Can You Paint a Closet with Ceiling Paint? (FOUR TIPS)

After cleaning out and organizing your closet, you’ve noticed that it’s in in dire need of a paint job.

Should you use spray paint, wall paint or ceiling paint?

So, Can You Paint a Closet with Ceiling Paint?

No. When you paint your closets, you need to go for specific paints uniquely designed for them.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Ceiling Paint In the Closet?

As mentioned earlier, it is not a good idea to use ceiling paints on closets because closet painting requires a vast array of color selections.

Ceiling paint, just like wall paint, has limited color choices.

Besides, they have a flat appearance and a high viscosity. Not unless you intend to use it on the stairwells, a lone where a refined finish is less important.

What Is the Difference Between Ceiling and Closet Paint?

Ceiling paint is flat and conceals blemishes on ceilings and even walls easily. However, they do not reflect light. And for the right reasons. This feature makes it possible to hide imperfections on parts of the ceilings, like the corners where there are cracks. So, ceiling paint is an ideal option if you are looking for paint to hide such bumps and marks.

Ceiling paints have a lower viscosity when compared to other colors, such as wall paints.

If you are wondering what viscosity means, it is the thickness level of the paint.

High viscosity keeps the stains on the ceiling and prevents them from dripping during painting.

On the other hand, closet paints are available in various colors.

You will have to look for products that create the theme you want for your closets.

Your professional painter should be able to figure out the final look of the closets with the color of the walls and other parts of the room.

Just like ceiling paints, closet paints are designed with high viscosity to ensure that they stick properly to the closets’ walls and maintain a thick layer on them. More on closet painting later.

Four Tips for Painting Closets

It may not take a lot of time to execute a closet painting, but the job is equally tricky and intricate in some cases.

Therefore, you need to arm yourself with tricks on the bow to get the job done well.

If you are not prepared, rest assured you may end up with some disappointments. It would be best if you remember that working in small spaces presents its own set of challenges altogether.

You must also equip yourself with the right painting tools and materials for such small spaces.

You must be keen to get the right paint shade and finish.

All you want at the end of the day is to end up with a functional and equally attractive closet.

Explore these timeless tips and see to it that your closets are crowned with the appeal it deserves

1. Go Light and Neutral

You want to paint your closet to match the rest of the room and create an elegant and straightforward impression.

And that means you will have to paint the closet whenever you paint the room.

If you paint the closet with dark paint, you may have problems locating items in it. You have to figure out how to avoid such difficulties.

Additionally, dark paint shows wear and tear more quickly than other colors. As a result, the best bet would be to go for a light or neutral color.

Tan, gray, white, or beige paint colors are good options for your closet. One good thing about these choices is that they blend pretty well with other color schemes in your house.

Besides, you will not encounter problems trying to locate small items in the closet.

2. Use a Satin finish

It is essential to choose an appropriate paint color for your closets.

And it is more important to select a perfect finish.

In this case, you can go for a semi-gloss or flat color to ensure that everything matches the color of the room’s walls.

Most modern construction works consider the satin finish for closets because of its satisfactory results and unique ability to blend with the other parts of the room.

Another cool side of satin is that it does not show streaks, scuffs, and other marks.

This would be the case if you used semi-gloss. Satin, therefore, makes a perfect finish for closets where you regularly pull items out and back.

It also proves easier to clean by wiping away dirt. It cannot wear quickly.

3. Use Covered-End Roller

Your closet will have shelves and other parts that require you to cut in.

A mini roller (with fabric covered end) allow you to paint all spots, especially around the shelves, easily.

Ideally, the fabric-covered end prevents the transfer of paints.

To guarantee more precision, use a 4-inch roller.

But if you have higher spots, an extension pole would do a good job. You will not have to use a ladder or a step tool which might pose dangers.

4. Save Time On the Ceiling

Usually, the ceiling of closets is not visible. Not unless you have a large walk-in closet. You can choose to paint it white like the rest of the room.

Better still, you can choose to use the same color of paint you used on other parts of the closet.

Or you can save time by carrying over the paint shade from the closet walls to the ceilings. Do not let the transition along the edges bother you, though.

The Best Paint Colors For Various Closets

1. Bathroom Closets/ Pantry Closets

You need to apply durable paint in such closets because they often come in contact with water and moisture.

A semi-gloss sheen is ideal for cabinets.

It stands up to scrubbing and ensures the protection of the closets. For color, however, choose one that blends with the room.

2. Primary Closet

This is where you keep your wardrobe. It should exceptionally be so bright.

You want to make sure that you can see the color of every piece of clothing. For such a closet, use a light or white color of paint.

Go for a paint with a shinier sheen like semi-gloss. It reflects light and makes the inside of the closet bright.

3. Guest Room Closet

You can use all the creativity to get the guest room closet an impressive look.

You should go with contrasting color.

A darker shade can be ideal for such closets since dust is less noticeable here.

4. Junk Closet

These closets are meant for stashing off-season stuff like boots, cleaning supplies, and other sporting gear.

When looking for an ideal color choice, think about a darker paint color that deemphasizes what is in the closet.

5. Open Closets

For open closets, you want to ensure they retain a radiant ambiance.

It is highly recommended that you use white or bright paint color to keep them in town with the theme of the room.

Final Words

Your closets are some of the most critical installations in the home. A home cannot be complete without closets.

Having them installed in the rooms is one thing, and the other is to crown them with the right painting.

It is. Indeed, a tough job getting it right.

Carry out enough consultations before you get to the execution point. Hopefully, this guide has helped equip you with timely steps for painting your closets.