What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living Next To A Church?

Location is a common mantra in real estate.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea what it really means.

While the neighborhood that appeals to you will immensely depend on personal choice, where you choose to live may dictate a lot about other aspects of your life.

Of course, there are pros and cons to living in any neighborhood.

So, What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living Next To A Church?

Honestly, it all depends on you, your lifestyle, a lot of your preferences, and, most importantly, if you like being part of a stimulating environment. For instance, some may find the chimes comforting but, to you, it is no different from any other noise. The biggest appeal of living next to a church is that you may get a house at great discounts. On the flip side, there will be a lot of noise and traffic whenever there is an event, which can be bothersome.

Are you thinking of buying a house next to a church? Read on to discover more pros and cons of living in such a neighborhood.

Should You Desire To Live Near A Church?

It is easy to think that most people would want to avoid buying a home next to a church or any location that experiences a lot of traffic.

While this is not far from the truth, there are benefits of living in any given location.

A good location can signify different things to different people, which largely depends on personal needs and preferences.

Notably, when buying a home, you should make sure that it is sited in a neighborhood that you will be proud of.

The neighborhood should be not only desirable but also have objective qualities and safety that will make your investment appreciate.

That said, living next to a church can be a great experience if there is no much noise coming from the church and there’s enough parking so that your driveway is always passable even when there are events in the church.

That way, you will not find a reason enough to complain about traffic on Sundays. It will be more fun and compelling if you live next to the church you attend.

Six Pros Of Living Next To A Church

If you are fond of being part of a stimulating environment, the chances are that a house next to a church might be your liking.

That said, here are some of the reasons why you may want to buy a home next to a church.

1. Slightly cheaper homes

Many people prefer to live in areas with less traffic and noise, conditions hardly to get next to a church.

For this reason, houses near churches tend to sell at a discount to attract potential homebuyers.

Getting a discount of up to 10% on such a significant investment can be a great advantage for home buyers on a budget.

2. Living near a church can help you connect socially

If you like creating new friends and socializing in general, you will most likely find living near a church your liking.

Although it sounds like a peripheral benefit, you will meet new people from various backgrounds and with varying life experiences, which can give you a fresh take on life.

By interacting with people coming to the church, you can significantly expand your circle of friends.

Considering that churchgoers are pretty friendly, you might develop a group of connections and networks that can be rewarding in the future.

3. Proximity to public amenities

When choosing the neighborhood to call home, you want to be close to public services.

Interestingly, many churches are located in streets with public facilities like schools, playgrounds, libraries, and public administration offices.

That said, living next to a church means you will have easy access to most essential public amenities, including the church itself, if that is where you attend.

4. Good street maintenance

Because churches attract lots of traffic, the areas where they are located are more likely to get attention than the countryside.

This means the roads in your neighborhood will be the first to be plowed when there is snow, and potholes will be filled first.

This can be a great advantage if you commute every day.

5. Easy access to events

Nowadays, churches host many events, including meetings, weddings, funerals, and even the services themselves.

If you live next to the church you attend, you will enjoy attending events without necessarily commuting.

Living next to a church can be a great experience.

Depending on where the church is situated, you may also be lucky to have different modes of transport readily available.

6. Security

Another benefit you may get from living next to the church is security. Normally, depending on where it is situated, there are chances that a church will be sited in a place with less criminal activity.

All the same, a busy neighborhood is generally safer because people watch each other’s homes and are keen on any suspicious activity.

Five Cons Of Living Next To A Church

While there are enough reasons for living next to a church, there are also several things that might discourage you from living in such an up-tempo neighborhood.

Here are the cons of living next to a church.

1. Noise

Nearly everyone who has ever lived next to a church, especially the one they don’t attend, complains about the noise.

With many activities, like funerals, weddings, services, and meetings, being hosted in churches, you will have to tolerate a lot of noise.

This could be annoying if the church has regular all-night and late-night services.

While noise can be reduced by soundproofing your home, you are less likely to find a home next to a church to your liking if noise bothers you significantly.

2. Lack of parking

Another major challenge of living next to a church is the lack of parking space, particularly if the church doesn’t have an ample parking lot.

Even with a spacious parking lot, the churchgoers can easily overflow the church parking on Sundays and during events like funerals when a train of cars comes to church.

Sometimes the churchgoers will park in front of your house, which is quite annoying.

When cars spill into your neighborhood, you might be forced to pack up the road or around the corner until when the event the church is hosting ends.

3. Dust and air pollution

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of traffic, it is common knowledge that you will experience issues of air pollution.

The automobile exhaust and dust can pose serious problems if you’re sensitive to air quality and do not have a good air filtration system in your house.

4. Lack of privacy

While living next to a church promises security, particularly when the neighborhood is crowded, you might be getting it at the expense of your privacy.

As a good church neighbor, you can’t imagine churchgoers being peeping toms, but, honestly, these are humans – your privacy might make a treat for their eyes.

Remember, the church next to your home receives youth groups with varying degrees of supervision and morals, meaning at any given time, you might have more than one pair of eyes monitoring you, intentionally or unintentionally.

Privacy can be a big issue at night when inside your home is more clear from the outside. This might stress you out if you like the freedom to do your “things” when indoors.

5. Resale value

Location is key to valuable real estate, and because many aren’t ready to buy property next to a church, there is always a small pool of potential buyers, and many want to get it as a discount.

TBH, the discount you had when buying your home becomes a disadvantage when you want to move.

Although living next to church can be bothersome, it will depend on your personality.

Some people enjoy the chiming of church bells, which many may find a nuisance.

The most exciting part is you will soon adjust to the “new normal” and stop getting bothered by whatever goes on in the church.


Living next to a church has great benefits but also has some significant negatives.

Depending on your preferences and personality, you need to weigh up the pros and cons, which can vary depending on the neighborhood.

The ultimate decision depends on what you consider conducive for you.