Should You Leave The Outdoor Christmas Lights On All Night?

Christmas  is the best for strolls in the neighborhood.

One thing common are Christmas string lights on various homes and yards. These lights can bring anyone into the mood.

So, Should You Leave The Outside Christmas lights On All Night?

Well-lit lights create a beautiful ambiance, but if left unattended, they can turn out dangerous. Before leaving the lights on all night, check the label to confirm if the bulbs and wattage can manage to illuminate your home all night. Generally, it is advisable to turn them off when going to sleep and have no one to tend the lights.

Three Negative Effects Of Leaving Christmas Lights On All Night

Leaving lights on overnight has several potential risks attached. Here are some of the effects of having Christmas lights on all night.

1. Short-Circuiting

Nothing is annoying like losing power on Christmas.

Depending on how many seasons you’ve used Christmas lights and how many hours they run each day, there is a possibility that something can go wrong.

Typically, the chance of short-circuiting is very slim with new bulbs than with old ones.

To be safe, reduce the risk of blowing a fuse by turning off the strung lights when you go to bed.

2. Increased Power Bills

Leaving Christmas lights on overnight throughout the Christmas season can be very costly.

Some homeowners light up the lights in late November, while others do in early December. Some prefer to only light Christmas lights during the week when Christmas is observed up to the new year celebrations.

If you leave the lights on all night for a week or a month, you will have to pay more electricity bills.

Depending on your region’s electricity cost, you may pay an additional dime for electricity consumed on lighting the Christmas lights all night.

Save a few dollars by limiting the time your lights are on to some hours in the evening and switching the light string off.

3. Overheating

Even though LED lights are believed to get hot like other lights, they can get slightly hot when left on for a long time.

Something terrible can happen at night from overheated bulbs, and if there is no one to attend to the bulbs, the damage can be more dangerous.

Better switch the lights off and get a good sleep with peace of mind and no fear of fire hazards.

Dos and Don’ts of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights should be handled with etiquette. For safety purposes, here are the dos and don’t of lighting Christmas lights.


1. Use Light Bulbs Rated For Outdoor Use

It is very important to be cautious when selecting supplies for Christmas lighting. Select extensions, cords, timers, power strips, and lights rated for outdoor use.

These lights should be able to stand precipitation, moisture, and weather.

If you buy poor-quality supplies, they can bring considerable losses not just to the lights but also to your entire property.

2. Know The Difference Between Bulbs

There are two common types of lights: LED and incandescent. LED lights use 10 percent less energy than incandescent ones and can last for many years.

However, it is important to know that they are more expensive at purchase time but will pay back their cost within a few years and can be useful for many more years.

3. Choose An Exquisite Style

Christmas lights are of different styles and designs.

Single strands are best if you want a spiral wrapping or outline.

The circle lights will provide more illumination on the straight elements like the gutters and columns. If you want lights on the bushes and hedges, you can go for the net-style lights.

Typically, every design is fit for a specific arrangement. Make sure you consider how you want your lights arranged before you buy lights.

4. Use Light Clips

When aligning your light strings, avoid using metal hooks, clothespins, or staples.

Purchase light clips to support lights on the corners and along stretches. These clips are flexible and can be utilized in different ways.

In areas where you can use clips, you can buy plastic zippers to help fix such complex places—a specialty staple gun designed for hanging lights to avoid damaging the bulbs.

5. Buy Enough Lights

When purchasing lights for the celebration season, you need to identify the areas where you will install them.

This will help you purchase enough strings and a desirable design. Otherwise, you might buy less or more than the required number.


1. Don’t Chain Together Too Many Strands

Avoid putting many strands together while arranging the light strands.

A maximum of three strands is the best way to go.

When you arrange more strands, the chances of shorting out can be high.

2. Don’t Ignore Safety Precautions

It is important to be innovative and consider all safety precautions when dealing with electricity.

Wear protective gear when installing lights at the top of the building or attaching them to long Christmas trees.

Avoid hanging lights alone; ask a friend or family member to help you.

Wear fitting clothes and hand gloves.

3. Don’t Store Lights Poorly

When the season is over, and you want to store the lights for the best season, make sure you store them properly.

Make sure you keep the strands separately.

This will make it easy to untangle the strands when you want to reuse them.

4. Don’t Overwork Extension Cords

Use heavy-duty extension cords that can supply adequate power to the light strings.

However, you need to check the power output capacity of the extension cord to avoid overworking it.

Overloading an extension cord can lead to fire outbreaks and electric shortages.

5. Don’t Leave Lights On 24/7

Leaving Christmas lights on both day and night is not a good idea.

You will end up paying a lot on electricity bills.

If you feel like you will forget to turn off the lights in the morning or before going to sleep, you can invest in light timers.

Set it to turn on early in the evening and go off in the morning or some hours after your family has settled in their bedrooms for sleep.

6. Don’t Leave Your Lights Out For Too Long

After the Christmas season and people have shifted from the Holiday mood, it is good to remove the lights and store them.

If they stay outside for too long, someone might take advantage and steal them. If not, they will still be damaged and will need replacement in the next Christmas season.


Christmas lights add a sense of beauty and rejuvenate the spirit of festivity.

However, if not handled carefully, the lights can be risky.

While leaving them on all night can be a good idea, it is not always safe, especially if unattended. Have someone check on the lights at night or turn them off when going to sleep.

Turning the lights off can also save you from added electricity bills.