Should You Place Candles on Window Sills???

Burning candles makes your home smell good and helps relax your mind and relieve your anxiety.

Unfortunately, most people who light candles don’t take proper safety precautions.

Did you know that candles cause 2% of home fires per year?

But, Should You Place Candles on Window Sills?

The answer is both yes and no. It could be safe if there are no flammable objects nearby. However, some people may want to avoid doing so altogether because windowsills tend to receive a lot of breeze. If the breeze blows the curtains or drapes into the lit candle, it can start a big fire.

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Why Burn a Candle in the Window?

Millenniums have always burnt their candles near window sills, especially during cold months.

The exact meaning of this practice differs depending on religion, culture, and time.

But, regardless of the reason, burning candles in the window can bring warmth and light into your house, particularly during the cold months.

Some people do so for traveling family members.

This way, the candles act as a beacon to direct their loved ones to find their path home.

In other places, lighting candles on the window informed weary travelers looking for a place to stay of the availability of rooms in the home.

In Ireland, people placed a candle on the window during Christmas to inform priests that their presence was welcomed in that home.

There are many other traditional meanings of burning candles on the window.

But today, many people continue with this practice even though the meaning is the same. Most place candles on windowsills to add light, comfort, and warmth to the room during the winter.

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How to Keep Window Candles from Falling?

Most families use window candles during Christmas and gatherings as decorations.

Since they produce a soft and warm glow, they can brighten the windows in the house during dark, cold months. You can brighten your festivities using these window candles.

But, regardless of the occasion, you need to know that your candles can fall if you do not secure them correctly.

If this happens, it can be the start of a disaster. For this reason, it’s crucial to know how to keep them from falling.

Here are some steps to help you out:

Step 1: Remove All Obstructions

Remove all obstructions on the windowsill and ensure sufficient space to place the candle.

Step 2: Remove Unused Items Nearby

These include brooms, dustpans, etc. Such items can create trouble when handling your lantern or its components.

Step 3: Handle Candles Carefully

Use one hand to hold the candle and the other to take the socket base.

Ensure you have enough lit candles to offer correct visibility to handle your socket base without damaging it.

Step 4: Place The Socket On The Windowsill

It’s wise to ensure that you have enough space and you don’t have any obstructions which can cause trouble.

Step 5: Get Some Double Sided Tape

Put double-sided tape on the holder’s mouth, then insert fake flame into the mouth.

This way, you can fit the fake candle in the socket, and it won’t fall or come out.

But remember that the mouth has to be wide to accommodate the fake flame easily.

Step 6: Put Your Candle Inside

Using your other hand, turn over your socket candle to close the mouth. Please remember to remove the tape from the holder before putting it back together again.

Also, you can use liquid wax to prevent your candles from wind disturbances.

Step 7: Light It

Place your candle below the floating lantern or on the body side to allow it to remain on the windowsill properly.

But take care when handling these components, as the hot wax can burn your handles.

Once you have placed your candles, light your pseudo-floating candlesticks using a matchstick.

Five Candle Handling Tips

1. Store Candles Properly

This may not seem like a safety tip, but it is. Store your candles in a cool, dry, dark place with their lids on to keep them free from dust and debris. This way, you will protect the wax and conserve its fragrance.

Remember that candles with a high fragrance are designed to last for 6-12 months, depending on their scent. If you love scented candles, you will have to replace them often to maintain their appearance and performance.

2. Trim The Wick

Trim the wick of your candle to at least a quarter of an inch before lighting it. Also, remember to remove debris in the wax pool, like matches and wick trimmings.

Otherwise, these will fuel the candle more, surpassing its capabilities.

You may think too much fuel is good, but it is not. It can cause the flame to flare up quickly or start a small fire on the candle flame. Trimming the wick helps extend your candle’s life and help it burn longer.

3. Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Candles have a specific time they are supposed to burn.

Letting yours burn for too long can cause carbon to accumulate on the wick causing it to “mushroom.”

When this happens, it interferes with the stability of the wick, making the candles produce a large flame which can be dangerous.

Plus, burning for too long makes your candles release soot and smoke, which aren’t good for your health.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the length of time your candle should remain lit.

Generally, most manufacturers do not recommend periods longer than four hours or two hours for burning and cooling before relighting.

4. Don’t Place Candles Near Flammable Materials

Always keep your candle from sofas, beds, clothes, and curtains.

These materials can easily catch and spread fire, leading to a menace.


Lastly, please do not pick up your candle when it is lit when the wax is still liquid. This can lead to a nasty burn, and if you accidentally drop the candle, it may cause far worse consequences.