Are Aquariums Tacky? (Check Out These 4 Benefits)

Ornamental fish keeping has been around for centuries.

Over the last couple of decades, people have begun to embrace the idea of having aquariums in homes and residential spaces, and the idea has taken over interior design.

However, many people have begun to ask…..

Are Aquariums Tacky?

The answer is quite simple. No, having an aquarium in your residence or workplace is not tacky, far from it. Aquariums come with a myriad of benefits.

The Four Benefits Of Owning A Fish Tank

There are a lot of upsides that come with having an aquarium in your residence.

Not only are there a myriad of benefits, but there are also a lot of different types of them, ranging from aesthetic enhancement to health improvement.

1. Aesthetic enhancement

An aquarium installed in a room will be the focal point of it. It will draw the eyes to it and can be a great conversation piece.

Everyone wants to be around some life, and the room that houses the aquarium will more than suffice to be a place where you and your loved ones can gather and have a great time.

What is more, the aquarium can proliferate the style and texture of the entire room.

As appealing and attractive as the room may seem, you will often need that one piece, be it furniture, a painting, or whatever, that will make the room’s appearance to the next level.

That is exactly what you can expect when you get an aquarium.

2. Reduces stress

There is just something about having an aquarium in your house that makes everything seem calm and in sync.

Psychological studies have shown that you are less likely to feel stressed when you are in a room that has an aquarium.

You’ve probably noticed that most hospital waiting rooms and reception have an aquarium, and it is precisely for this reason.

Fish tanks and aquariums also lower blood pressure and heart rate, hence giving everyone in the room a sense of calmness.

If you have someone in your household that struggles with high blood pressure or has a heart condition, an aquarium can be a pretty effective way to help palliate the condition.

3. Increases focus, creativity and productivity

The calmer you feel, the easier it is to focus all your energy on something.

Additionally, it is easier for you to channel your creativity and increase your productivity while handling a certain task.

If you have an office at home, then you should consider having an aquarium installed in it.

When we look at a fish tank, the visual stimulation we experience can be wonderful when replenishing our mental and physical energy.

A simple glance at the fish tank for a couple of seconds will make it possible for you to regain your energy and continue with what you were doing earlier.

4. It has a calming effect on children and those with Alzheimer’s

Children are very active, and this jumping around can even border on hyperactivity.

The calming effect that is bought about by fish tanks is especially profound with children.

You have to make sure, though, that the fish tank is covered, lest curiosity takes over them, and you find yourself a couple of fish short.

Alzheimer’s patients can also greatly benefit from the visual stimulation that comes with aquariums and fish tanks.

The presence of fish tanks makes it possible to improve their alertness, mood, and appetite while simultaneously reducing aggressive behavior.

As you can see, there are a lot of upsides to having a fish tank or aquarium in your residence.

However, you should know that fish tanks are demanding, and you will have to be very keen if you are to have one installed in your home.

Six Aquarium Maintenance Tips

The main reason why people find aquariums tacky is that the ones they have interacted with are or have not been properly maintained.

There are some ways through which you can avoid this.

Maintaining an aquarium doesn’t have to be time-consuming and stressful. All you have to do is create a routine.

Here are some tips to make sure that you keep your aquarium clean

1. Make sure that you stick to a schedule

Watcher checks are essential in making sure that the fish in the aquarium live in a habitable environment.

Additionally, you have to ensure that you change the water in the aquarium every week.

The water in the tank evaporates, and thus, over time, the toxins and wastes in the aquarium will slowly become more and more concentrated.

This is the reason why weekly water changes are recommended so that the water quality will be high.

You need not change all the water in the water tank, you can change between 10 to 20 percent of the water every week, and it will suffice.

2. Make sure that you have a strict feeding schedule

It is much easier to maintain a fish tank if you have a schedule.

Thus, make sure that you have a rigid feeding schedule.

You can feed the fish twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Over time, this will be part of your routine, and thus you will not have to remind yourself to do it constantly. It will just come naturally.

3. The monthly checklist

There are certain tasks like running an equipment check, and changing the filter media in the water tank, that you will be required to do every month.

It is thus easier to create a list of all the things you have to do and check them whenever you do them. This makes it a lot easier to remember.

4. Automation

Another way to make it easier to maintain the water tank is to use automated equipment.

Even though they are a bit costlier than the normal equipment, you can be certain that they come with numerous benefits.

Moreover, they cut down the amount of time you have to spend on maintenance.

5. Stock up on the essentials

It will never hurt to have a little extra when it comes to the essentials of the aquarium, such as fish food.

Keeping a few extra carbon filters will prove prudent when you want to replace the dirty ones.

6. Placement

The most important thing to consider when it comes to the fish tank is placement.

Ensure that you chose the right location to have the aquarium installed in the home and the specific room.

You will ergo avoid any unnecessary challenges in the future.

For example, placing the fish tank too close to an air vent will result in temperature fluctuations in the water, which can be detrimental to the fish.

Additionally, a lot of exposure to natural light will accentuate the growth of unwanted algae.

Final Thoughts

Aquariums should be a source of calm and peace of mind and not stress and anxiety.

Thus, you should ensure that you take the right steps during the installation and ensure that you have a strict maintenance schedule and not only having them but also following them.

In the end, if you do, you can be assured that you and those in your home will enjoy a lot of benefits, both health or otherwise, and not once will the thought of the aquarium being tacky cross your mind.