Is It Ok To Put A Mini Fridge Under Your Bed? (Answered!)

Keeping a mini-fridge in the bedroom is a common thing for people with a minimum.

Dorm rooms and studio apartments are places where you will commonly find these assets.

They are very useful in keeping small snacks and drinks at appropriately cool temperatures.

Perhaps you’ve just moved to your manufactured home and are wondering whether putting a mini-refrigerator in the bedroom is a nice idea.

We have done immense research to help you answer that question.

So, Is It OK To Put A Mini Fridge Under Your Bed?

Yes. Depending on the size of the fridge you can put it in the bedroom under the bed. Besides making it easy to access your drinks or foodstuff without having to move to the kitchen, it saves on the space available in the room. Locating the best guide can be tough going. This is the right guide that will acquaint you with the best mini fridge to keep in the bedroom, things to consider when buying an ideal mini fridge for your bedroom, and much more.

Four Mini Fridge Organization Tips

  1. Be it your drinks, snacks, or small foodstuff, getting them organized in the fridge is a sure way to avoid ending up with expired food. Expired food can fill your bedroom with a horrible smell and you don’t want to experience that.
  2. Classify your drinks and food and organize them appropriately. Arrange dips and dairy in one compartment. Fruits and vegetables should be kept on another different shelf. Put drinks next to the door.
  3. Check the expiry date of your foodstuff when shopping. Purchase items that will take stay for a long time. This equally saves your money
  4. Don’t hide the oldest items at the back. If things go bad in the mini-refrigerator without your knowledge, you risk having your bedroom smelling so bad. You can avoid this by making sure that the new items are placed at the back and the oldest at the front so that you can use them before they go bad.

Four Things to Consider When Buying a Mini Fridge

A practical mini fridge can be a lasting solution to your food problems. This is only possible if you can take your time to pick the right one.

1. Consider The Amount Of Space Available

You need to decide where you are going to place the fridge.

Your bed, in this case, should be raised enough to create space for you to put the mini-fridge under it.

Of course, the amount of space available should determine the size of the mini-fridge you intent to buy

2. The Type Of Drinks Or Food You Intend to store

You can be tempted to go for the style you like but remember that some mini fridge models are more suitable for certain drinks than others.

Some are designed to fit only smaller cans.

Others are designed for large cans.

3. The Size Of The Mini Fridge

Needless to say, this typically depends on the amount of space available.

In this case, choose a mini-fridge that can fit the space under your bed.

4. The Mini Fridge’s Cooling System

Choose a mini-fridge with a cooling system that makes the least noise.

Your bedroom is a place where you require the least noise.

Which Mini Fridges Are Safe For The Bedroom?

Modern mini-fridges have been designed to fit smaller spaces and rooms such as bedrooms.

Having a mini-fridge in the bedroom can help you with small snacks and quick drinks without having to travel to the kitchen at night.

If you have just entered your manufactured home and are wondering which mini fridge is ideal for the bedroom, we have cool choices for you. Read on.

Important Note: The bottom of most mini-refrigerators has a pattern of heating up and cooling down appropriately to bring about the cooling effect in the fridge. It is therefore highly recommended to position them on a hard surface. Do not put your mini-fridge on the cushion or a soft carpet.

1. RCA Black Mini Refrigerator

The RCA Black Mini Refrigerator has electronic devices. It is compact enough to save on the available space in the bedroom.

It also has a built-in cooling compressor with almost negligible noise. So you won’t have to worry about it disrupting your sleep.

It also has a built-in dispenser and a freezer compartment to keep your food and drinks at a perfectly cold temperature.

2. Midea Stainless Steel Mini Fridge

If you love cooling regular food, this model is an ideal asset for your bedroom.

It is also a great fridge to keep frozen food at regulated temperatures.

Additionally, it has an added compartment where you can keep foodstuffs such as ice cream, pizza, and other meals for a later meal time.

The Midea model comes with customizable temperature ranges.

Adjustable temperature range enables you to adjust the temperature of your food as you please.

3. Galanz Retro Red Mini Fridge

As the name suggests, the Galanz Retro mini fridge model is designed to fit the smallest spaces in your manufactured home.

That makes it very suitable for your bedroom since you don’t want to have a lot of stuff jamming up in the bedroom.

It has a mechanical thermostat control to check on temperature changes. It also has an interior light making it an outstanding mini fridge with style.

Five Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Put Refrigerators in the Bedroom

1. It raises the bedroom air temperature

You might be wondering how this is possible.

Well, your refrigerator’s motor generates heat as it runs which consequently raises the temperature of the bedroom air.

The compressor of the refrigerator heats up with continued use.

As it removes extra air in the refrigerator it makes the air outside it heat up as well.

Have you ever stood near a fridge with your bare feet?

If so, you must have felt warm air blowing out from the fridge.

This is exactly how a fridge can potentially raise the temperature of your bedroom and cause discomfort.

2. It Creates Unwanted Noise

The compressor of your mini-fridge is what enables the conversion of cold air to heat and gas to bring the cooling effect in the fridge.

To maintain the fridge at optimal temperatures, the compressor is always in action.

If you have never heard the sound produced by a running compressor, it sounds like a motor that is consistently turning on and off.

This noise can be very irritating to the ears and can cause discomfort to the guest in the room.

You don’t want to ruin your sleep. Noise is the last thing you want to hear in the bedroom

3. It Compromises With Your Bedroom Privacy

There’s no denying that if you put your mini-fridge in the bedroom there are chances of having unwanted guests invading your bedroom privacy.

Most people keep valuable things in the bedroom and having people storming in there may not sound too good.

There are high possibilities of things missing in the bedroom if guests keep moving in and out of it.

Kids can also be very disturbing since they will keep storming the bedroom to access foodstuff in the fridge anytime they please.

They can temper with some valuable items you store in the bedroom

4. Potential Freon Leakages

Though it is a rare case, a freon leak can subject you to a worse environment in the bedroom if it happens.

Freon is usually a liquid or gas that passes through the refrigerator to bring about a balanced cooling effect in it. Freon can leak if there is a case of your refrigerator’s coil breaking down.

Freon is disastrous to the environment.

That’s why Freon leaks should be attended to as soon as it is detected.

It can also pose the occupant of the room with immense health complications.

Worst-case scenarios are often sensitive, especially where your sleep is concerned.

If it happens in the night when you are fast asleep it can be very dangerous

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5. Noise From The Mini Refrigerator Can Cause Insomnia

Your sleep tolerates no noise. A quiet, somber sleep keeps you healthy and very productive.

Putting a fridge in the bedroom makes a noise that will affect the quality of your sleep. As hinted earlier, your motor generates noise that can compromise the pattern of your sleep.

If you are used to sleeping with the TV, fan, or background noise on, however, this might not be a big deal for you.

For those who love dead quiet sleep, noise from the refrigerator can be a big concern.

If you lack adequate sleep, you definitely, suffer from insomnia which hinders your general productivity.

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Final Verdict

Refrigerators are safe to keep in the bedroom if you are running out of space in other rooms in your manufactured home.

It also depends on the personal level of the organization which varies from one person to the other. Some people love just having them away from the living room.

Provided you keep them on a hard surface, dorm room mini-refrigerators are safe to keep in the bedroom as well.

Mini fridges are an ideal choice especially for campus students where they keep stocks of drinks, snacks, and other small meals at regulated temperatures.