Is It Good To Have A Fire Hydrant Near Your Home?

A fire hydrant is a handy device to have near your home.

Basically, a fire hydrant is a connection point through which firefighters access the water supply in case of a fire hazard.

It is commonly found in public places, streets, and residential buildings.

So, Is It Good To Have A Fire Hydrant Near Your Home?

Yes, a fire hydrant is a crucial connection in case of a fire outbreak in your home or neighborhood. It is extra security in the event of a fire. The closer it is to your home, the less likely your property will suffer significant damage if it catches fire.

Five Advantages of Having a Fire Hydrant Near Your Home

There is plenty of reasons why you should be grateful that you have a fire hydrant near your home:

1. Safety Of Your Property

Firefighters need access to lots of gallons of water to put out a serious fire. In the absence of a fire hydrant, firefighters suffer a lot of setbacks in their line of duty.

It will be a great help if the fire trucks can access the water supply faster.

If your property is on fire, you are sure that the hoses will reach it.

In the countryside, fire hydrants could be a distance apart such that fire tracks will have to source water from alternative sources such as rivers, water pools, or large storage tanks.

In this situation, having a fire hydrant near your home indeed does help in case of a fire outbreak.

The absence of a fire hydrant delays the response time and will exhaust the firefighters.

2. Discounted Home Insurance Premiums

There are several factors that insurers put into consideration when calculating your property insurance premium rates.

One of those factors is the proximity to a fire hydrant or fire department.

Insurers like to hedge their risks and would use this information to assess the chances of paying out compensation in case of fire damage to your property.

The closer a fire station or a fire hydrant is to your property, the lower the risk of damage. And in such cases, insurance companies always lower the rates for their customers.

This is because the fire brigade will not waste time loading the fire trucks in case of fire calamity.

So, by the mere fact that you have a fire hydrant near your home, your premium rates are lowered.

3. Others Cannot Park In Front Of Your Home

Did you know that it is actually illegal for non-emergency personnel to park in front of a fire hydrant?

Car owners can be ticketed or have their cars towed due to this.

Needless to say, firefighters will do all that is possible to gain access to water.

This includes pushing your car out of the way, running the hose through your vehicle, or even smashing the windows to gain a clear passage.

So, having a fire hydrant near your home should keep your front yard accessible- free of cars.

4. Attractive To Potential Home Buyers

Most home buyers are looking for safety in their new properties, and most of the time, they will be proud to find a home with a fire hydrant nearby.

What is more, the insurance discount is quite attractive.

5. Bring Back Nostalgic Memories

Who doesn’t like to relive the good old days?

Perhaps you grew up seeing fire hydrants around your home or neighborhood streets. Having one around your home will help you reminisce about the good old days.

Also, if you are a retired firefighter, seeing a fire hydrant in front of your yard is a daily reminder of the sacrifices you made during your career.

Firefighters appreciate the importance of a fire hydrant and what best way to do it than to have it near your home.

Five Disadvantages Of A Fire Hydrant Near Your Home

Having a fire hydrant near your home is good news if you care about fire hazards. However, having a fire hydrant inside your yard comes with unique challenges.

1. It Limits Landscaping In Your Yard

A fire hydrant has limitations on what you can do around it.

Fire personnel needs leeway to access and operate the hydrant.

Although small flowers are permissible, they will likely be trampled during the inspection, and in case of fire calamity, they may be destroyed completely.

Also, during routine inspection and repair, the fire inspector may want to open the hydrant to ensure water flows properly.

Lots of water will flood your home yard, and most probably, it will destroy some of your pretty plants.

2. You Can’t Park In Front Of Your House

Okay, it is frustrating knowing that you have limitations on your property.

I mean, it is your property. However, this is a matter of safety.

Parking restriction is not only applicable to your neighbors but also to you.

3. Possible Injuries From The Fire Hydrant

There is a real chance of injury if a kid is trapped behind.

A fire hydrant pops out conspicuously in your yard, making it an attractive playing spot for kids.

During the emergency response, you can’t rule out possible injuries.

4. You Have No Right Or Control Over The Hydrant

The fire hydrant is not your property. Therefore, you have no right to how it is used.

The fire hydrant is a property of your city or county.

5. Color Coding On The Hydrant Can Fade

Hydrants are painted with specific colors to indicate water flow capacity. And just like any other material, the paint will fade or chip away.

Over time, the hydrant will lose its initial attractive bright coloring and become bothersome as it changes the landscape of your yard.

Four Things You Need To Know If You Have A Fire Hydrant Near Your Home

1. Maintenance Of The Area Around Fire Hydrant Could Be Communal

Depending on where you stay, some cities have delegated the responsibility of maintaining the hydrant area to the homeowner.

The homeowner might be responsible for keeping the lawn mowed or shoveling snow away from the hydrant.

2. Fire Hydrants Have Color Codes That Indicate Water Flow Capacity

You should be aware of the color code of your hydrant.

Fire hydrants painted red indicate a flow capacity of below 500 gallons per minute, GPM, while fire hydrants painted blue have a flow capacity of 1500 GPM or more.

3. Fire Hydrants Should Be Inspected Once Per Year

Inspections usually don’t cause inconvenience and should not affect your routine work.

Inspections are critical to avoid future malfunctions.

4. The Fire Hydrant Is Unlikely To Be Relocated

Before you buy a property with a fire hydrant, it is good to know that most cities are not willing to relocate a fire hydrant.

Final Words

A fire hydrant is a crucial component of fire and rescue services.

It is used to supply water for firefighting.

Having it near your home is valuable as it makes it possible to wrestle fire calamity in good time.

Besides, there are other incredible benefits of having a fire hydrant close to your home, as highlighted in this article.