Can You Put A Regular Toilet In A Manufactured Home?

Did you know that people spend most of their time in the bathroom?

Statistics show that one is likely to spend approximately 102 minutes on the toilet weekly.

This move is not only relaxing but also therapeutic for some people.

And the truth is, you are hardly an exception. What matters the most is finding the right toilet.

Now, let us focus on the toilets needed in manufactured homes.

First, you can hardly overlook how popular these homes have become in the recent past.

We could attribute this to the convenience and affordability that they draw.

So, Can You Put A Regular Toilet In A Manufactured Home?

Regular and manufactured homes can use the same toilets. Because of the plumbing differences in manufactured homes, they’ll most like use smaller toilets.

Should Manufactured Homes Have Different Toilets?

Indeed, most people will always want to be sure of what toilet to install when buying manufactured homes.

It is only through this that you will be confident of a seamless experience in the long run. The simple answer to this question would be no.

Every manufactured home built after 1976 comes with a regular toilet.

Ideally, after 1976, both standard and manufactured homes became subject to the same housing regulations.

That implied that despite different installation methods, both plumbing and electrical works bore were similar to that of a standard house.

Given the specifications, you will hardly overlook the similarities.

However, there will be a slight difference in the parts used. This difference means that the size and shape of the toilet could be a little dissimilar.

Mostly, you will need to choose between elongated and round toilets for your manufactured home.

While elongated toilets will suit larger people, round ones will come in handy in saving space.

You could also opt for corner toilets, which save space and suit bigger people too. What matters the most is getting a bathroom that fits your home.

Six Manufactured Home Toilet Shopping Factors

Various variables go into the selection of suitable toilets for your manufactured home.

Unless you pick the right one, you will end up less comfortable in your new home.

So, what should you consider when selecting this toilet?

Here are a few insights:

1. Check the water efficiency levels

Take the time to verify the toilet’s gallons per flush rating.

Choosing low flow toilets will be the best move, as it complies with instituted regulations.

The standard GPF rating is approximately 1.6, which seemingly uses more water per flush.

However, if you are looking forward to enjoying enhanced efficiency, toilets that use 1.3 GPF will come in handy for you.

These 1.3 GPF toilets are not only adequate but also relatively affordable.

2. Check the design

The design you choose determines the experience you get in the bathroom.

Usually, you will select from one-piece, two-piece, and wall mounts.

Are you looking for elegant yet easy-to-clean designs?

Then the one-piece toilet will suit you best. Two-piece options assure you of a wider variety. Wall-mount toilets are not only expensive but also with non-standard rough-in measurements.

3. Confirm the drain location

The drain location will always be dependent on the rough-in measurements.

It measures the distance between the middle of the toilet flange and the wall. If your toilet comes with two bolts, you will need to measure from the center of its back bolt.

If your rough-in measurements are between 11 and 13 inches, you are good to go.

Otherwise, you will be forced to get customized toilets if the size is more than this.

4. The style and shape of the toilet

The design and shape of the chosen toilet have an impact on your eventual experience.

While one-piece toilets allow for seamless integration, two-piece ones provide you with a touch of elegance.

You might want the tankless ones too, as they tend to save space. While at it, you will have to decide between elongated and round bowls.

5. Flush performance

Enhanced flushing power will always be essential for you.

It ensures that you save water and have a better experience there.

This performance is usually between 250g and 1000g, with the higher amount being more efficient.

While at it, you will decide between pressure-assisted and gravity toilets.

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6. Durability

Going for a toilet that offers you value for your money is one of the best decisions ever.

With enhanced durability, you will be sure of this. Take the time to verify the materials used in making this toilet.

Porcelain and ceramic have proven to be relatively reliable, and you will hardly go wrong with them.

The material chosen should also withstand heavier weights too.

Above all, ensure that your choice is capable of addressing your needs.

It should be relatively less pricey, accessible, and ready to offer enhanced performance.

Remember, every option should comply with the set regulations.

Four Critical Facts About Toilets And Plumbing Systems In Manufactured Homes

Despite the similarities shared with standard home toilets, we have aspects that distinguish the ones in manufactured homes.

Some of these aspects include the following:

1. Location

The supply location of these toilets will always be different, thanks to how differently they are built. The toilet and plumbing supply lines in manufactured homes often run under the floor. Remember, site-built homes pride in supply lines that run in their walls.

2. Cut Off Valves

The lack of cut-off valves in these toilets will also make a huge difference. There will only be a cleanout valve where the waste drain meets the septic trunk.

3. Piping Material

The toilets in manufactured homes usually come with relatively substantial piping material, unlike popular belief. Relying on smaller pipes could easily expose you to significant drainage and venting issues.

4. Venting

It is ridiculous to believe that these toilets come with no venting. These toilets pride themselves on reliable venting systems, which ensure that there is hardly any air-locking.

In Closing…..

We can all agree on the essence of toilets in manufactured homes.

It is also clear that there is no significant difference between these toilets and those in standard homes.

However, it will always be vital to aim at selecting the most reliable of them all as part of a bathroom renovation.