Should You Put a TV in Front of a Window? (FOUR REASONS NOT TO)

TVs provide endless entertainment. If you just bought a new TV, you will probably figure out a suitable spot to hang it.

You may be tempted to put it near the window because this space may seems appropriate.

So, Should You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

Putting a TV in front of the window is not a good idea. And for all the right reasons. Firstly, staring towards a source of light when watching TV can have severe ramifications for your eyesight. It would be best if you considered alternative ways of putting your TV in a room that offers comfortable viewing.

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This article will help you understand why it is not the best option to put your TV in front of the window. We have also added alternative TV placement ideas.

The aim is to ensure that you make the best of your TV by hanging it where it fits. Let’s find out!

Four Reasons Why You SHOULD’T Put Your TV in Front of the Window

1. Eyesight Concerns

Putting your TV in front of the window, however, can bring a lot of problems to your eyesight.

You will have to strain your eyes to battle natural light.

Long-term exposure can cause blindness. It is perhaps the chief reason you should not watch your TV in the direction of light.

Watching your TV at an angle that gives your eyes fantastic body relaxation would be best.

Starring direct into the window will complicate this. In everything, always prioritize your health and comfort.

2. Your TV Will Block Sunlight

Everybody wants to try and let as much light into the room as possible.

Putting your TV set in front of the window will block light into the room. It decreases the amount of sunlight that gets into the room. Consequently, your room will have an off-balance light.

You must ensure that no obstacle can inhibit the entry of sunlight into the room. And your TV is not exceptional.

3. It Interferes with The Windows Operation

Setting a TV in front of the window prevents you from using the window’s full potential.

It becomes a hindrance around the window. For instance, it can prevent you from opening and closing the window.

4. Your TV Is Not Safe Near the Window

Depending on your window type, your TV can risk physical damage. Anything that breaks the window, whether outside or inside, can harm your TV.

If a strong wind or storm damages your window, there is every chance it can also damage your TV.

TVs are expensive electronic devices, and replacement is hectic and expensive if it breaks down.

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Where Else Should You Position Your TV?

If the spot near the window is not an option, you are probably pondering over alternative places.

This section will help you understand all alternative places where you can comfortably put your TV.

1. Do Not Put Your TV Directly Opposite the Window

The first thing you should keep at the back of your mind is that putting your TV directly across the window is not advisable, due to the glare.

It turns out light is a primary factor to consider when putting up your TV.

2. Choose A Spot Where the Sun’s Rays Vertically Hit the Roof in The Afternoon

We recommend placing your TV where the sun hits your roof in the afternoon.

This spot rarely receives direct sunlight in the room, making it ideal for your TV.

3. Choose A Neutral Light Where Light Will Not Be a Problem

Not all places in your room receive direct sunlight.

Such places are suitable for placing a TV depending on the arrangement of the house.

Of course, you cannot interfere with arranging your sofas and other stuff in the room.

That would cause you to interrupt the whole organization of everything in the house.

And it is pretty tedious and time-consuming to do so. It would help to plan everything when you first settle in the room.

Once you have identified a suitable spot, choose whether you want to use a wall mount or a table to set your TV. Even a raised cabinet can do the job.

4. The Spot Should Have Nearby Electrical Outlets

Once you have figured out that there is no sunlight interference, ensure there are electrical outlets nearby.

You do not have to run several wires in the room. If they crisscross the room, it becomes another problem. Apart from making you look disorganized, buying and installing them costs you a lot.

Another trick is the line one central power supply along the edge near the floor. Most homeowners have found this solution to be very satisfying.

More so because the cable will be less visible here compared to hanging them. You may need a professional to rewire your house. It is worth it.

5. Corners Are Also Suitable for TV Placement

Perhaps you should also consider putting your TV in a corner if you do not have an open wall. This placement angle the screen away from direct sunlight.

Another reason the corner is fit for your TV-it guarantees a vast viewership.

The market is awash with TV stands for corners.

It would be best if you had something to keep it firm, safe and visible from all seats in the room.

It should be raised high enough to ensure the visibility and security of your TV.

Where Can You Set A TV in A Bedroom with Windows?

If your bedroom has windows, getting the right spot for your TV can be tricky.

More so if it has more than one window.

You will go through a rough time trying to confront direct light. The big issue lies in assessing the size of your bedroom. From here, you can devise a way of installing your TV.

One thing about the bedroom is that you can have curtains to deal with the light issue first.

Invest in exceptional curtains that can completely block sunlight.

You want to customize how much light gets there to enjoy a comfortable view from the bed.

Please do not put your TV near the window as it is unsafe there.

Mount it on the wall or utilize a TV stand.

Of course, it should be directly opposite the bed to guarantee visibility and a great view.

A corner can also be ideal for putting a TV in the bedroom.

All you need is a suitable corner TV stand.

Final Words

Getting the proper placement for TVs has never been easy. The arrangement of stuff in the room and the direction of windows greatly determine where you should put a TV in your room.

As you have seen, it is not good to put it in front of the window because of eyesight issues and the safety of your TV, among other critical reasons.