Portable Ping Pong Tables: Outdoor Or Indoor – Which One Is Right For You?

Have you caught a new enthusiasm for Ping-Pong?

Initially, you will feel excited to visit gaming complexes to play your favorite game, but soon you will wish to have your own so that you can play whenever you want.

Setting up a Ping Pong play station at your own home is easy as the equipment demanded is portable and priced in a way to suit every pocket.

In Ping Pong, there are mainly table, rackets, and balls, the table being the heaviest tool of the complete equipment.

So to start with your guide to buy Ping Pong setup, let us discuss all types of portable ping pong tables  available in the marketplace.

You must always have regarded ping pong as an indoor game, but you will be amazed to know that the tables are classified into two types –

  1. inner and
  2. outer tables.

Indoor tables don’t take up a lot of space as the outdoor professional tables.

You can place them in any of the corners in your house or basement. For an indoor tennis table, you have to look for the material used and the portability of the table.

Ping pong tables are made of pressed wood and fiber plastic. The thickness of the table is another important factor to consider; the depth range varies from 12mm to 25mm by types of games, players, and occasion.

The thickness also determines the price of the table. Best ping pong tables with the highest thickness are suited for professional games and competitions.

Ping pong table is also divided based on their permanent and portable features. A stationary table is stuff made of hard material and takes a considerable amount of space to set up. On the other hand,

The movable Ping Pong table come in many varieties. They are light regarding material, legs, and net. You also have an option of a folding table, that can be folded from the middle and fixed against the wall to allow you to play alone.

An example of these tables is the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table which goes for $125.50, and you can find it at https://is.gd/ZutcpJ.

Another good example is RS Metal Games Stationary Ping Pong Table White – RSS-1 which costs about $5,900.00. You can as well click https://is.gd/fYUztE in case you want to shop. Why choosing the best Ping Pong table is important?

The principal reason for choosing a portable one is to save space and to utilize the existing space to its maximum capacity. Having a portable table always makes sense as it can be stored safely after the end of the play. This will help in protecting and increasing its life.

Getting It Right

When you decide to get a portable table, you must ensure that thou choose the right one and that you get the proper specifications. The most important factor that you must consider while purchasing is the quality.

You must never compromise on the quality as this is something that you would be using for a long time and it is a worthwhile investment.

When you purchase the table from a reputed manufacturer, you need not worry about the quality as you will be assured of it.

However, if you decide to cut costs, you must be very careful as many ping pong tables are available in the market, but are cheap. A table which is of substandard quality will give you a lot of headaches in the future, and this is something you can well avoid.

Dimension Guidelines

When you purchase a portable table, you must ensure that it has the right dimensions.

This is the primary concern of every ping pong player. Even if you are playing the game for pure entertainment, it makes sense to invest in a table that has the proper dimensions.

If the one you purchase does not have the right sizes, then you will get used to that size and play on an appropriate table at a later stage will prove to be difficult.

The ITTF has laid down a few guidelines, and the table tennis table manufacturers have to maintain these standards to provide a level playing field for the players.

Hence, if you look at those manufactured by reputed companies, you will notice that they are all of the same sizes, more or less.


As per the recommendations of the ITTF, the total length of the table, which includes both halves should be 2.75 meters, and the width should be 1.535 meters. The height must be 74 cms.

To keep things a little flexible, these measurements have a variance of 3 mm to 5 mm. The ITTF recommendations also extend to the guidelines regarding the net and the white marking on the surface of the table.

Other factors to consider.

Apart from the size of the table tennis table, other aspects need to be looked into. The portable ping pong tables are purchased with the intention of moving the table from one area to another.

Hence, you must decide if you wish to keep it indoors or outdoors and choose the table accordingly. You will also have to consider the cost factor as well.

Portable Ping Pong Tables – FAQs

Q: Who invented ping pong?

A: Ping pong is an onomatopoeic trademark for the legendary indoor game Table Tennis.

Discovered in the 19th century, it was played by the proletariats of the Great Britain.

The sport had nicknames such as “Ping Pong” “Whif what,” “flim-flam” and “Gossamer”.

The names were inspired by the sound the ball made when hitting the table. J. Jaques& Son Ltd, an English manufacturer, registered the most popular nickname name which was “Ping Pong” as a copyright.

The Parker Brothers from USA later bought the trademark in 1920 where it thrived for a while. In 1950’sPing Pong was revived in Europe as Table Tennis. China finally dominated the game after its entry into the 1988 Olympics.

Ping Pong is a competitive sport, a hobby and a fun way to spend time with family and friends. The coolest thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere, literally!

You can fix a table tennis in your basement, garden, room, office for lunch breaks. How cool! Like it’s not enough, it can be played throughout the seasons, both indoors and outdoors.

Q: What ping pong table is considered to be the best?

A: Killer spin Revolution Ping Pong Table

Killer spin has made its name in the US market as one of the most sought after brand.

The Revolution series has the perfect tournament level height, combined with extraordinary performance, modern architecture, eye-catching finishing and to crown it all, a very affordable price tag. The 16 layer roller coated top surface is easy to the eye and is resistant to graze and markings.

JOOLA Inside Ping Pong Table

This is a Portable Ping Pong table and is a good choice for beginners. With prices ranging below one hundred dollars, it is affordable to anyone with interest in learning the sport, having fun or relieving stress.

The surface is made out of high-quality professional grade, supported by 1.5-inch steel legs that allow the table to be easily folded, takes up minimal space during storage and makes it lighter to carry around.

STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table

This brand is widely known for its top quality work. Although a little expensive, it has a completely flat and smooth table surface, its markings on the top are silk screened, unlike others that painted on.

It is perfect for entry-level players but pros can also appreciate the table.

Q: Is there a way to weatherproof a ping pong table?

A: Yes, there various ways to weatherproof a Ping Pong table to prevent it from extreme weather climates.

  • One very economical way is to maintain the tables it is to constantly apply vinyl and cover it with a plastic cloth when not in use.
  • Another maintenance strategy is to apply marine paint.
  • Automotive clear coat paint is another option that keeps the table waterproof and looking modern over the years.

Q: What are ping pong tables made of?

A: Green chalkboard with white strips and a frame.
Metal / wooden clamps
Ping Pong Net and wood to hold.

Q: How can one clean a ping pong table?

A: Ping Pong tables are very easy to clean;

Step 1

Regular maintenance is crucial as it keeps the table free from dust and debris. Wipe the table with a soft, dry cloth after every use.

Step 2

Ensure thorough cleaning every three months using a non-toxic and nonabrasive cleaner. Mix one-third cup of white vinegar and three cups of water in a bowl. Soak a cloth in the concoction until dump.

Step 3

Unscrew the net from the table and place it on the side. Use the damp cloth to wipe the table top and dry it with a dry soft cloth.

Step 4

Dip the net in the water-vinegar concoction for about 10-15 minutes. Gently remove the net and place it on a flat protected surface and allow it to dry.

Step 5

Once the net is completely dry, re-install it on the table. As for the metal parts, you might want to grease them with WD-40 lubricant to avoid rust and enhance maintenance of the equipment.

Q: How can one paint a ping pong table?

A: First things first gather all tools required for the project.

They will include;

  • a painter’s brush or a roller
  • painters tape
  • a tray
  • dark green and white chalkboard of desired size and shape for the surface
  •  a scratch-resistant matte finish that will tone down glare. This will keep your Ping Pong table looking extra all year long.

Before starting repair all damages.

  1. Apply an even coat of paint on the primer of the entire table.
  2. Lay the tape in strips for the white lines.
  3. Apply two coats of the green paint in intervals allowing each coat to dry before adding a second. Remove the tapes and do the same with white paint.
  4. Allow your table to dry completely for best results.

Q: Which ping pong paddle is the best?

A: Again, best is relative as it depends on the needs being met, however according to online reviews, these are some of our best findings;


This paddle is recommended for players who are commencing a serious play and are focused on defensive play. The paddle gives players perfect control and a relatively pocket-friendly price for such quality!

Diamond Series Ping Pong Paddles

These are top quality paddles for serious players. Crafted from carbon fiber and exclusive wood with high tension Fortissimo rubbers finishing, the rackets are known for their high speed, spin, and control required to win

Custom built and collectible paddles

These paddles are made of top quality rubber. This is recommended for serious players who are looking for the extra edge in tournaments.

Kido Series ping pong paddles

This particular brand is known for its exceptional speed, spin, and control. These are the best choice for a friendly tournament. We all want to win though nothing like a friendly tournament!

Q: Which ping pong balls are the best?

A: 1. Butterfly

It’s the most popular ball among players and has the most ratings on Amazon. They have a perfectly round shape for a good spin and flight; the butterfly is a hard ball and can last for a very long duration. The reason most people like it?

2. Nittaku

Is the second in ratings even though the difference compared to Butterfly is quite minimal. Their balls are round as well but are slightly harder. A made in Japan product is a high-end investment but a safe bet in the tournament!

3. Double Fish

Specifically designed for training, the ball is cheaper than Nittaku and Butterfly. They are notably durable though one has to be careful of counterfeit.

Choosing a ball is all dependent on the intention of the player/ buyer. As stated, all balls are used for different occasions.

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