Can You Put A Coffee Maker On Top Of A Microwave Oven?

Placing objects on top of your microwave oven might look like a good idea until it is not.

There are fundamental – simple, fast, and convenient – tenets and rules to follow when using microwaves.

While they may seem obvious, it is not a guarantee everyone understands them.

When placed on top of microwaves, some households may get damaged by the heat released during operation or create problems.

Besides, some items will damage the microwave oven if they are operated while sitting on its top.

Can You Put A Coffee Maker On Top Of A Microwave Oven?

The fact, you can keep your coffee maker on top of your microwave oven, provided you can reach it without struggling. Microwave ovens are sturdy enough to hold up the weight of a typical coffee maker designed for domestic use. Although the two kitchen appliances won’t interfere with each other under normal circumstances, there are potential hazards if the coffee maker leaks. If coffee or water leaks, the chances are that it will get inside the microwave, which is hazardous.

So, should you risk to save half a square foot on your counter space?

Stacking items that sit idle on a kitchen counter on top of your microwave can be an excellent way to organize a small space.

However, not all kitchen items should go on top of the microwave.

This guide will introduce all you need to know about using the top of a microwave oven.

Is It Okay To Place Items On Top Of A Microwave?

If you don’t have enough space in your manufactured home kitchen, you can easily be tempted to stack things on the microwave.

Using the top  as a shelf entirely depends on what items you want to set there.

The last thing you would want is to exert stress and eventually damage the structure of your microwave.

Therefore, when setting something on top of a microwave, you will need to check the item’s weight.

Microwaves are usually designed strong enough to support most smaller kitchen items.

1. Be Careful

Companies making microwaves will clearly state that you should not place objects on top of microwaves.

However, this is because it has not been tested. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should place anything on top of your microwave oven.

Regardless of the case, our first advice is to steer clear of the top of a microwave. If you must place some items on your microwave, make sure the appliance can withstand the extra weight.

2. Unintentional Microwave Door Damage

Another thing to keep an eye on when stacking items on the microwave is the object’s impact on its door.

You should never dare anything that can potentially distort the door seal, preventing it from sealing properly.

Even the smallest opening in a microwave’s door creates a path for energy waves to escape. Heat escaping from heat-generating kitchen appliances is hazardous.

Besides, microwaves generate a considerable amount of heat to heat their top surface and the entire exterior.

Are you ambivalent about what to do when organizing your manufactured home kitchen space?

A simple answer would be – nothing should block you provided the item is of reasonable weight and it doesn’t obstruct the vents. For heaven’s sake, the microwave oven is a sheet metal box.

What are some of the appliances (items) you can place on top of a microwave oven?

Although the pinnacle of your microwave oven gets hot, some items can sit there with minimal interference. Some of the objects you can set on top of your microwave include:

1. Coffee makers

A typical domestic coffee maker weighs less than 15 pounds, which is light enough for a microwave oven to support. However, you should ensure there are no leaks. Leaks can mess up the electronics.

2. Toaster ovens

The two, toaster and microwaves, are mostly clustered in manufactured home kitchen space.

Because toasters emit plenty of heat, you will want a rubberized mat or heatproof material to keep heat from transferring to the microwave.

Besides, a rubberized mat secures the toaster, ensuring it doesn’t slide around the surface.

3. Kitchenware

Nearly all utensils are light. Assuming the objects are not adversely affected by heat, you can place utensils and other kitchenware objects.

Five Considerations Before Placing Items On Microwave Top

Before converting the top of your microwave oven into a shelf, the first thing you should consider is the consequences.

Either the items can get damaged or distort the microwave.

Regardless of what space you will save from stacking kitchenware on microwave pinnacle, it can’t compensate for damages caused.

Setting some objects on top of a microwave can cause fires that eventually burn your manufactured home.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before placing any item on the upper face of your microwave oven.

1. Weight of the object

Before placing any kitchenware or appliance on the microwave, you want to make sure it is of reasonable weight.

Ideally, you should not load the microwave’s top face with objects that will damage it structurally.

Monster objects should be avoided at all costs, especially if they will sit there for considerably longer.

2. Flammability and susceptibility to heat

Microwave ovens get warm or overly hot on top. It would be a great mistake to place flammable items on top of the microwave.

Flammable objects can result in a fire if much heat is generated. Also, make sure the items are not vulnerable to heat.

Things like candles and chocolate bars will become damaged.

Cellphones and other valuables can also suffer from too much heat; therefore, make sure not to mistakenly place them on microwaves.

3. Airflow

Although microwaves are considered self-contained, they need ample airspace.

You should ensure not to block the vent, usually found at the back near the top.

Being a heat-emitting manufactured home kitchen appliance, microwaves shouldn’t be placed in airtight space.

If there is little to no airspace around your microwave oven, it is not advisable to put anything on its upper face.

4. Avoid liquid items

Microwave’s door seal is a major concern during designing and manufacturing.

Liquid items can spill to hurt how properly the door seals or get inside and mess up the electronics.

If the liquids go all over the microwave’s upper face, other objects can slip down to hurt the door seal or block air vents.

This might be a good reason to avoid placing your coffee maker on top of a microwave oven.

5. Duration the object will sit on top of your microwave

You will not want to let considerably heavy items sit on your microwave’s surface for too long.

With time, heavy objects can significantly distort the appliance. Having a toaster (or any other heat-generating unit) on top of microwaves for long can cause the metal surface to discolor.

The Best Spot To Place A Coffee Maker In A Manufactured Home Kitchen

Having a dedicated spot for the device that makes your mornings happy with a cup of joe is a great choice. Even with a ‘cardboard box’ kitchen, you can organize your space uncluttered but with a dedicated coffee station.

Although bunched kitchen appliances keep your small space organized, having a coffee maker rest on the microwave’s pinnacle isn’t the best option.

For a less cluttered manufactured home kitchen, the best option is to set your coffee maker on a separate shelf.

Domestic coffee makers are not too huge; therefore, they won’t eat too much space in your kitchen cabinets. You will also have peace of mind because you know the coffee machine is not at risk of falling.

Reserving a spot on your kitchen counters to set your coffee maker is an excellent option.

Indeed, it is the most convenient and efficient place liked by most folks. Setting your coffee machine on counter space can be perfect f it blends with your manufactured home kitchen’s theme.

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The Three Benefits Of Putting A Coffee Maker On Top Of A Microwave Oven

  1. It saves on space. If your manufactured home kitchen has a small space, setting your coffee machine on the pinnacle of your microwave can save space on kitchen countertops.
  2. Your manufactured home kitchen will look organized and decluttered.
  3. It enhances convenience as the coffee machine will be easy to reach than when inside the cabinets.

The Three Cons Of Placing The Coffee Maker On Top Of A Microwave Oven

  1. The appliance is at risk of falling.
  2. If the coffee maker leaks inadvertently, the coffee or water can get inside the microwave oven and damage the electronics.
  3. Over time, the coffee maker can distort the microwave and prevent the door from sealing properly.


If you have considerably smaller space in your manufactured home kitchen and want to stay organized, setting your coffee maker on top of the microwave can be an excellent option.

However, keeping items on top of the microwave oven is not advisable.

If you must save counter space, then make sure to inspect for leaks before the coffee machine goes on the upper face of your microwave.