How Much Should You Spend On Bedroom Furniture? (Six Considerations)

A bedroom is an important part of your home – it is where you relax, recharge, and meet every other day.

To ensure you get the most and best out of it, you need to invest in stuff that matters to you, brings you the desired comfort, and, most importantly, gives you lasting enjoyment.

(In this regard) How Much Should You Spend On Bedroom Furniture?

As you might imagine, the cost will vary significantly depending on the type of your bedroom and the importance you put on it. That said, an average man can spend from $3,000 at the bare minimum to $10,000 or more in furnishing their bedroom from scratch. The overall cost of furnishing your bedroom will depend on many factors, including the quality, size, material, artistry, and craftsmanship that goes into constructing the various pieces.

If you have just moved to a new apartment and are considering investing in good quality furniture, this post will help you understand how to spend on your bedroom furniture.

What Does Bedroom furniture Consist Of?

Your bedroom should be your first retreat center – a place where you can relax after a busy day, pray, and lay as you study your favorite novels, right?

While the dream of splurging on every bedroom furniture piece doesn’t always materialize, you can progressively make your dream bedroom a reality.

Each piece of bedroom furniture should be functional, comfortable, and reflect your personal style.

A typical bedroom suite consists of a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand.

However, if you want to enjoy unrivaled comfort, here are bedroom furniture essentials you need to bring into your bedroom.

1. Bed

A bed – a piece of furniture specifically designed for sleeping – is certainly the most personal and most essential bedroom furniture.

They come in different designs and sizes to suit buyer’s preferences.

Interestingly, you can get a good quality bed that makes a big statement without breaking a bank.

Depending on quality, style, artistry, and detail that goes into your bed of choice, you can end up paying from a few hundred dollars ($$$) to nearly five figures.

2. Dresser

Your dresser is where style meets function.

Essentially, it is a piece of furniture designed to store clothing, meaning it should have enough storage space to keep all your clothes orderly.

If you want to make your bedroom feel spacious, consider buying a dresser with mirrors.

3. Nightstands

A decent nightstand does an excellent job keeping essentials like lamps, clocks, and books within easy reach.

Just like beds, bedside tables come in a variety of sizes and styles to accentuate your sleeping space while completing the bedroom look with a cohesive theme.

Usually, they come with open and close storage (can be lined to protect delicate valuables) to store various items.

4. Armoires

Another essential piece of bedroom furniture that can add style to your room is the armoire.

They do a simple job of keeping your suits and dresses in their perfect shape and wrinkle-free.

They offer additional storage space and are perfect for those willing to add some style to the bedroom.

If you excessively admire creating a lavish bedroom, you may want to bring everything plus vanities, trunks, mirrors, chests, wardrobes, blanket racks, and bedroom benches.

They enhance the decor and improve the functionality of your room by adding focal points and aesthetically pleasing personal touches.

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Cost?

Honestly, there are a variety of price points when it comes to bedroom furniture.

While there are cheaper options, anticipate spending at least $500 on each piece of good quality bedroom furniture.

Depending on the size and material used, a standard, good-quality bed frame will cost you $200 – $1,500 (a wide range indeed), but the cost of making it a complete bed may go up to $2,000 or more – this includes the cost of a premium quality mattress and bedclothes.

The price of other essential pieces of bedroom furniture will greatly be impacted by their size, designs, and style.

High-end products can cost thousands of dollars if you are ready to splurge on every item you put in your sleeping area.

When furnishing your bedroom on a budget, you may want to spend on a quality bed that truly reflects your personality and makes a big statement in your bedroom, then save on other items.

After all, it is the most essential piece of bedroom furniture.

After buying the bed frame of your dreams and making it complete with a premium quality mattress, consider saving on a second-hand dresser, bedside table, and other essential items.

That way, you will still end up with the bedroom of your dream without spending a lot.

Notably, you may need to bring in more items if your bedroom is substantially big.

The style you have in mind and the look you want to achieve with your bedroom furniture will also affect the amount you will spend.

Whatever furniture you’re buying for your bedroom, make sure it is within your budget and your means.

Six Things To Consider When Buying Bedroom Furniture

With a plethora of options to choose from, buying bedroom furniture can present a significant challenge to first-time buyers.

Buying even the most essential pieces leads to massive design questions. Ideally, you want furniture with a good deal of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and artistry without being cost-prohibitive.

Your bedroom furniture is a long-term investment. So, how do you begin choosing the right furniture for your bedroom? Here are the things you need to keep in mind.

1. Bedroom space

Every aspect of furnishing is based on the available space, and your bedroom is no exception.

Using the available space as your guide, you need to plan the best position for every piece you will be bringing in, including the bed, storage units, bedside table, and work desk (if you need one).

If you have a tiny bedroom, you may not have enough space to put luxurious pieces of bedroom furniture, meaning you have to stick to basics, which is not the case with people having considerably big floor areas.

2. Your style and preferences

Bedroom furniture comes in all styles and designs you can imagine, allowing you to pick whatever piece reflects your style.

Whether you crave the stylish, clean lines of modern furniture or the stately, classic, traditional furnishings, you can get just about any piece of furniture you think is the best for your bedroom.

3. Durability

Bedroom furniture is a significant investment that you want to last for years or forever, if that is possible. To ensure you get the most out of your furniture pieces, look for furniture pieces made of solid wood and other high-quality materials that guarantee longevity. Inspect before buying.

4. Functionality

Above everything, your bedroom furniture MUST be functional.

Of course, it would be a big mistake to sacrifice functionality for pieces that are just visually pleasing.

Like most investments, make sure to inspect or try every piece before buying – if the bed frames squeak, the problem will not disappear when you take the furniture home.

5. Cost

This is another crucial factor to keep an eye on when shopping for bedroom furniture.

Whether you are buying only basic pieces or are investing in elegant bedroom furniture, all you want is to stick to your budget.

You want to live within your means, even if it means not having the highest quality furniture.

If your budget is too small, consider buying second-hand bedroom furniture or wait for an offer during the holidays.

That way, you are likely to get great deals to fill your bedroom, but be sure to inspect the quality before buying.

6. Furniture characteristics

You have just found furniture that has the perfect size for your bedroom, fits the modern theme you want, and the price doesn’t leave a huge dent in your pocket.

What next?

You need to ensure that the pieces you buy don’t sacrifice comfort. What is good about the furniture you want to buy ultimately depends on your preference.

Whether you are on a tight budget or are ready to splurge on bedroom furniture, make sure to do your due diligence to find perfectly-looking furniture that will offer you the much-needed comfort.

After all, a bedroom is a place to relax.


Furnishing your bedroom from scratch can put a big hole in your pocket.

For this reason, you need to stick to your budget and only buy the highest quality you can afford within your means.

Functionality and durability are the most important factors to keep an eye on when shopping for bedroom furniture.


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