Do You Need Two Locks On The Front Door? (FOUR FACTORS!)

A front door is believed to add a stylish accent to a home.

Apart from that, a front door serves as the main entrance to a house, and most importantly, it offers security to your belongings.

With the many specially designed door locks that seem secure, you may not know whether you need two locks on the front door.

So, Do You Need Two Locks On The Front Door?

Two locks on a front door are a good choice for enhancing security as it literally adds a secure layer to your door. However, it is not always necessary to have two locks. You can still have one lock on the front door to get the needed security. The number of locks is not the only consideration—there are other more productive aspects to look at when deciding to make a front door secure.

For a front door to effectively provide security for the items in the house, the homeowner needs to invest in more than just a lock. You can have more than one lock but still have intruders enter your home. Typically, two locks on the front door do not guarantee safety.

This post will cover the other basic things to consider when buying locks and how to ensure your front door is secure.

Four Front Door Lock Shopping Considerations

With the many locks available in stores, you may find it relatively challenging to choose one.

However, if you pre-plan, you can easily get a front door lock that suits your needs. Here are a few considerations for selecting the best lock for your door.

1. The Lock Type

Locks are not designed similarly; thus, there is no lock that universally fits on all doors.

For this reason, you should determine the type of lock you need, and it should be one that can fit on your door.

There are several locks designed for residential doors, and they range from doorknobs, door levers, and smart locks to deadbolts.

When you know which one is best for your door, you will have an easy time purchasing one.

2. Lock Installation Easiness

The installation process will help determine if you are buying the right locks for your front door.

It also helps you determine if you will need to hire a locksmith or if you can simply DIY.

You obviously do not want to buy a lock that you will have to spend more money on installing than its original price.

Also, check if the lock can be installed on your door depending on the material of your door. However, you should also consider that not all easy-to-install locks are secure and vice versa.

Let the security capability of a lock be the key drive to buying a new front door lock.

3. Lock Features

Like most home essentials, the features on a lock serve a great purpose in its functionality and price.

Some features to look at are the size, locksets, keypads, and smart lock technology.

You may also get locks with anti-bump and anti-drill features.

For smart locks, you need to choose one that can work in line with your home automation system.

Generally, pick a lock with conversant features that is within your budget.

4. Security Grade

Front doors are essential contributors to a home’s general security.

You need to buy a lock that will guarantee your home security whether you are present at home or not.

Many lock manufacturers have their locks tested and rated or graded depending on their strength.

When testing the locks, the grading institutes determine the number of cycles a lock can withstand before it starts to deteriorate or wear out.

Checking on the security grade of a lock helps consumers determine how long the lock can serve them before a replacement is headed.

Six Front Door Security Tips

Apparently, locks are not the only way to ensure your door is safe.

While having quality locks on a door is essential, it is more important to complement the locks with other security features to ensure your front door serves this purpose correctly and efficiently.

Here are the tips to ensure security at your front door.

1. Have A Strong Solid Door

Before you think of any other way to secure a front door, you should first check it to ensure it is strong enough to withstand kick-ins.

You may have installed quality locks, but intruders decide to simply kick the door, and it breaks.

Actually, a strong and solid door is hard to break by mere kicks or even the strongest pushes.

Before you buy a new lock, start by ensuring you have a strong door that intruders or burglars will have a hard time breaking.

2. Secure The Strike Plates

A strike plate is a metal piece where the latch bolts on the frame of a door.

A regular strike plate can easily break if there is a powerful strike in, giving burglars an easy time to enter your house.

You need a box strike model with long screws and a metallic enclosure to protect a door against forced entry.

3. Install Strong And Durable Locks

A prudent homeowner knows that not all locks are suitable for all doors.

For front doors, you need an anti-kick and anti-bump door lock that will withstand any form of planned break-ins from intruders.

Check the ratings of locks before you buy them to confirm their strength and ability to serve you for many years.

For front doors, you can go for the highly-rated deadbolts.

4. Change Your Door Locks Regularly

The right time to replace door locks is not when they are worn out but at any other time when it is necessary.

For instance, if you were sharing keys with someone who later moved out, you have to replace the locks.

If you ever lost your keys and never found them, it is wise to replace the door locks. If burglars have been monitoring your home, they will have difficulty breaking in if you change the locks.

5. Use Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are considered safer for a front door.

Even though they have a few downsides, you are assured that you will not have to carry a bunch of keys around and eventually drop them.

Most keyless locks have alarms and monitors that enable you to see everything happening at your doorstep, even when away.

The alarms can also scare away intruders with bad intentions, as they will likely get distracted and go away.

6. Utilize Peepholes And Security Cameras

Peepholes will enable you to see whoever is at your doorstep without having to open the door.

Peepholes are easy to install and can fit on literally any standard door.

A front door security camera helps you monitor everything happening at your door, even when far from the door or away from home.


Security is a key consideration for homeowners, especially if there are valuable items in the home.

One way to enhance security is by investing in front door locks.

Before you purchase one, it is important to look at the cost and how efficiently the lock will serve you.

Since security is key, consider complimenting your sturdy locks with other security features.

This way, you will have your home protected right from the front door.