Is It Good to Put a Desk in Front of a Window? (4 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT)

Whether you are experiencing space constraints or love to gaze at the outdoor scenery, a desk in front of the window is a real temptation.

Think of all the natural light and breeze pouring indoors through the windows. You want to take advantage of all these and set up a cozy workplace.

But, Is It Good To Put A Desk In Front Of A Window?

Well, it depends. BY the Window? – Absolutely; FACING your Window – No.

Putting your desk directly in front of the window is undesirable for two major reasons.

Firstly, it is bad for your productivity as you’re likely to spend more time gazing at the activities taking place outdoors. Secondly, this isn’t particularly the most comfortable setup you’d want to work with.

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put A Desk In Front Of The Window

Here are more reasons why a desk in front of the window would be bad for your productivity:

1. Excessive Sunlight

Unless you plan to use your window-side workstation to read a magazine or books, the outdoor light flooding into the room via the windows will make it near impossible for such electronics as computers.

Sunlight will be brighter than your laptop’s/desktops screen even on the least sunny day of the year.

You don’t want to strain to read what’s on your computer screen. If you have tried it before, you know the headache and eye strain the whole experience brings.

2. The View Can Be A Distraction

The likeliest reason you’d bring your desk close to the window is to enjoy the beautiful view it offers.

Who doesn’t enjoy the view of the setting sun?

However, this can also be a reason why you should shelf the idea of a desk in front of the window.

The view beyond the window is a distractor and will mess with your concentration.

3. Your Back Will Be To The Door

While trying to set up a workstation in front of the window, your backside will likely face the door depending on the configuration of your room.

But we all dislike it when activities take place on our backs.

If you have small children or pets at home, or visitors that won’t just stop visiting, having to turn your head often to look back may cause neck strain which may progress into a stiff neck.

Not only does it afflict your neck but also goes further to hamper your productivity as well.

So what’s the solution to all these?

Start by positioning your desk in such a way that it is at a right-angle with your window, facing into the rest of the room or door.

This approach avoids the window glare but still ensures that the top of your desk is illuminated with natural light.

Also, it allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery but not as readily as you would if it were directly in front of the window.

This gives you the much-needed visual and mental breaks from whatever project you’re trying to complete on the desk.

Furthermore, being able to see the door without straining your neck adds to your comfort.

If your home is always buzzing with traffic, this approach can help prevent the distractions that come with having to be vigilant at all times.

4. The principles of Feng Shui says “No”

I had a neighbor who was rearranging her home office and she badly wanted the desk to face the window.

She couldn’t get enough of the ducks frolicking in the pond behind the apartment. She also hoped the new arrangement would bring the relaxation and peace of mind she yearned for.

Unfortunately, the direct opposite of her expectations happened – she never got peace of mind.

When you position your desk to face a window – whether at home or workplace – your individual Chi energy flows out through the window together with your dedicated attention instead of flowing into your work.

From the perspective of Feng Shui, things could get worse if it involves a business building.

A desk positioned to face an open window will ruin your business as it will cause you to miss all-important business opportunities.

The laws of Feng Shui forbids arranging your furniture to face away from the door.

So, by turning your rear side to the door that should welcome good things, you won’t know when great business Chi might come knocking on your door.

So What’s The Ideal Placement For A Window/Desk In A Workspace?

Consider the conditions of the room. Here’s are the factors to consider when setting up your workspace by your window-side:

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Sunlight does more harm than reduce the visibility of items on your computer screen.

For example, putting a desk and a computer close to the window exposes them to the extreme heat from the sun, something that may discolor their surfaces.

If you must put the desk in front of the window, go for a desk that can be easily pushed aside (one that slides on wheels).

Such a desk can be brought to the front of the window when very necessary.

2. Let it face the entrance

It goes unsaid that the easiest way to have a nice time working on your desk is to make it face the entrance.

As mentioned earlier, this arrangement helps reduce neck strain and may go a long way to attract your Chi – if you are a Feng Shui aficionado – to keep away bad luck.

3. Factor in the lighting conditions in the room

Lighting is everything when deciding where to establish a workstation.

While you should take full advantage of the natural light, too much of it can make it a bit hard to work on your desk.

The most recommendable distance from the window should be 5 feet but you can decide accordingly depending on the elevation of your home.

4. Consider the view

You want to position your desk in a calm and serene spot free from distractions.

Make concentration a priority.

If you can’t find a calm spot close to the window, install window treatments to reduce the view.

You can also install window treatments that can filter out much of the sunlight – start with a window film.

5. Consider the workflow

How often do you plan to use the desk? What kind of work do you plan to do on it?

This information is worth considering when positioning your desk.

You want a placement that provides maximum functionality especially if you plan to share it with others.

A lot of valuable time will be squandered if you have to keep moving between the desk and other areas of the room trying to get your work done.

6. Consider the daily habits in your workplace

Another factor to consider when setting up a workplace by the window is your daily habits at home.

Are you deprived of space that you have to keep moving items between the workplace and elsewhere to free up space for other tasks?

Is It OK To Put A Bed Against The Window?

Yes – you can put a bed against the window as you please, although there are a few things you need to get right if you want to have a sound sleep.

If you are into Feng Shui then one of the few feasible places you could place the bed is in the middle of the room.

DO NOT place the bed under your window if it will open frequently.

Open windows can be an annoyance especially if they can create uncomfortable drafts.

The best gamble for you would be to position it between two windows of any size.

If your bedroom or whole home is heated or air-conditioned year-round and you like to keep the windows closed, you don’t need to go with the rules of Feng Shui.

While at it, choose a position that suits the space and aesthetics of your bedroom.

For instance, you want it to blend with your furniture, décor, and general planning of the room.

Plan out your bedroom as a whole instead of individual parts to find the harmony you deserve.

It’s ultimately down to the bedroom’s space and the position you will feel most comfortable in.


Is it good to put a desk in front of a window? Well, it depends. By the Window? – Absolutely; facing your window? – No.

Putting your desk directly in front of the window is undesirable for two major reasons.

First, is bad for your productivity as you’re likely to spend more time gazing at the activities taking place outdoors.

Secondly, this isn’t particularly the most comfortable setup you’d want to work with.


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