What Are The Pros And Cons Of Relocating To New Jersey?

Are you thinking about moving to New Jersey but are still on the fence about it?

New Jersey has a lot of exciting things that make it sound like the perfect place to live.

While this might not be far from the truth, it is imperative to understand the pros and cons of relocating to a given state whenever a moving opportunity presents itself.

(That said) What Are The Pros And Cons Of Relocating To New Jersey?

Well, the Garden State offers a rich culture, quieter living, convenient commuting to New York City, picturesque beaches and natural spaces, and vibrant local life. On the flip side, New Jersey has a high cost of living and a high overall tax burden, which can make life relatively unfriendly.

New Jersey is blessed to have all four seasons, making it a great place to see nature changing as you witness the wonders of nature. Whether you are considering an international or interstate move, this article will discuss the pros and cons of relocating to New Jersey.

Pros of moving to New Jersey

So you are thinking about relocating to New Jersey?

Despite being one of the smallest states, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation, which tells you something about it.

Here are reasons why anyone would consider relocating to NJ.

1. Low crime rates

This may come as a shock to many people, but it’s true: New Jersey has a lower overall crime rate than most states.

While this state is the home to two of the top dangerous cities, Camden and Newark, FBI reports show that the Garden State’s violent and property crime rates are far much lower than the national average.

This promises unparalleled safety to people looking to relocate to this state.

The state is rural, dotted with a good mix of small to medium-sized towns and cities that are regarded to be among the safest places to live in the US.

If safety is a major concern for you, you may want to live in places like Bergen County, where you don’t need to be warry about falling to merciless thugs.

2. New York City Proximity

The Garden State is close to NYC, a world-class destination for museums, theater, music, restaurants, and nightlife.

If you elect to live in NJ, you can enjoy day trips to the big city and return to your hometown to unwind. Interestingly, the state provides super convenient commutes to this great city.

From New Jersey, you can also easily access the City of Brotherly Love and have the best of both worlds.

Considering that rent is considerably lower in New Jersey, you can comfortably live here when working in NYC, Baltimore, Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

All these destinations are under three hours from most parts of NJ.

3. Better access to art and culture

New Jersey is the home to many people, which makes it a hotbed of culture.

The state’s prolific museums have enriching programs and are well-stocked with artworks from vast nationalities, which attract visitors from all parts of the world.

What’s more, if you can’t find it in NJ, you can surely find it in the New York City Metro area or Philadelphia.

During your free time, you can visit the neighboring museums to enjoy the diverse offerings and beautiful art creations that reflect ethnology, archaeology, and fine art.

4. Weather

Another great thing about NJ is that it enjoys four distinct seasons, which spice up things all year round.

Although many residents complain that the weather is barely perfect, the four-season weather allows nature lovers to witness the changes nature undergoes.

All the same, the humid subtropical climate brings scorching summers and super cold winters with episodic snowstorms.

During the summer, the weather is comfortable for most people, making it a perfect time to experience New Jersey’s rich maritime history.

Fall doesn’t disappoint in transforming outdoors into luscious orange and deep crimson hues to welcome the winter.

Springs strike moderately cold but present remarkably ideal conditions to fly a kite along the lovely beaches, ride along the sandy trails, and tour the perfectly manicured gardens of the Garden State.

5. Things to do (mesmerizing natural spaces)

In NJ, there is no shortage of everyday activities and fun.

The state has beautiful parks, beaches, forests, and plenty of open spaces to enjoy and interact with nature.

In addition, there is a 142 miles coastline featuring quaint beaches and boardwalks, offering an excellent place to spend your day.

If you are a fun hiking, skiing, and bird watching, you will find mountain ranges where you can enjoy all these.

6. Access to world-class healthcare

New Jersey is known for its outstanding world-class health care.

Of course, the state ranks among the top 10 states with the best healthcare in the US.

If you live near a highly rated medical care facility like Morristown Medical Center, you are sure to get top-quality health care services.

7. Foodies

No state is complete without its foodies. From Taylor Ham, pizza, Disco fries to bagels, New Jersey has plenty of mouthwatering and signature dishes that no one can go unsatisfied with.

What is more, residents are very loyal, meaning you will never go hungry.

8. Education and quality of life

NJ is home to one of the famous and nation’s greatest inventors of all time, and, of course, the state beats super-smart and well-educated individuals.

Most towns in NJ are child- and school-centric, with most schools being good to excellent, which promises quality education.

New Jeyseyians have a great combo of excellent schools, nature, and the most sought-after white-picket-fence lifestyle.

9. Tax-friendly policies for retirees

Another reason why New Jersey is getting many people year after year is because of the retirement tax friendliness.

Although the state has some of the highest property taxes, it is possible for low-income earning retirees to pay fewer taxes.

Notably, the changes in tax laws are putting a burden on modest earners.

10. No tax on clothes

If you are planning to revamp your wardrobe, NJ might and should be your favorite place to shop – you won’t pay any sales tax on clothing purchases.

Cons of relocating to New Jersey

NJ is praised for having some of the best quality of life metrics. But, does it mean that it is a perfect place for everyone to live? Here is the flip side.

1. Lots of traffic

New Jersey is a conduit between New York City and Philadelphia, which translates to lots of traffic.

Although the state has considerably large highways that make it easy to get around, the traffic is miserable during rush hours.

The extensive bus and train systems make it easy to get where you need to be, but you might also find yourself traveling on some of the worst roads in the US.

2. High taxes

Honestly, New Jersey taxes put off many people looking to relocate to this state.

Currently, the state has the highest property taxes in the US, which makes the overall tax burden high compared to other states.

Also, even though it is known to have favorable tax policies for retirees, wealthy retiring residents may suffer over taxation.

3. High cost of living

Another downside of living in NJ is that the cost of living is higher than national averages in almost every aspect.

After relocating, you will experience higher costs in most purchases, including housing, food, utilities, and even tax-free clothing.

4. Weather

While many who like to experience all four seasons appreciate the weather here, New Jersey can have inclement weather that most residents find intolerable.

High humidity during summer may ruin your days.

5. Weird laws

As with most states, NJ has its fair share of bizarre laws.

For instance, you may find yourself in jail for frowning in Bernards Township.


Now you have it; the pros and cons of living in New Jersey.

To ensure that you enjoy living in the Garden State, make sure you choose the right place to live – some regions are warm in a bigger share of the year.

If you are searching for safety, excellent four-seasons weather, access to NYC, and quality life, New Jersey might be good for you.


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