Are Recliners Tacky? (The Five Types You Should Know About)

Recliners are important investments in the manufactured home. Known for their guaranteed comfort, recliners are the absolute resting assets for your back when seated.

They come with different reclining positions making it very comfortable to rest on while watching or simply relieving yourself after some busy engagements in day to day life.

They are available in varied types depending on the specific designs for each.

Owing to their complex design, recliners are expensive, and acquiring them requires some credible insights.

In this guide, we walk you through outstanding facts about recliners.

It is in our best interest to make sure that your manufactured home has the right equipment.

You can virtually make your home a small corner of paradise.

And we have compiled this report to guide you in that direction. Keep reading.

Are Recliners Tacky?

Yes. Most recliners are tacky. The extent to which they get tacky is largely determined by where you place them. If you set your recliners in a very casual room like a game room, for instance, they are less likely to get tacky. Our formal living rooms are stuffy. How much attention you give your recliners matters a great deal.

Three Tips for Selecting a Stylish Recliner

You want to make your home look appealing.

Selecting a first-class recliner style is one way to achieve that.

But what exactly do you have to look at when selecting the best recliner for your rooms?

Let’s walk you through top tips for acquiring a superb recliner.

1. Decorative Feet

Choose a recliner with beautifully decorated feet.

People have a varying choice of colors, though.

Just stick to the ones that will create a spectacular outlook of your room.

2. Concealed reclining mechanism

The reclining mechanism should be concealed by the material used to make it.

This also helps to ensure a perfect and color which contributes to its quality.

3. Concealed pockets

Most recliners have pockets where the user can put small items such as phones and pens.

Well, this is a nice feature but make sure that the pockets of your recliner are situated on the inside.

The Five Types of Recliners You Should Know

Recliners are available in many types.

Every recliner is designed with a unique feature to optimize the user’s comfort.

Should you intend to acquire some recliners for your manufactured home, it is important to have an idea of what you are about to install.

Here are reliable recliners you should know

1. The Rocker

The rocker is a quality recliner with varied reclining angles.

The user is allowed to make any adjustments to suit their comfort. It is often very cool to place it in your bedroom next to the wall.

2. Push Back Recliner

Simplicity is a sought after feature of recliners.

The Push back recliner is designed to allow you to bush it back as you sit on it.

Most pushback recliners however do not have a footrest and so you need to add it and enjoy a worthwhile rest on it.

The compact design makes it equally suitable if you intend to install it in a room with limited space.

3. Riser Recliner

The fact that the riser recliner is motorized makes it one of the most versatile recliners available.

The chair lifts upward when you want to dismount making it a super comfortable recliner.

It is especially very cool to handle someone with a disability or an elderly person in your manufactured home. It is ideal for sitting rooms

4. Hugger Recliner

If you have small rooms in your manufactured home, acquiring hugger recliners is a smart option.

The entire chair simply pushes forward. No backward sliding.

It will only require about 6 inches of space between the wall and the recliner.

If there is an individual with limited mobility in your home, this recliner will be suitable for them.

5. Power Lift Recliner

As you might guess, this recliner operates with remote controls that are attached to the chair.

It also has additional features such as USD outlets. And to maximize the user’s comfort, they have massaging features as well.

This recliner is perfect for relieving aches. It can be placed in the bedroom or the sitting room.

There are many other recliner options. Each one of them has unique features. What is common for all of them is that they offer maximum comfort and can be an ideal place to rest your body when in fatigue.

Recliners serve as perfect alternatives for beds in your home especially on hot sunny days.

Where Should I Place A Recliner In My Room?

Recliners generally need space for the user to rest on them with ease.

That’s why you need to place them some distance from the walls and other objects in the room.

If you intend to place it in a square-shaped room, for instance, you can place your recliner where some gaps or positions require additional seats.

Just create some space for you to adjust your recliner when you are using it.

Ideally, it would be a prudent idea to set the recliner chair to face such items in the room as the TV or the sofa.

You can also choose to position your recliner in the corner of the room where two walls meet. This can provide plenty of space to recline.

Remember you can angle your recliner depending on the size of your room. The organization and appeal of your room should not, at all, be compromised.

Recliners may not match the size of the sofa and you might be wondering how you can solve that.

Well, you can balance the small size of recliners with your sofas by placing a hutch or end table beside the recliner. This will make your room look smart and organized.

How Long Should My Recliner Last?

Recliners are heavy and expensive furniture. As such, you would expect them to last for a long time.

Replacements can be costly and you won’t want to experience that in your new home. Coming to recliners, if they are not handled with ultimate care, you may be surprised to realize they might not even last for two years!

With appropriate care, however, you can expect your recliner to last for a couple of years.

Some recliners can even last for a decade or more. The trick here is proper care.

One major factor that dictates the life span of your recliner is the model you have acquired. How frequently you use is another factor.

How you use it also matters.

If you throw yourself on the recliner, which happens, you expect the fabric to wear with continued use. How you position it will also dictate its durability.

Three Common Mistakes People Make With Recliners

There are some things that we do that may damage our recliners. Such mistakes can be identified and prevented to increase the safety and lifespan of our recliners.

1. Throwing Your Weight On The Recliner

To start with, there is this notion of people throwing themselves on recliners. Perhaps you’ve had a busy day and when you get home you want to catch some rest.

Sinking in your recliner can be a very relieving experience in such cases but you need to realize that throwing all your weight on the recliner poses potential damage to the recliner’s fabric.

With time, this can cost you expensive replacements.

Most recliners have built-in springs that serve as cushions. It is important to note that if you repeatedly throw all your weight on your chair, you contribute to its breakdown. How about you learn to bend a little and save your chair. It is worth it.

2. Eating Or Drinking On The Recliner

If you choose to eat on your recliner, do so with the utmost care. I know how we love to kick back and enjoy a refreshing meal at the comfort of an inclined recliner.

Well, while this is the position that offers optimum comfort especially when you are catching your favorite TV program, you pose your recliner a risk.

Drinks, for instance, can spill on the recliner and compromise the nature of the material. If you must drink and eat on your recliner, doing it carefully is good.

Better still, you can choose to finish up with your meals on the table and lean back on the recliner to catch some enriching rest.

3. Twisting And Turning On The Recliner

Twisting and turning on the recliner is, of course, what it was designed for. But overdoing it can pose a breakdown just as throwing yourself on the recliner does.

If your body weight exceeds more than 250 pounds, you don’t need to overdo the twisting and turning on your recliner. Just maintain it at normal. Otherwise, you might subject your recliner to the tension that’s too much for it to bear.

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This might sound like a crazy and prejudiced idea but you need to be real to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Recliners are great investments for your new home.

They are especially hailed for the maximum comfort they offer. Besides, they create a spectacular and professional appeal at home.

With recliners, you can boost your comfort and take your productivity to the next level. You need to be acquainted with all the above tips to secure yourself a nice recliner.

Proper handling and use are also some of the tips you shouldn’t ignore.