Is It Tacky To Hang Your University Degrees On The Walls At Home? (Answered!)

Education is one of the most vital things in modern society. In this case, you might have attended school, graduated with your degree at hand.

You must know that having a degree is one of the greatest achievements in life that you should be proud of.

Maybe you are sitting at your couch, and you are wondering where you placed your degree:

These are some of the questions that many graduates ask themselves.

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So, Is It Tacky To Hang University Degrees At Home?

This question has led to a serious debate among many university graduates. In this article, you will get to understand some of the reasons why you should hang and why shouldn’t hang your degree at home.

Why should you hang your degree?

1. It encourages other people to get certified.

One of the most significant benefits of education is that it can inspire a significant number of people to follow the same path that you took.

As a result, when you display your degree in your home, other people might be curious such that they may ask you questions about the institution where you studied.

It can be a great honor to offer recommendations, especially for individuals who have not acquired any degree.

You might find it incredible that a small piece of paper can encourage other people to invest in education to better their lives.

2. Boosts your morale

Sometimes, work-life can be frustrating and stressful.

With a lot of conflicts, deadlines, inconveniences and pressure, it’s easy to forget how worthy you are.

When you experience such issues such that you feel that you have lost your path, you can stand up and look at your degree.

With just a glance at your degree, you will feel some sense of power. Remember feeling powerless in life can lead to low self-esteem.

You must know that we all need something which can boost our morale and your degree is the best tool.

3. Starts conversations

Apart from your co-workers asking about your schooling process, your degree can act as a funny conversation starter with visitors who come to your home.

The conversation can be between your clients, co-workers, friends, bosses and even strangers.

For instance, many people graduate from universities without even letting their employers know what they have accomplished.

If you are lucky, your degree can start conversations, which can lead to better job referrals. A significant number of people may not wish to be rude by asking you if you have a degree.

Therefore, seeing a well-displayed degree on the wall can offer reassurance about your educational background.

Additionally, if you have a new job or business, you may not have that you can show someone about your achievement.

As a result, showing your educational background can be the best strategy to attract potential employers before you have a portfolio that you can show off.

If you are lucky, your visitors can offer you referrals to prospective employers who can provide you with better pay, especially if you are not paid well on your current job.

4. Make your parents proud

Parents and guardians do contribute a lot, especially in financing the education of their children.

Consequently, they might wish to show off the achievement of their children.

As a result, they can decide to hang a framed degree in their living so that guests can see these vital documents hanged on the wall.

By doing so, parents would always feel motivated that their hard-earned cash did not go into waste.

Any time they see your degree displayed, they can use it even to encourage younger siblings to work harder so that they can also graduate, wear graduation grown. If you already have a good job, it even motivates them more.

How can you display your degree?

1. Get A Frame

All that you can do is go an extra mile by investing in a small frame.

The frame will protect your degree from damage and ensure that it continues to maintain its beautiful look.

After you have framed it, you can hang it somewhere in your living room, where it is highly visible.

2. Add A Photo Or Tassels

If you like, you can add your favorite photo to your degree to make it a unique addition to your house.

Additionally, if you want to hang your degree, you may wish to make sure that you hang it where you feel it cannot be crowded.

Typically, the degree frames that include space for pictures, graduation caps, and tassels tend to be larger than other photos you might have.

You can decide whether you wish to include other memorable items or pictures around your degree to make

The frame which you choose for your degree should be extraordinary, like the document itself.

Therefore, you should take your time in choosing one that can make your degree look incredible. In this case, you can access many shiny, black, gold, silver, contemporary look or cherry finish options.

3. Get A Stand

It would be best if you used the right mat, which can make your degree stand out.

In case you wish to hang your degree on a shelf or table, you must have a suitable stand.

Your framed degree can have some weight, therefore, you should lean it against something sturdy.

The best thing about displaying your degree on a shelf is that it is possible to place other vital items that you could not hang on the wall around it.

For instance, you can include your awards, trophies or favorite that you got while you were in college or university.

4. Add Some Keepsakes

Another way to make your degree classic is to use a vertical frame that includes your degree and your professional campus photos.

This can be a striking way to bring back your memories. Maybe the traditional method is not your style.

As a result, if you want to attempt something different and new, you can consider creating your customized look.

In case you are creative enough, you can start your idea from scratch by including any keepsakes and mementos that you wish.

Additionally, you can google for sites that offer customized framing to see if you can find any beautiful patterns that can match your needs.

5. Add Some Colors

You can also make your degree stand out by including some focus details.

In case you are designing a custom frame, you can add the colors of your campus as the highlighting or background color.

Deep mahogany and rustic brown wood color are some of the choices if you wish to make your frame more personalized.

6. Get It Engraved

You can also preserve your degree by having a laser engraved onto your thick frame.

Such a way will make your achievements look good and guarantee that only a few people have seen such kind of framing.

All you can do is ensure that your engraver has a high-resolution scan of your degree taken in good lighting.

Why SHOULDN’T You Hang Your Degree?

Although displaying your degree is highly beneficial, it is also not good to hang it at your home. Some of the reasons why you should not hang your degree are:

1. Identity Theft

In case you do not have any privacy, some people who come to your home might take advantage of your degree.

This is because some might capture the pictures of your degree or plan to steal it to use it for illegal activities.

As a result, they might create a fake certificate by using your details as a reference.

Remember, your degree contains a lot of information such as place of study, full name, titles and graduation year.

Although such information might look very little, it is good to know that such information can be combined for identity fraud.

Therefore, you should treat your degree as you would with your bank details, driving license and passport.

2. Kids

Conversely, if you have young children, they might be curious about the pictures you have hanged at your house. As a result, they might try to assess by throwing objects towards your framed degree.

Remember, many young children might not know the value behind the photos or degrees that you have displayed on the wall.

If they happen to access your degree while you are way, they might start to play with it. Consequently, your degree might be damaged.


Earning your University degree can be one of your most notable and vital achievements in life. If you decide to hang your degree in your home, you may wish to place it somewhere you think it offers your success the respect that you deserve.

Therefore, you should hang your degree if you are comfortable and you can avoid it if you are uncomfortable with this idea.

However, it would be best if you made your decision independently. You should know that if you have many degrees, you cannot hang them on your wall.

This is because if you have everything displayed, you can make them irrelevant.

As a result, you should choose about two or three degrees which you consider to be very relevant to your academic achievements.