5 Organizations That Accept Furniture Donations

Okay, you’ve just decided to upgrade the furniture in your living room, kitchen or even your bedroom.

Due to issues such as incompatibility and the lack of enough space, you may need to offload your existing furniture.

Instead of dumping it the backyard or garage, you could make a difference in someone’s life with your old furniture.

Not only will you save space by doing so, you’ll keep your home more organized.

Plus the donating to charity, in general, comes with some emotional benefits.

If you’ve ever helped out someone in need and saw the look on their face, you know the feeling!

But back to furniture, donating is easy.

However, the only challenge most people face is finding a suitable charity organization to donate to. “Where can I donate furniture?” is a pretty common question.

Well, to start you off, here are some organizations that accept furniture donations.

Five US Organizations That Accept Furniture Donations

1. The Furniture Bank Association of North America (FBANA)

The furniture bank association is a charity organization providing low-income Canadian and US families with the much-needed furniture.

The organization has branches in various cities across the country and the number keeps on growing.

They have local donation centers in various designations, some of which even pick up donations from homes.

The donation centers are the ones also referred to as furniture banks.

In addition to gently used furniture, the FBANA also accepts certain household products.

Some common donations accepted include couches, chairs, tables, beds and mattresses.

Household goods such as pots, dishes, pans, and other kitchenware are also accepted.

Furniture donors include individuals, public entities, and private organizations.

On the other hand, furniture recipients are mostly the vulnerable families in the community.

Receipts receive the donations through housing agencies and social service who are partners of FBANA.

Site URL: https://is.gd/jOFrMq

Contact Link: https://is.gd/217tiH

2. Donation Town

Donation Town is another good place to check out when looking for organizations that accept furniture donations.

They maintain a database of local charities that not only accept furniture donations but also provide pickup for free.

The website lists several hundreds of charity organizations through which you can donate your furniture in your local area.

Site URL: https://is.gd/hzU0nh

Mailing Address: varies with zip code (location)

Contact Phone: varies with zip code (location)

Contact Link: https://is.gd/u5Vsha

3. Goodwill Industries International

Goodwill is another great network of charity organizations you can use to donate used furniture.

With their headquarters in Rockville, MD, the organization has local branches in various areas across the US.

Apart from furniture, the organization actually accepts other items such as clothing, shoes, toys, computers, kitchenware and certain appliances.

They also provide assistance for those in need of finding jobs as well as a retail store with affordable stuff.

Through their website, you can also send a gift to a loved one or even a complete stranger.

Furniture donations can be picked up from local drop-off centers

Site URL: https://is.gd/A2BbXR

Mailing Address: Goodwill Industries International, Inc.15810 Indianola Drive, Rockville, MD 20855

Business Hours: Unspecified

Contact Phone: (800) GOODWILL

Contact Link: https://is.gd/avafwU

4. The Salvation Army Family Stores

If you know a bit about the Christian religion, you might have heard about the Salvation Army.

Well, other than being a Protestant Christian church, the Salvation Army is also a charity organization.

Apart from furniture, they also accept other donations such as kitchen gear, books, clothes, cars, computers, and much more.

Most donations received go to the Salvation Army resale stores, where they’re sold at low to the less fortunate.

Nonetheless, some of these donations are used to furnish shelters of the homeless.

With headquarters in the UK, they have a broad network of drop-off points in many countries around the world.

Site URL: https://is.gd/nO9RhA

Mailing Address: The Salvation Army National Headquarters, 615 Slaters Lane, P.O. Box 269, Alexandria, VA 22313

Contact Phone: 1-800-728-7825

Contact Link: https://is.gd/mPT92x

5. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

This is specifically dedicated to funding the programs of veterans in the historical Vietnam War.

The charity organization accepts furniture as well as other donations such as electronics, tools, books, shoes, bikes, toys, cars, and clothing.

However, clothing donations have for long been a major priority for the VVA.

The other beautiful thing about VVA is that they collect donations from your house. you only need to schedule for pick up through the VVA website.

Site URL: https://is.gd/xE5v7s

Mailing Address: Vietnam Veterans of America, 8719 Colesville Rd., Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Contact Phone: 1-800-882-1316

Contact Link: https://is.gd/ZdR9nN