Is It Tacky To Display Wedding Photos In Your Home???

Photos preserve new and old memories, ultimately bringing back to life such beautiful and cherished moments of our lives.

For this reason, anyone would want to decorate their house with personal photos.

However, considering that walls are generally preserved for pieces of artwork, it makes perfect sense for anyone to ask:

Is It Tacky To Display Wedding Photos In Your Home?

No, displaying family photos in your home is not tacky. Indeed, stunning and thoughtfully-taken family photos are tchotchkes. As such, wedding photos are tangible, real heirlooms that remind you of your wedding day, and they will be aesthetically pleasing hanging on your walls.

Displaying your wedding photos in your home reminds you of all the thoughts that ran through your head that day, the little moments, little memories, and even the people who showed up at your wedding.

Looking at your wedding photos has the power to remind you how you felt for each other on your wedding day and even make your marriage stronger.

Most importantly, limit the number of photos you display and let other decor pieces like furniture and artwork stand out.

In this post, you will learn more about decorating your home with family photos and still create a tasteful and aesthetically pleasing display.

Displaying Wedding Photos

Historically, portraits were painted and were closely reminiscent of fine art.

In the contemporary world, photography is also included in the broader definition of visual arts. As such, photos can be deemed pieces of artwork.

That said, displaying wedding photos and other family photos in your home is by no means tacky.

Although the practice is considered tacky among nouveau riche, this is mainly due to misinterpreting the signaling they receive from their reluctant peers with old money.

After all, those at the very top and those at the very bottom of the wealth ladder do not need to signal their place in the world, so they don’t get lost in the sea of exhibiting their social class.

If you own a home, there is no mistake in having family photos hanging on the wall as long you don’t overdo it.

The treatment for family, particularly your spouse, does not boil to something relating to status.

Consequently, the idea of decorating your home with wedding photos will immensely depend on your interests. It is your house, and you have ample freedom to put whatever you want on the walls.

As long as you are not building a shrine with your wedding photos, decorating your home with wedding photos is a wonderful idea. The idea is to blend wedding photos and other decors in a way that shows you have a life beyond just that one day.

Of significance, it is your home, and you are the one that has to look at it every day.

If displaying a blend of wedding photos and family photos is what intrigues you, then nothing should prevent you from dedicating a wall to your family.

After all, your home is your place, for goodness sake.

Displaying marriage photos in your home is a good idea considering that they are excellent conversation starters.

Even more, most people like to see happy memories of their loved ones, so most of your guests are more likely to be fascinated to see your wedding photos.

At the end of the day, it boils down to that it is your home, and you can decorate it the way you want.

As long as the pictures aren’t offensive or tacky themselves, they can go in common areas of your home.

The Discretion Required When Displaying Wedding Photos

There is nothing wrong with having innocuous pictures from your wedding displayed in your home.

However, when planning the photos to display in your home, you want to limit the tchotchkes and only use photos that feel neutral.

After all, it is only seemingly innocuous photos and décor that represent a heightened narcissism.

Picking on what is happening in many homes across the world, family photos have taken center stage and assumed a more important role in decorating homes.

However, to ensure that the final display comes out great and possibly eliminates the need for artwork, exhibiting wedding pictures requires an artful mind, creative framing, and, equally important, discretion.

To ensure that the ultimate display is tasteful, here are some helpful tips:

1. Edit Carefully

Wedding photos preserve special moments and memories of your life.

For this reason, you want to display photos that have a warm feel and look without making your space feel overwhelming.

Even if you hired a professional photographer, it is a good idea to work with a local designer to help you edit the photos so they can effortlessly blend into your other decor.

Whether you elect to use color shots, black-and-white, or sepia-toned shots, the idea is to edit the photos to please you the most.

2. Framing And Matting

Frames and mat boards bring together disparate images, creating thoughtful collages.

If you are dedicating an entire wall to your wedding photos, it is a good idea to use related, not necessarily identical, frames.

It will make for continuity. Many people like the crisp and elegant look that silver frames create. For matting, mats of the same size and colors are preferred.

3. Choose An Appropriate Spot

You can display your wedding photos all over your home, but where you choose to display the photos matter a lot.

If you don’t want the pictures to interfere with your other decor, stairways and hallways are excellent spots to display your wedding and family photos.

You can artfully display carefully selected wedding photos in living spaces, dens, and home theatres.

No matter where you opt to exhibit the memories of your wedding day, avoid exaggerating things.

4. Be Sensitive To The Matter

While it may seem obvious, a wedding is a big event, and some of the wedding photos that are worth a second look for you and your partner might be completely obnoxious to display in common areas.

The idea is to display photos that you and your guests will like and not shots that look as though you are soliciting work from guests.

Wedding photos are beautiful when carefully chosen and beautifully displayed. To achieve fascinating results, you can seek the help of a local designer.

Of significance, leave a room so you can expand in the future as your family grows.

When Is It NOT OK To Display Wedding Photos?

In most cases, it is perfectly okay to display wedding photos in your home as long as the photos you pin on the wall are not offensive or insinuate anything offensive.

The only time when it is generally not a good idea to exhibit wedding photos or other personal photos in your home is when selling home.

During this time, you want to make potential buyers picture the home as their own.

Removing personal pictures from walls will make it easy for potential buyers to imagine how they can decorate the home after it becomes theirs.


Are you fascinated by wedding pictures?

Displaying wedding photos in your home is a great way to decorate your walls while creating a lasting memory of your special day.

Working with a reputable local designer will help ensure that you get excellent results.

If you are contemplating whether or not to display family photos, hopefully, this post will help you make the final decision.