Is It a Bad Idea to Shower with The Bathroom Door Open?

Whether cold or hot, showering has many incredible benefits.

It is a routine for most folks to shower daily.

You could be asking yourself whether it is the right thing to shower in an open bathroom or not.

So, Is It a Bad Idea to Shower with The Bathroom Door Open?

No. There is no problem with showering in an open bathroom. It all depends on the situation. For instance, it may look weird to shower in an open bathroom when you have guests in your home. Of course, you will need some privacy. But if you are alone in the house, it is well and fine. Or perhaps your spouse is in the place.  And trust me, there are many incredible benefits of showering with the bathroom door open. 

Five Benefits of Showering with The Bathroom Door Open

1. Utilizing Sunlight

In a well-lit home, it is prudent to leave your bathroom door open when showering. It allows natural light to go directly into the bathroom.

If you love a naturally lit bathroom, you can leave the door empty when taking a shower.

During winter and autumn, when natural light is hard to come by, homeowners should capitalize on every opportunity to use natural light.

You should ensure that all curtains and blinds are fully open before entering the bathroom.

The aim is to allow light projected by the sun to reach your bathroom and every part of the house.

2. Allow Steam Out of the Bathroom

Inevitably, steam builds up in the bathroom when showering. It is prudent to let this steam out to minimize the intensity of moisture in the bathroom.

It is crucial for people with respiratory ailments who are allergic to humid air. You have to let out steam and retain breathable air in the bathroom.

3. Security Reasons

Many people do not naturally feel safe and secure showering in a closed bathroom.

Such individuals would prefer to keep the bathroom door open for fear of the unknown. If you have this phobia, it turns out you are not alone.

Some homeowners build houses with bathrooms in an enclosed part of the building. It may, therefore, feel lonely, and it might not feel okay for folks with phobia.

4. If You Want to Talk to Someone Outside the Bathroom

If your partner or friend hangs around in the nearby room, you might want to talk as you shower.

You will be compelled in such a scenario to keep the bathroom door open to enhance audibility.

Maybe your spouse or roomie is doing some tidying work near the bathroom, and you want to get in tow as you enjoy that warm shower.

The only way to keep in touch is to open the bathroom door.

5. To Fan Off Odors

As you would leave your bathroom door after showering to fan off odors, the same applies when taking a shower.

It works well if you have not dried the bathroom after the last shower.

Your bathroom accumulates a lot of odors owing to intense moisture accumulation, and leaving the door open when showering allows this foul odor out of the bathroom.

You will need to leave the bathroom door open even after a shower for the same reason.

So why not leave it when taking a shower? If your primary concern is the humidifying effect, well, it turns out it may not be destructive as it seems.

Three Reasons To Shut the Bathroom Door

1. If You Have Kids and Pets Around

Kids ands pets are playful and can distract you when showering.

You need to keep them away from disturbing you. It is, necessary to shut the bathroom door behind you.

Please do not allow them into the bathroom, as they might get wet and disturb your warm shower.

2. If You Have Guests in Your Home

It feels weird if someone accidentally pops into the bathroom because you intentionally left the door.

To ward off your guests and avoid accidental straying into the toilet, you need to shut the door and enjoy your shower alone.

Privacy is vital in the home, especially where you live with kids and guests.

3. If You Notice an Impact On Your Electronics and Walls

Sometimes, water vapor from the bathroom circulates in the other rooms. Moisture is disastrous to electronics in the room and the walls.

It has an impact of causing peeling off of paint on the walls. It also jump-starts rusting on electronics and iron structures in the home.

Humidity spreads even faster if you shower in an open bathroom when the HVAC system is running.

It can suck a lot of moisture and circulate it in the room. It is prudent to leave the HVAC off when showering in an open bathroom.

What to Do When Showering in an Open Bathroom

1. Do Not Allow Water to Spit Outside the Bathroom

You are not ready to mop your rooms after a shower. So if you shower in an open bathroom, ensure no drop lands on the outside of the toilet. If it does, it will compel you to clean the next room.

2. Turn Off the Air Conditioning System

All air conditioning systems should be off when you shower in an open bathroom.

As mentioned earlier, HVAC can suck up humid air and steam from the bathroom and circulates it around the rooms to the detriment of structures and walls.

Moisture is not only disastrous to your electronic devices in the home but also the structure of the house.

You should try and avert potential problems. Turning off HVAC systems if you are showering in an open bathroom is prudent.

The number and distribution of your air conditioning systems dictate the impact of this effect in your rooms.

If your bathroom is far from one such system, you do not have to worry about humid air spreading to other rooms.

3. Do Not Entertain Pets and Kids

If kids and pets find their way into an open bathroom, they disturb you and wet the entire house. Kids and pets love playing with water and moving from one room to another.

Unless you are ready to execute some severe mopping and drying afterward, make sure that there are no kids around when you are showering.

Do not allow kids and pets into the bathroom, as they risk getting wet.

They will also interfere with your hot shower. And not to mention that they affect your privacy. At least know when to create some borderlines between them and yourself.

Final Words

As you have seen, it is comfortable and okay to shower in an open bathroom.

The bottom line is to ensure that you enjoy doing what you love most without compromising the functioning of other rooms.

Of course, you should evaluate whether there is any possible damage to every decision you make.