold breeze can be a serious health hazard, something that you don’t want.

The best way to prevent all these probable issues is by placing your air conditioner such that it does not blow directly onto the bed.

For the most part, this means having the unit to the right or left for your bed and at an ideal height.

2. AC Height

The primary reason for having an air conditioner in your bedroom is to keep your space cool, especially during summer.

However, when it comes to installing the unit itself, there is much more to consider than its functionality.

For instance, the filters of your air conditioning unit will need to be cleaned every few months.

That said, when installing an air conditioner, be considerate and install it at a sensible height.

The idea is to ensure you or the technician can conveniently reach the unit whenever there is a need to service it or replace old/damaged components.

You don’t want to lose a skilled technician because they could not reach your air conditioning unit the last time they visited to clean it.

Typically, an air conditioner should be installed at 7 -8 feet for the best cooling performance and hassle-free maintenance.

3. The Air Conditioner Should Not Be Exposed To Heat

For obvious reasons, air conditioners (and all types of coolers) should not be installed in a location that receives heat.

Any heat, no matter the source, will cause your AC to work harder than usual, which can drastically shorten its lifetime.

By forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder, the heat will indirectly cause your energy bills to spike.

4. Air Conditioner Should Not Be Installed Above The Door

Opening and closing your bedroom door can cause temperature imbalances.

If you have installed your air conditioner near or above the door, the imbalances created by opening-closing may force your AC unit to work harder, consequently consuming more energy.

For optimal performance, find an ideal location for your AC unit away from the door and to the side of your bed.

Another reason to avoid placing your AC unit above the door is the door could knock the air conditioner down.

Be keen to install your air conditioning unit in a position that allows for even cooling.

What Makes A Good Bedroom Air Conditioner?

A bedroom air conditioner is only worth it if it creates a cozy environment for you to drift off easily and sleep well.

Consider the following tips to select an AC unit that will allow you to sleep wonderfully:

1. The Right Size

In most cases, a small to medium-sized AC unit will work for your bedroom. However, the right unit for your bedroom will depend on the room’s size.

Thankfully, most units in the market come with space recommendations. Your contractor can also help you select the best AC for your bedroom.

2. Noise

The quietness of any bedroom system is crucial, and for your bedroom, you need the quietest air conditioner.

Although the buzzing of an air conditioner is not as distracting, you need to be cautious when making a choice.

Typically, sound intensity is measured in decibels, and most units nowadays come with the sound power level indicated in the user manual.

For an AC that will go into the bedroom, look for the lowest possible number of decibels.

3. Inverter Systems

For your bedroom, it is best to install an inverter system, so it does not run at full capacity all the time. An inverter system can help you save power bills.

4. Remote Control Option

This is simple. You want an AC system that you can operate from your bed.

5. Timer

When buying an AC for your bedroom, it is best to invest in a unit with a sleep timer.

This is important because our bodies naturally cool down after falling asleep.

Of significance, if you have a tiny bedroom, it is a good idea to adjust the diffusers so as to divert the airflow.