Are Above Ground Pools Trashy?

With enough room in your backyard, an above ground swimming pool can come in handy during the hot and humid summer months.

Membership at your local club or paying to use a public pool could set you back a significant amount of money.

So, Are Above Ground Pools Trashy?

The answer is NO because the advantages of owning an above-ground pool outweigh the drawbacks. It is a worthwhile investment for any size home and any budget and many people go for them.

Above ground, pools are not only inexpensive but also easy to maintain and manage. Let’s discuss the benefits and disadvantages of an above-ground system.

The Eight Benefits Of Above Ground Pools

1. Temporary Arrangement

Since above ground pools are compact and movable, you can put them up and take them down wherever you want.

It is as easy as putting up a tent to set up an above-ground pool.

Place it in a designated location, inflate it, and fill it with water.

On the other hand, a real swimming pool is a permanent structure.

When it is not in use, you cannot switch it or take it apart. When you need more room, you cannot move it or dismantle it.

Above ground  pools are straightforward structures that you can relocate from one location to another quickly.

2. Saves on space

Do you wish to have a pool next to your home, but do not have enough space?

Above ground pools will always come to the rescue in these cases.

They are available in various sizes, the smallest of which is designed for children and the medium designed for smaller spaces.

If you have a little more room, the larger above ground versions are available.

They vary from inground pools, which must be built as a permanent feature in a wide area.

Besides taking up less room, above-ground pools are also reusable, meaning you can dismantle them if you need more space for anything else.

They are extremely convenient and easy to fold store, and transport because of their space-saving capabilities.

3. Easy to install and reinstall

Digging, leveling, and insulating an in-ground pool are tasks best left for professionals to handle.

According to, an above-ground pool, on the other hand, is a do-it-yourself project, and building one is quicker and less labor-intensive.

Another advantage is that an above-ground pool has a low affect on your yard, and you can quickly remove it without thinking about the ‘scars’ it would leave behind.

In reality, if you want to, you can resell the pool or go with it when relocating.

4. Affordability

There is a significant price gap between inground and above ground pools.

Simply by going above ground, you can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Not only do you get to pay less for labor and supplies, but since they are not permanent fixtures, they are also not taxable.

In addition, if you want more features for your above-ground pool, the net cost is still significantly lower.

5. Easy to maintain

According to, pools that are above ground are simple to maintain and handle.

Unlike permanent pools, dirt and insects are less likely to enter the water in above ground ponds.

They are much smaller, making them easier to pick up and dispose of even though you have the normal blown-in leaves.

When compared to other forms of pools, pool maintenance can be a breeze.

It is also easier to put up a pool sheet, which keeps them cleaner for longer. Even if the pool walls or bottom are harmed, the repair cost is less compared to that of in-ground pools.

6. Adjustable size

Since above ground pools are portable, you can put them anywhere you like in your yard.

They often come in a variety of forms, heights, and depths.

You can swim laps or lounge on a float in a full-size pool while your kids play independently in a toddler pool.

As your children get older, you will increase the depth and size of your pool.

7. They are safer

Above ground pools are shallower and thus safer compared to i-ground pools, with lengths varying from between 48 to 52 inches.

They have a good grip around the edges to protect you from slipping, thus making it easier to get in and out of the pool.

In addition, since they are above ground, it is less likely that anyone, whether a child, pet, or even wildlife, will slip and fall into the water.

8. Privacy guaranteed

You will always have privacy in your backyard pool.

You are free to wear whatever type of swimwear you prefer without fear of being judged.

This is not always possible at public pools due to rules and regulations.

The Five Above Ground Pool CONS

Before buying an above-ground pool, it is essential to consider the following.

1. They look cheap

Above ground pools lack the elegant appearance of in-ground pools, far less the beauty of infinity pools.

Some versions resemble glorified kiddie pools or inexpensive hot tubs.

Installing wood paneling or surrounding them with garden plants and patio decorations will still enhance their appearance, but the overall effect will differ.

2. You may need a barricade or fence.

Though above ground pools are quick to set up and easy to maintain, you may need to fence them in if you have children or pets at home.

You can not leave the pool unattended because it is full of water.

Also, before building a pool at home, consult with your local government to see if there are any regulations on pool maintenance.

Some above-ground pool kits do not come with fences. You will need to purchase fencing separately to hold them upright, which may be a costly endeavor.

3. It can get damaged easily.

Above ground pools typically last between 10 to 15 years, but they can last another decade with good care.

Even so, the underground versions are just half as long.

Storms and snow, in particular, can wreak havoc on above ground pools’ linings and walls.

Nobody wants tens of thousands of gallons of pool water spilling into their yard, let alone the expense of cleaning it up.

4. Limited versatility

While you can add features like heating or custom lighting to your above ground pool, the design options are minimal.

The maximum depth is 52 inches, and the maximum width is approximately 41 feet.

Although you can still swim in it, it can feel more like splashing than swimming.

Not unless you are willing to invest in a highly customized wood deck, you will not be able to use features like a diving board on your above-ground pool.

5. Does not add value to a property.

This is because the pool does not look good as an in-ground pool and is not considered permanent additions to your property.

When selling your property, an above-ground pool will lower its value and limit the number of buyers available.

Since these pools are simple to remove, this is not a major issue.


This pool will save you the trouble of going to a public pool by providing you with greater comfort and privacy at a lower cost.

These pools are available for purchase on both the internet and in stores.

If the weather in your area prevents you from installing a full-fledged in-ground pool, an above-ground pool is a viable alternative.